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As one of the UK’s leading providers of outsourced document scanning, data extraction and document management solutions, we help to streamline workloads, maximise productivity and transform physical output into an easy-to-manage solution.

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A national company providing industry-leading services for commercial document scanning, data entry, document storage and shredding

We started our operations in a small office in 2003, outgrowing multiple scanning centres and we now operate nationally from our large purpose-built document scanning bureau.

Our facility is kitted out with state of the art scanners of all types – as long as it doesn’t move, we can scan it!

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Trusted by Metropolitan Police
Trusted by Lidl.
Trusted by University of Manchester.
Trusted by BSkyB.
Trusted by BBC.
Trusted by Bolton Council.
Trusted by Manchester Metropolitan University.
Trusted by NHS.

Winner at DM Awards 2021

You may have heard that we were nominated for the 12 categories in the Document Management Awards 2021. We’re thrilled to announce that we won!

Pearl Scan has won an award for our document management software Halogen, in the category of Open Source Document Management Software. The award recognises companies who create a culture of open source software and growth to improve digital document management.

There are a whole host of things we do with documents; we can of course scan them, but that’s not where it ends!

Once scanned we can extract content, enhance quality of images, convert to many different file types and apply your own business logic. At the end of the process we can also host your documents so that you always have instant and easy access to them whether in or out of the office.

In addition to the scanning of documents, we also have our own in-house software development team which has decades of experience. We specialise in the development of data processing, capture and extraction and have worked with many third-party vendors to integrate our scanning services.

When working with us, you will find a company that is highly focused on customer care and driven to achieving excellence together with our clients.

We provide excellent customer care and provide value to clients by reducing their document management costs and helping to make them better at what they do. We have often been praised on our consultation process and the level of technical expertise that our team offers, which adds additional value and reassurance to our clients.

We are continuously investing in our people along with bringing in new talent across all areas of our business.

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Things that are important to us


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we always strive to exceed their expectations by putting the needs of our customers as the top priority.


We are obsessed with quality and our commitment to it is at the core of our operations. We place great value on delivering excellent quality, outstanding service and highest standards.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We encourage our people to think out of the box and explore new ideas and opportunities to find solutions for excellence.


We care about our planet and the future we create, that is why everything we do is well-thought to minimise the environmental harm.

Passion for Results

We show great pride, enthusiasm and dedication in all our actions. We are committed to developing and delivering highest quality products and services.

Our Culture

Talented, committed and creative people are essential to our work. We strive to unleash the power of our people and we cultivate a company culture that is inspired, driven and empowered.