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On-Site Document Scanning

Keep your data secure by never allowing it to leave the office. Our on-site scanning service considers safety, security and ease-of-use above all else.


Keeping Your Data Safe Security above all else

Our staff is fully vetted with DBS/CRB and have been fully trained in the relevant parts of the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018)  as well as bound by the Non-Disclosure Agreement. This means that our onsite scanning team is specifically trained to handle the confidential and private information of our client business. We work with your teams ensuring process integrity, peace of mind with adherence to your Compliance requirements. Working with your internal project and IT team we bring our wealth of knowledge & expertise and we work with you to achieve your onsite scanning goals as well as saving you time, reducing costs and eliminating data security risks.

Our mobile scanners, data capture and processing applications are commissioned within your existing physical environment but without connecting to your network. The scanned and processed data is stored on secure and encrypted data drives which upon completion of the work is removed and handed to our client’s IT. All systems are thoroughly cleansed, the cache is cleared, and all data is removed under our SLA before de-commissioning of the systems. This means that not one piece of your data and information leaves your premises on our equipment.