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Document scanning process uk

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Secure, Low Cost, High Quality Scanning for all document types and sizes.
With a document scanning service you can save on costs and time and improve productivity significantly.

Document Scanning Services from The Scan-do People ™

  • Secure
  • Low-cost
  • Fast
  • ISO Certified
  • Free consultancy and support

Document scanning is one of the best ways to cut costs, improve workflow and modernise your company all at the same time. The recognised benefits of document scanning are endless, but at the very least scanning will improve the way your team works and will improve your productivity.

Learn about the features and advantages of document scanning and file digitizing. In addition, find out how Pearl Scan Solutions can help you with all your document scanning and digitizing needs.

How Can I Organize All of My Paper Documents?
Document scanning and digitizing is the easiest way to organize all of your paper documents and files. Not only can you cut down on the paper clutter, you can find the information you need quickly.

What are the Features of Document Scanning and Digitizing?
Our documents scanning and digitizing service goes through two methods: scanning/conversion and indexing. Document scanning/conversion steps:

1. Document Preparation: Remove staples, bindings etc.
2. Document Scanning: Convert hardcopy to digital image.
3. Image Enhancement: De-skew, increase digital quality, image clean up etc.
4. Image Formats: TIFF compressed, PDF (200 dpi to 600 dpi).

At Pearl Scan Solutions we carefully analyse your goals and needs, conduct tests, and explore alternatives before designing and implementing the conversion process. We will also work with you to develop the right search solution for you.

We are a Document Scanning Bureau based in London and Manchester with more than 10 years’ of experience in the UK, our scanning process goes through a strict supervision and we use the latest in image processing technology to guaranty the best results.

Worried about document confidentiality? learn more about on-site scanning

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The Typical Scanning Process

Our document scanning bureau provides bespoke imaging solutions. The following is a brief step-by-step guide;

document scanning collection

Fast & Secure Collection Service

Our secure vans and team of collection co-ordinators can collect files from anywhere in mainland UK the same or the next day in required. We can also supply our secure A3 size boxes, which can hold bundles, folders, hanging files and any other document-type.

preparation for scanning

Removal of Staples and Paperclips

Prior to scanning, we go through the files and remove any staples, paperclips, tags etc. This ensures a smooth and accurate scanning process takes place and makes for better quality scans.

document scanning process

Scanning Process

We only use the latest scanners equipped with ultra-sonic, double-feed and automated colour detection and image processing tools. We scan to your preferred file format such as PDF, PDF Searchable, TIFF, JPEG etc. We scan paper as small as a till receipt up to A3 as well as large format drawings and plans in full colour, greyscale or black and white.

ocr processing

OCR Processing

We also offer OCR Processing to convert your documents to fully text-searchable documents. This can be very beneficial when it comes to searching particular documents as your files will be completely searchable by their text and data.

document indexing

File Indexing and Categorisation

Once scanned we can then index each document by relevant data, for example, Title, Name, Address, Reference number, date etc.

scanning quality checks

ISO Quality Checks

All our services are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standards and in addition to this, we have developed our internal quality-control procedures to ensure that the files meet required industry standards.

storage mediums for documents

Storage Mediums

The scanned data is normally supplied on CD, DVD or USB. When supplying confidential data, we normally encrypt the entire collection using 128-Bit encryption.

document shredding

Secure Shredding

Once you have approved the disks your papers can either be returned to you, securely disposed of via environmentally friendly document shredding or we can store them for a further required period.

Our Price Promise To Our Customers

We will beat any like-for-like quote on document scanning services from any company in the UK. If our quote to you is beaten for the same work offered, simply show us your quote received from our competitor and we will offer you a better price.

Document Scanning Advantages


fast access Fast Access

Document imaging and digital management allows you to access documents quickly over a local network or online.

access anywhere Access from anywhere

Whether you're in the office using your shared network, or out and online, you'll be able to access files with ease.

cost effective Cost effective

Document scanning has proven time and time again, to be highly cost effective with prices from pennies per sheet.

saves money Saves Money

Improvements in efficiency and less ink and paper costs create a more economical office saving considerable money.

improves efficiency Improves productivity and efficiency

Because files are easier to find, access and use, efficiency rises and productivity improves significantly. 

staff morale boost Boosts staff morale

Staff with expanding workloads will feel better with a simpler system that allows them to get more done in less time.

more space Gives back much needed space

Upon completion and approval, the documents can be recycled, leaving you with some much needed space.

future proof Future-proof

Managing documents digitally makes your office more modern and future-proof.

environmental Environmentally conscious

Reduced use of paper and harmful printer inks helps the environment and bolsters your green credentials.

document scanning processesOur Document Scanning Blog Articles:


Further Information:

Scanned Documents With Free Retrieval Software click

document management software

Our scanned document retrieval software is normally free of charge with large scanning projects. It is easy to use and is specially designed for non-technical users. As long as you can use a keyboard and a mouse, you should be able to use our retrieval program, so the scan service with Pearl is also very secure. Once the disks are finished, we normally create two sets of CD's or DVD's. One is the master disk and the other is used as a back-up copy. Once you have the CD/DVD, you can insert these in any compatible PC and view all of your

Quality Control click

Pearl Scan Solutions Ltd, is an ISO 9001:2000 accredited and certified organisation. In addition to our ISO quality control systems, we also operate our rigorous quality control rules which have been gradually developed over the years. This ensures the highest quality possible with all of our scanning services. Most of our scanner operators have over three years of industry experience digitising documents of all types. Our scanner supervisors and managers also have over seven years of experience in supervising and managing scanning projects for large public and private sector organisations.

Our document scanning Document Scanning
The process of converting files into images that can be manipulated on a computer
support team has over 30 years of combined experience in providing professional imaging, data capture, document management, management software and scanner maintenance services. Some have already worked

Bulk Scanning - Any Size or Quantity click

Our bulk document scanning service is not limited like a lot of our competitors are. We can take any quantity, from 10 to

document scanning

Helping the Environment click


By going digital, you can effectively make your office paperless. This can mean that you no longer would need to rely on paper-based files, printing, using the energy that powers your printing machinery, and using harmful inks all of which contribute heavily

Inks used in LaserJet and InkJet printers are found to be harmful to the environment and notoriously difficult to remove from the paper during the recycling process which, many argue, uses harsh and harmful chemicals just to recycle.

Scanning and digital document management not only reduces your need to use more and more paper, but it will also reduce your energy useage and useage costs due to your company no longer needing to use printers as much or even not use them at all, as all files and items can now be added directly into your file management system to be shared with everyone else in the office. Once we have scanned your bulk documents, you can continue to sustain your environmental and cost-cutting

The software was specially developed by Pearl Scan Solutions to be easy to use and quick to access and work through so you can add further files in moments and search through your entire file library a lot quicker than ever before. No more searching and filing through seemingly endless cabinets, which can cost your company valuable time, resources and money. You'll also now be able to pass on PDF's to colleagues and clients rather than printing your files and handing them over and

As a result of this you will contribute to the ongoing effort to sustain our natural surroundings, add to the fight against global warming and make your business more efficient in the process. Here at Pearl Scan we care a great deal for the environment and sustaining the world and are always improving upon out processes and how we use energy ourselve, so you can be assured that your document management would be in the right hands. Click here for your free quote or give us a call on 0161 832 7991.

A Scan Service to Suit you click

Our professional scanners and digital conversion bureau can collect your files from anywhere in the country (UK mainland) same day, if contacted before 1pm, or the next day. We can supply you with our custom made archive boxes which are designed to hold pocket files, lever arch files, ring binders etc and are easy to lift and move around the office. We can send the flat, empty boxes to you prior to the collection. Alternatively our team of drivers can deliver the boxes and can also help you to put your files in them whilst collecting them.

Once the they are brought back to our scan bureau and the document scanning Document Scanning process is completed, we normally keep the files in our secure storage area for around 28 days. Depending on your storage and archiving requirements, we can securely shred and pulp the original files afterwards or put them in the deep storage.

Your File's Security click

Our bureau and documents storage warehouse is equipped with full 24 hour Red Care

Free Consultancy and Support click

Pearl Scan Solutions offers free of charge document scanning and conversion consultancy, support and neutral advice for all our existing and new clients. We can help you from the start of your project through to the completion of your scans, document conversion, document storage and back file scans. We can also help import files into your internal document management system.

the agency london

The Agency, London

Our case study on the document scanning and management project of one of the leading PR agencies in the UK.

download case study pdf

Contact us

For more information and other ways in which we can help your organisation, please email us here for a quote or feel free to give us a call:

London 0207 183 1885Manchester 0161 832 7991 Birmingham 0121 285 1900Nationwide 0845 22 55 923

Why Choose Us

why choose us

  • Price Promise
  • ISO 9000 Accredited
  • ICO Registered
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Secure courier service
  • Experienced, friendly staff
  • Approved Supplier to:
  • Private Companies
  • The Public-Sector



Free Trial

free document scanning

We offer a free trial scanning service to our prospective clients to their required format as proof of concept.

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