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OCR Conversion and Processing

At Pearl Scan, we use OCR to convert your paper documents and scanned images into text that can be easily edited, searched, and shared.

OCR technology is not just limited to text documents. We can also use it to extract data from invoices, forms, and other types of documents, saving you time and resources.

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Welcome to our OCR Conversion Services

Our OCR technology utilises advanced pattern recognition algorithms to analyse the shapes of individual characters and translate them into text. This enables us to provide fast and accurate data entry services that can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with manual data entry.

Our OCR services can be applied to a wide range of applications, such as digitising paper documents, converting PDFs into searchable text, and extracting data from invoices, forms, and other types of documents. With our OCR technology, we can quickly and accurately process large volumes of data, saving you time and resources.

If you have any questions about our OCR services or would like to learn more about how they can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way.

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For example, the extracted data can be used for accounting and financial purposes, such as extracting data from invoices and tracking expenses. It can also be used for research and analysis, such as survey data analysis or market research. Additionally, the exported text can be easily integrated into existing systems and software, streamlining business processes and saving time and resources.

Our Advanced OCR Data Recognition and Capture Services


OCR technology is used to extract text from machine-printed documents that contain alphanumeric characters. The scanned text is then converted into various file formats using OCR document scanners. With OCR, you can convert printed documents into fully editable and searchable files in any format of your choice.


ICR, which stands for Intelligent Character Recognition, is a technology that is used for both printed and handwritten text. However, it is important to note that each character must be separated from the next for ICR to work effectively. ICR is particularly useful for processing application forms, questionnaires, and surveys.


OMR (Optical Markup Recognition) is a technology used to detect and capture marks within a designated area of a document. This can include check boxes, crosses or filled circles, for example. OMR is particularly useful for processing large volumes of survey forms and questionnaires, as it can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with manual data entry.


Barcodes are ubiquitous in today’s world, appearing on various documents. Our barcode recognition technology is capable of scanning and decoding these parallel lines to capture encoded data, which is then translated into a readable format. This technology is particularly useful for invoices, delivery notes, and surveys.

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Our Popular OCR Scanning & Conversion Solutions Discover Our Highly-Requested Service: OCR Scanning at Pearl Scan

OCR to Word

We offer book and document conversion services to save you time and effort when it comes to retyping. By utilising OCR technology, we can scan and convert your documents into editable Microsoft Word format quickly and efficiently.

OCR to Excel

By using OCR technology, we can help you save time and effort on data entry. We offer a service that involves scanning your documents, directories, and address books, and then converting them into Microsoft Excel, CSV, or XML format. This allows for quick and efficient processing of your data.


We can convert your documents into text searchable PDF format, enabling you to easily search and retrieve your data. Our OCR technology can process any printed document and extract the text for conversion.

OCR to Non-English

Our OCR scanning and conversion is not limited to English language documents. Our technology supports all major global languages, including French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Arabic and Russian, providing intelligent recognition for accurate conversion.

OCR Scanning and Output Formats

Any printed document whether it’s taken from an office printer or typewriter can be OCR scanned. After scanning, the document can be digitally formatted. Here are some examples of the documents that are processed this way at Pearl Scan: 

Our OCR Plus Services

Our OCR services stretch beyond just the application of the technology. Depending on the quality of the source material, accuracy can be affected. Poor quality documents often require errors to be corrected in the form of proofreading.

Pearl Scan can: 

  • Clean up any OCR errors (spellings and re-typing of any incorrect or missed text).
  • Carry out re-formatting (layout, tables, images, fonts, and pagination, etc.).
  • Prepare for Desktop publishing or a print-ready format.