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Bulk Document Scanning for Large-Scale Projects

Convert large volumes of documents into digital files quickly and securely with our bulk scanning services. We offer high-quality, cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.

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Bulk Scanning Services

Bulk scanning services are designed to efficiently convert large quantities of paper documents into digital files. These services typically use high-speed scanners and specialised software to ensure accuracy and efficiency. In today’s digital age, businesses are increasingly relying on electronic documents for efficiency and accessibility. However, converting large volumes of paper documents into digital files can be a time-consuming and tedious task. That’s where bulk scanning services come in.

Benefits of Bulk Scanning Services:

  • Increased Efficiency: Bulk scanning services can save businesses a significant amount of time and effort compared to manual scanning.
  • Improved Accessibility: Once digitised, documents can be easily accessed, searched, and shared electronically.
  • Enhanced Security: Digital documents are less prone to loss, damage, or unauthorised access compared to paper documents.
  • Reduced Costs: By eliminating the need for physical storage space, businesses can save money on rent and utilities.
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Comprehensive Bulk Scanning Services: Effortless Conversion, High-Quality Results

Convert large volumes of documents into readily accessible digital files with our bulk document scanning services. We offer a streamlined process that ensures efficiency and accuracy:

  • Efficient Document Preparation: We handle sorting, staple removal, and other prep work for seamless scanning.
  • High-Speed, High-Resolution Scanning: Our industrial scanners capture documents quickly in monochrome, grayscale, or colour, based on your needs.
  • Rigorous Quality Control: Experienced professionals meticulously check every scanned image for clarity and adherence to quality standards.
  • Advanced OCR Processing: We convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs using OCR technology for effortless information retrieval.
  • Expert Indexing and Categorisation: Find what you need fast with our custom document indexing based on date, reference number, or other criteria.
  • Secure Delivery Options: Receive your scanned data securely via FTP download, USB drive, hard drive, or our Pearl Cloud storage system.
  • Optional Secure Shredding: Ensure confidential disposal of your original documents with our secure bulk shredding service.

Bulk Documents Scanning Process

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Get in touch

Call or email us the details of your project and our scanning team will review and advise the best approach to achieve your objectives.

  • 20 years of experience
  • Available by phone, chat or email
  • Highly rated by Google Reviews
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Cost Estimate

Based on the scope of your work, our scanning team may provide a cost estimate or offer an onsite meeting for a more detailed project.

  • Free cost estimate
  • Free onsite survey of documents
  • Free proof-of-concept


Upon project acceptance, we will arrange secure collections of documents and manage the entire logistic process.

  • Nationwide document collection
  • Onsite help with packaging
  • Supply of secure storage boxes
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We will scan and deliver high quality digital files according to your project specification and deliver scanned data to you via FTP or on a USB.

  • Timely project delivery
  • Online project reporting
  • Dedicated project manager
Get a Free and Fast Cost Estimate we also provide free onsite document assessment
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Additional Services

document collection

Office Move

Planning an office move and don’t want the hassle of moving filing cabinets and boxes? Contact our scanning team. We’ve helped numerous clients transfer their paper files to digital formats, simplifying and streamlining the move.

document indexing

Offsite Archive

Many businesses rent storage or use third-party document archiving service. This can lead to long-term costs and limited access. We provide a cost-effective bulk document scanning solution to convert your offsite archives into digital assets.

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Bulk Shredding

After scanning and delivering the digital data, we temporarily store the documents. This lets clients transfer the data to their chosen system, review scan quality, and approve bulk disposal and shredding of the originals.

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Various Records

Often many businesses need various departmental records, like Finance, Medical and HR, scanned. At Pearl Scan, we expertly help organisations transition their various records to digital libraries swiftly.

OCR processing

Batch OCR

After digitising paper files into PDFs, our team uses bulk batch OCR processing to make your documents text searchable. This allows for efficient keyword searches and powerful results.

box for document scanning and storage.

Bulk Storage

We also offer physical storage for documents that may not need scanning. Our bulk document scanning proposal provides clear visibility of options and costs, enhancing the value of your document conversion.

Volume Discounts

Benefit from our bulk scanning pricing: the larger the order, the greater the discount, all while maintaining our commitment to quality and service.

Nationwide document scanning services


Spanning from coast to coast, our services cater to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re based in bustling urban centres or remote locales, we ensure timely and efficient service.


We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards and proudly hold many accreditations . Additionally, our staff undergo stringent vetting in line with DBS and GDPR regulations.

Why Choose Our Bulk Scanning Services

Selecting our Bulk Document Scanning Service is a choice for efficiency, security, and unparalleled quality. With years of expertise, we have streamlined our bulk scanning process to handle large volumes of records without compromising on detail.

  • End-to-End Service Delivery: From securely collecting your documents to delivering them in fully indexed digital format.
  • Searchable PDFs with OCR: Transforming your documents into searchable PDF files using our advanced Optical Character Recognition technology, ensuring you have quick data access and retrieval.
  • Cost Savings: Diminish storage expenses by transitioning from physical to digital with our competitive rates.
  • High-Quality Scanning: Utilise our advanced document imaging equipment for high image resolution digitisation.
  • Confidentiality Assured: Trust in our stringent security protocols to keep your data confidential and protected – see our certification

Make the shift to digital and experience a transformative change in how your organisation manages its records.

bulk document scanning
  • The Modern Challenge: In our digital-centric world, piles of physical documents can become a logistical nightmare.
  • The Digital Solution: Our bulk document scanning services swiftly convert vast paper archives into digital formats, making them easy to manage and access.
  • Quality and Speed Assured: With high-speed scanners, we guarantee a quick and smooth transformation of your documents.
  • Uncompromised Security: Beyond conversion, we prioritise the secure storage and efficient management of your digital files, so you can rest easy knowing your records are safe.
Start your digital journey today!

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Bulk Document Scanning - FAQs

Yes, we offer bulk shredding services for documents post-scanning, ensuring they are disposed of confidentially and responsibly.

The duration for bulk scanning depends on the volume of documents. On average, we can process around 2 million sheets per week. However, this is just an estimate, and actual throughput may vary.

Yes, we can supply specialised document storage boxes for you to securely pack your documents in preparation for scanning.

Yes, we provide a comprehensive bulk pack and collect service, ensuring your documents are safely transported from your premises to our scanning facility.

Yes, we can coordinate with your third-party storage provider to collect boxes from their premises using our commercial vehicles, ensuring a seamless process.

Yes, we offer document management solutions which are designed to provide bulk document storage, access, and retrieval of large volumes of scanned data at affordable prices.

Absolutely. We have experience integrating bulk / batch scanned data into various document management systems, including Microsoft SharePoint. We work closely with your IT team to ensure a smooth data migration process.

Related Scanning Services

Scan On Demand

If your aim is to gradually transition to a paperless office, our Scan On Demand service might be just what you need. We’ll store your documents securely and provide digital copies on request within 24 hours.

digital delivery
Document Management

We can seamlessly integrate your files with your existing document management software. If you don’t have one, we provide our own software solutions, Halogen and Pearl Cloud, to help you manage your digital documents effectively.

Digital storage icon.
Archive Digitisation

Our archive document scanning can expertly transform your extensive collection of archived records into a streamlined digital library. Our solution safeguards the longevity of your archived records while enhancing storage and accessibility.