Who We Are

We invest in our people and technology to provide our clients superior quality and reduce cost through innovations.

Pearl Scan Office

Pearl Scan is the UK’s leading provider of outsourced document scanning, data extraction services and document management solutions. Founded in 2003 by Director Naveed Ashraf, the company has worked with a number of world-recognised clients including BskyB, BAE Systems, Manchester City Council, AIG and the NHS, helping each to streamline their workload, maximise productivity and transform their physical output into easy-to-manage digital assets.

What We Do

By using in-house digital scanning equipment, Pearl Scan can apply its digitisation solutions to any business or organisation’s needs. Throughout their 18 year history, they’ve scanned everything from historical files, delicate books and large scale drawings, to sensitive HR information, company invoicing documents and tiny microfiche film. Their hands-on approach allows them to transform any item a client may have into a convenient and space-saving electronic image, regardless of its size or shape.

Once captured, Pearl Scan’s service goes beyond simply bringing archives online – it makes them work for their clients. Using Optical Character Recognition, users can harvest the data from their documents and access it via fully-searchable and editable PDFs. This streamlined service removes the risk of human error whilst vastly increasing productivity time, and is particularly useful for those working in the legal or finance sectors where time and accuracy are key.

Flexible Service

In addition to digitising and capturing data, Pearl Scan also puts customers in the driving seat when it comes to accessing their scanned documents. Halogen is an in-house developed document management software that can be accessed locally by SMEs and larger businesses worldwide. By downloading the program to their device, it can be securely used by staff members remotely and easily updated – either directly by the client or through future batch work conducted by Pearl Scan. Searchable, user-intuitive and tailor built for each user, Halogen is ideal for company HR, accounts, legal services or customer management.

Taking their service into the digital ether, Pearl Cloud is a cloud management system designed for bulk document storage and is freely available to any client that works with us. Purpose built by the Pearl Scan team, it houses all of your digital documents securely on the cloud, allowing clients to access them 24 hours a day, seven days a week – regardless of location. Built with your company’s needs in mind, Pearl Cloud is fully searchable and makes it easy to access your documents on the go.

With You All The Way

Finally, Pearl Scan’s services are customisable and can be applied to the various needs of SMEs and larger organisations around the world. From bringing your technical documents into the digital space, to streamlining delivery note services and archiving pensions – our flexible service can be tweaked to suit your requirements. We’ll even help you securely dispose of unwanted hard-copy documents via our paper shredding service once we’re done.

Our Values


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we always strive to exceed their expectations by putting the needs of our customers as the top priority.


We are obsessed with quality and our commitment to it is at the core of our operations. We place great value on delivering excellent quality, outstanding service and highest standards.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We encourage our people to think out of the box and explore new ideas and opportunities to find solutions for excellence.


We care about our planet and the future we create, that is why everything we do is well-thought to minimise the environmental harm.

Passion for Results

We show great pride, enthusiasm and dedication in all our actions. We are committed to developing and delivering highest quality products and services.

Our Culture

Talented, committed and creative people are essential to our work. We strive to unleash the power of our people and we cultivate a company culture that is inspired, driven and empowered.

Our Future

With the new business strategy, our aim is to continually build upon previous success in every up-coming financial year. We are looking to reduce further costs for clients, particularly in document handling and management, through innovation and a fully managed SaaS model.