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Survey Data Capture

Welcome to our survey data capture service! We provide a comprehensive solution for capturing, digitising, and analysing survey data. Our service includes everything from designing surveys, printing and distributing them, to capturing responses and generating analytical reports.


Welcome To Our Survey Data Capture Services

We scan and extract data from any types of surveys to the required file format such as CSV, XML and Microsoft Excel. Our survey data capture services are designed to help organisations save cost in manual data entry work and reduce data entry errors. We frequently scan and extract user responsive data (handwritten and printed) from the following types of surveys;

  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Health and safety survey
  • Medical and health care survey
  • Product research related survey
  • Marketing survey

How Do We Capture Data From Your Surveys

We recognise the paramount importance of precise and timely data capture, particularly when deriving insights from your surveys. To guarantee the utmost accuracy and a swift turnaround, our dedicated approach combines both technological prowess and human expertise. Here’s how we ensure your survey data is seamlessly captured:

  • Advanced Recognition Technologies: Utilising the capabilities of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), and Barcode recognition, we’re adept at processing varied survey form layouts.
  • Handwritten and Printed Data Extraction: Our systems are tailored to capture and extract both printed and handwritten data, ensuring no detail is overlooked.
  • Manual Data Entry: Complementing our technological solutions, our expert team undertakes manual data entry tasks to ensure the accuracy of every single response.
  • Consistent Quality Checks: Beyond extraction, we continually validate our processes, ensuring that the captured data genuinely reflects your respondents’ feedback.

With our comprehensive approach to data capture, you’re not just gaining insights—you’re securing accurate, actionable, and timely results ready for in-depth analysis.

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Our Survey Data Capture Process

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Our experienced data capture team will work with you to asses and study your survey form and evaluate key areas of your data capture requirements and output format.

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Set Up

The necessary data capture parameters and exception handling rules will be established. We will capture a small sample of the surveys, and then provide the output for your review.

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Upon approval of the sample, the data capture process begins. All surveys will be scanned and captured using automated and semi-automated processes (depending on the survey and content type).

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Once the survey data has been captured and passed the data quality matrix, it can be delivered to you in full or batches via our secure and encrypted data portals.

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Data Protection

Our survey data capture services are fully compliant with GDPR and Data Protection regulations.

Fast Clock
Fast Turnaround

Our scalable infrastructure enables us to fulfil the most demanding and urgent survey data capture requirements.

Price Promise
Price Promise

We’re committed to providing unparalleled quality at unbeatable prices. Trust in our Price Promise, outstanding service without the premium price tag

Why Choose Our Survey Data Capture Services
Save Money

Manual data capture process can be very labour intensive, our automated data capture services can save organisations huge amounts of time and money.

Improve Accuracy

Our survey data capture services deliver highest-quality, accuracy and data integrity.

Enhance Data

To enhance data quality, we fine-tune our data capture methodologies, handle exceptions, and utilise dynamic data querying.

Save Time

Our data capture bureau is equipped to handle large volumes of surveys, and our industrial operational facility allows us to deliver projects faster, saving you valuable time.

User Engagement

Our services allow our customers to concentrate on the end-user experience, enhancing interactivity and increasing response rates.

Print and Distribute

To save you from dealing with multiple contractors for individual tasks, we can handle the printing and mailing of your surveys, providing additional cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Survey Data Capture Services

A survey is a research method used to collect data from a specific population or group to gather information about their opinions, attitudes, behaviours or characteristics. The data can be analysed to identify trends, make informed decisions and provide insights.

A survey data capture service digitises paper-based survey responses into electronic formats using scanning technology and software.

Yes, it is possible to capture handwritten data from a survey using ICR (Intelligent characters recognition) technology. We also apply a manual data entry process where ICR technology is not suitable or the quality of the handwritten text is poor.

Yes, we are able to gather surveys from your chosen location, including your office or any other location you prefer.

Certainly, we can receive surveys directly from your customers through our dedicated PO Box. Simply provide your customers with the PO Box address, and we will collect and process the surveys as soon as they arrive. This approach can be an effective way to gather feedback and insights from your customers while maintaining their anonymity and privacy.

Yes, we can capture data from surveys that contain barcodes and tick boxes. Our data capture technology is capable of reading and interpreting various types of survey formats, including those with barcodes and tick boxes.

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