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Medical Record Scanning

Medical Record Scanning is the process of converting physical medical records into digital formats. This innovative service is pivotal for healthcare organisations seeking to modernise their patient management systems.

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Patient Notes Scanning NHS Hospitals and GP Practices Medical Record Scanning

We specialise in creating a digital archive through our specialist patient notes scanning service. As a reputable scanning services provider to numerous NHS trusts across the UK, we bring a wealth of experience in the scanning and digital conversion of patient records.

Our expertise extends to GP patient notes (including Lloyd George envelopes), A&E records, Outpatients and X-rays. Our primary aim is to support the NHS and healthcare organisations in their journey towards digital document management and achieving paperless operations. With our advanced scanning solutions, we are committed to facilitating a seamless transition to digital records, ensuring secure, accessible, and efficient document management for healthcare providers.

Document Scanning Process
The document scanning process
What we do with your documents
  • Collection

    We provide a secure collection of your documents from anywhere in the UK within 24 hours or as convenient for you as well as we can supply storage boxes and assistance with removing and boxing up your files.

  • Conversion

    We scan and convert all types and sizes of documents to a digital format of your choice such as PDF, PDF Searchable, TIFF, JPEG, Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Delivery

    We deliver your digital data on a secure storage medium of your choice such as CD, DVD, USB, secure FTP or fully managed Pearl Cloud document management system.

The Process in Depth

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Medical Records Scanning Services
Tailored For All Healthcare Providers

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We have established successful partnerships with numerous NHS trusts across the UK, offering comprehensive scanning services for a range of crucial documents. This includes patient files, A&E records, occupational health files, employee records, as well as estates documents, encompassing folders, drawings, aperture cards, and microfiche, all transformed into accessible digital formats.

GP Practices

To facilitate the efficient operation of primary care services, including GP practices, dental practices, community pharmacies, and high street optometrists, we offer a seamless transition of patient notes into digital formats. These digitised records can be readily accessed through practice management systems or separate storage and retrieval solutions, ensuring the smooth running of healthcare practices.

Medical Professionals

We frequently perform document scanning services for a variety of healthcare professionals, including the digitisation of patient notes for GPs, X-rays and dental records for dentists, customer records for opticians, and surgical practices, among others. Once scanned and meticulously indexed, these digital files are effortlessly accessible via local network storage, or through a secure cloud-based system.

Surveys, forms and questionnaires scanning and data capture

Medical Research

Our experienced team collaborates closely with medical researchers and universities to deliver scanning and digitisation services for a wide spectrum of materials. This includes the digitisation of medical research records, journals, clinical trial documents, theses, as well as the efficient capture of data from research questionnaires and interviews.

Archive Managers

Tailored for Archive and Records Managers, our services offer both on-demand and bulk scanning solutions, supporting the transition towards a paperless environment. With an increasing volume of records stored within clinical systems to facilitate day-to-day patient care, our solutions are thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of records managers.

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Occupational Health

Our scanning services are custom-tailored to meet the needs of occupational health departments within large corporations and the NHS, prioritising the health and well-being of employees. Our digitalisation services are thoughtfully designed with a strong focus on compliance, including adherence to GDPR regulations and document retention policies.

Save Valuable Space, Time And Cost We also provide expert assistance for uploading scanned documents onto clinical systems
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We specialise in high-quality black & white and colour document imaging for patient files of all types and sizes. Our capabilities include barcode capture and output to various formats such as TIFF, PDF/PDF-A, or JPEG.

document indexing


After scanning, documents can be meticulously indexed using patient reference numbers, names, dates of birth (D.O.B.), and seamlessly categorised into the necessary file sections.


The scanned data can be securely stored and accessed through a range of systems, including your internal patient management system or a cloud-based platform

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Confidential Shredding

After the completion of medical record scanning and the secure delivery of digital files, we offer the option to confidentially shred the original documents, subject to our clients’ approval. Our shredding services hold full accreditation to ISO 15713, meeting rigorous recycling association standards.

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Clinical System Upload

As an integral part of our medical records scanning service, we offer seamless support for uploading your newly digitized records directly into your clinical systems. Our expertise extends to compatibility with all major clinical systems, including EMIS, SystmOne, ImmJ, and CCube

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Records Management

Enhance the management of your healthcare records with our comprehensive records management solutions, guaranteeing secure document storage, effortless access, compliance, and improved operational efficiency. Our user-friendly systems, Halogen (locally based) and Pearl Cloud (cloud-based), provide cost-effective solutions for medical document management.

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Secure Storage

Our state-of-the-art document storage facilities are designed to safeguard these critical documents, providing a safe haven for their preservation. With meticulous organisation and adherence to stringent security protocols, we offer a reliable solution for healthcare providers looking to store and access their medical records efficiently and in compliance with industry standards

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NHS DSP Toolkit

Accredited to NHS DSP Toolkit, ISO 27001, and BS10008, ensuring the legal admissibility of scanned documents and adherence to best practices.

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Fast Turnaround

Our scanning bureau is well-equipped to handle even the most demanding and time-sensitive healthcare document scanning needs


We excel in meeting individual document scanning and data capture requirements, regardless of location, volume, or complexity involved.

Benefits of Medical Records Scanning

Data encryption

Enhanced Data Security

Digitising medical records through scanning significantly bolsters data security. Digital formats are far less susceptible to physical damage and loss, offering a robust method to safeguard sensitive patient information.

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Improved Accessibility and Sharing

The transition to digital records drastically improves the ease of accessing and sharing patient data. This streamlined process is crucial for efficient patient care management, enabling healthcare professionals to quickly retrieve and utilise medical information.


Compliance with Data Protection

Scanning medical records is a proactive step towards complying with data protection laws such as the GDPR. Digital records provide better control over patient data, ensuring a higher standard of privacy and security.

Cost effective scanning services

Saving on Ongoing Storage Costs

By eliminating the need for extensive physical archives, digitising medical records can lead to considerable ongoing cost savings. This move not only reduces the financial burden of maintaining paper records but also contributes to a more efficient and streamlined healthcare management system.

Go digital faster with medical record scanning End-to-end medical document lifecycle management
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