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Digital Mailroom

With the current pandemic situation, receiving and handling of incoming mail has become a challenge for many businesses – let us help you in this difficult time. We will sort, scan and digitally deliver your mail on time and to the right people.

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What is a Digital Mailroom?

How Does It Work?

We receive your incoming mail on a daily basis either via a dedicated PO Box or mail forwarded to us. The mail is then opened, sorted, digitised and distributed to your users.

Any original documents such as passport, driving licence, personal documents, etc. are returned to the sender after the scanning process.

Any junk mail is temporarily stored and then securely shredded.

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How Will I Access My Digitised Mail?

The digital mail can be delivered to your email inbox and accessed via your Outlook or any other Email application.

We can also import/upload the digital mail directly to your document management system such as Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Case Management or a Workflow system.

Whatever your requirement we can tailor the output!

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Advantages of digital mail

digital delivery

Start receiving your paper mail digitally

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Easy to implement as our digital mailroon team
takes care of all the hassle

Data encryption

Digital mailroom offers timely delivery
with complete tractability

The future of mail is digital mail

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Key processes of the digital mailroom service Customised to streamline your digital mail delivery

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On a daily basis the incoming mail is received, checked and booked into our Calcium scanning management system along with any details provided by the Royal Mail or a third party courier company is also recorded. Our customers have full access to the daily log of what has been received and booked onto the system for processing.


The mail is opened, checked and sorted into the required categories and any specific handling procedures are applied here to ensure that the mail is organised into the correct document types and format. The junk mail is discarded but stored temporarily dependent on your needs for examples for a month and then shredded. 


Each mail item is scanned to a PDF format. Document sizes from A4 to A0 size (wide format drawings & plans) are scanned as black and white or colour. Bound documents including passports and driving licence are scanned using our specialist overhead scanners to produce high quality digital files.

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OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can be applied to convert scanned documents into text searchable PDF format, which provides additional text search capability and flexible document retrieval functionality.

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Based on each client’s mail processing specification, the scanned documents are classified into the required document types & categories. The final processed mail is then delivered to individual users’ Inbox or upload onto FTP/SharePoint/Office 365, etc.

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The original paper mail is stored temporarily before being returned or shredded. Any original documents such as passport, driving licence, utility bills and bank statements are typically returned to the sender.

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