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Scan On-Demand

Our on-demand document scanning service includes storage and scanning solutions and is designed to help organisations go digital, without having to commit to bulk scanning costs.

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Using our UK wide collection service, the boxes are collected and brought to our integrated storage & scanning facility.


Using our file request system, users can conveniently send their file requests to us electronically.

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We will retrieve, scan and upload the file onto Pearl Cloud for immediate access.

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After an agreed period, we will securely shred the file to eliminate further storage costs.

Benefits of on-demand document scanning services

Traditionally, files are either stored in-house or in an offsite storage provider. In either case, organisation loses time, money or space.
These solutions solve the immediate problem. However, monthly recurring costs and lengthy file retrieval times mean they do not work out as long-term solutions.
These methods also provide no backup, no guarantee of confidentiality once shredded, and no contingency plan.
  • With on-demand scanning, storage costs and retrieval costs go down each month. This is because we will digitise your files and back them up, so you can access them from anywhere.
  • Also, if you request the same file again, there is no cost of retrieval!
  • Scan on-demand also reduces the risk of files being lost during retrieval.
  • Once a document has been scanned, we will shred it, eliminating re-collection and further storage costs

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