Scan On Demand Service

Our Scan On Demand service offers both document storage and scanning solutions, designed to assist organisations in transitioning to digital without committing to bulk document scanning costs.

Physical Storage of Documents Combined With Scanning On Demand

Our Scan On Demand service provides secure storage of your documents, coupled with rapid digital access. When you need a specific document, rather than requesting a physical file delivery, simply ask for its digital version. We’ll promptly retrieve, scan, and deliver it to you in digital format.

  • Reduced Storage Cost: Reduces physical storage costs through gradual scanning and shredding of documents.
  • Zero Transportation Cost: No cost for physical file delivery, further enhancing your savings.
  • Faster File Recall: The file recall process is smoother and more streamlined.
  • Selective Scanning: Scan files only when needed, optimising cash flow.
  • Faster Turnaround: Digital format access is significantly quicker than waiting for physical file delivery.

How Does Our Scan On Demand Service Work?


With our comprehensive UK-wide collection service, your document boxes are seamlessly transported to our integrated storage and scanning facility.

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Once collected, your documents are safely stored in our secure facility, ensuring they remain intact and protected from any external threats.

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Scan On Demand

When you need a document, just request it through our online system. Our team will quickly scan and send it digitally via our secure Pearl Cloud system.

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After a mutually agreed timeframe, we undertake the responsibility of securely shredding the physical file, ensuring you’re free from any additional storage costs.

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Secure Storage Meets Swift Digital Access

Managing physical documents is a crucial aspect of any organisation. Our state-of-the-art facility guarantees that every physical document is stored under stringent security measures, protecting them from potential risks. However, our commitment goes beyond just secure storage. Our innovative Scan On Demand service bridges the gap between traditional document storage and the digital realm. Whenever you require a document, we promptly retrieve it from our secure storage facility and convert it into a high-resolution digital file, ensuring it’s accessible to you within hours.

  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Utilising modern infrastructure for optimal document safety.
  • Stringent Security Measures: Ensuring every document is shielded from potential risks.
  • Beyond Secure Storage: A holistic approach that encompasses more than just safeguarding documents.
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Why Our Scan On Demand Service Is So Attractive

Traditional file storage methods, whether in-house or offsite, can lead to loss of time, money, and compliance risks related to GDPR. Although these solutions provide an immediate fix, recurring monthly costs and lengthy file retrieval times make them less viable as long-term solutions. Additionally, these methods provide no backup, no guarantee of data confidentiality, and no contingency for any errors once the files have been shredded.

With our scan on demand solution, storage and retrieval costs decrease each month, and there is no cost for retrieval if you request the same file again. Our service eliminates the risk of files being lost in transit, and once a file has been scanned, there are no further storage costs or need for re-collection. It’s easier to manage access control when files are stored digitally, and the service offers complete peace of mind for disaster recovery. Furthermore, it is much easier to sort files for document retention when stored digitally.

5 Key Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Our Scan On Demand Service

  • Cost-Effective: Instead of bearing the costs of large-scale scanning projects, businesses can scan documents as needed, ensuring they only pay for what they use.
  • Efficient Digital Access: With our service, businesses no longer have to wait for physical documents. Any document can be converted to a digital format swiftly upon request.
  • Multiple Access, Zero Extra Cost: Once a document is scanned and available digitally, it can be accessed multiple times without incurring additional fees, unlike requesting and paying for physical files repeatedly.
  • Seamless Transition: Our Scan On Demand service makes the shift from physical to digital documentation smooth, bridging the gap between traditional storage and digital accessibility.
  • Space Saving: By opting for selective scanning, businesses can gradually reduce physical storage needs, freeing their up valuable office space.
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Blend the Best of Both Worlds Secure Storage & Swift Scanning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Scan On Demand is a service where we store your physical documents and, upon request, scan and deliver them digitally, eliminating the need for bulk scanning.

Once a document is requested, we aim to retrieve, scan, and deliver the digital file to you within a few hours.

Yes, you can request as many documents as needed, and we’ll digitise and deliver them promptly.

After scanning, the physical document can either be securely stored, returned to you, or shredded based on your preference.

No, once a document is digitised, you can access it multiple times without incurring additional charges.

Our facilities can accommodate large volumes of documents. Please discuss specific storage needs with our team for tailored solutions.

Typically, we scan documents into high-quality PDF files, but other formats are available upon request.

Scan On Demand Services: Revolutionising Access to Your Documents Empowering Efficiency and Security in Document Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of document management, Scan On Demand Services emerge as a pivotal solution, enabling businesses and individuals across the UK to access their physical documents digitally, with unparalleled speed and security. This innovative service not only streamlines workflow but also significantly reduces storage costs, facilitating a seamless transition to digital archives.

For organisations seeking to understand and integrate Scan On Demand Services, a wealth of resources is available. The British Standards Institution (BSI) offers comprehensive guidelines on document management practices, ensuring compliance and security. Research institutions and industry bodies such as the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) provide valuable insights, case studies, and best practices, fostering a deeper understanding of the benefits and implementations of scanning technologies. Industry events, like the Document Management Systems Expo (DMS Expo), present opportunities to explore the latest innovations, connect with service providers, and gain insights into emerging trends and technologies.

In embracing our Scan On Demand Services, businesses can significantly reduce physical storage needs, enhance document retrieval times, and strengthen data protection measures. This transition not only supports environmental sustainability by minimising paper use but also aligns with modern work practices, offering remote access to critical information, thereby facilitating better collaboration and productivity. As the UK’s leading service provider, Pearl Scan leverages cutting-edge technology and bespoke solutions to transform your document management processes.