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Invoice Capture

Invoice Data Capture is a process involving the extraction of relevant information from an invoice. This can include details from the invoice header and footer, as well as line item data, such as Vendor Name, Invoice Date, Invoice Number, Net Value, Tax Amount, Gross Amount, and Line Item Description.

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Invoice Capture Services Powered By OCR Processing

Your key to our efficient invoice processing service. With the power of our cutting-edge OCR processing data capture and AI machine learning technology , we seamlessly extract the crucial invoice details, from header and footer information to line items. Let us take away the tedious task of your internal and expensive manual data entry process, ensuring both cost and time-saving.

Utilising our advanced OCR technologies, our process transforms the traditionally fully manual handling of invoices into a semi-automated operation, and for invoices that are properly structured, formatted, and clearly printed, it can become a fully automated process. Our service include;

  • Accurate data extraction: ranging from header/footer to line items
  • All-inclusive solutions, from online to local processing
  • Multilingual data capture and data entry support
  • Streamlined setup and swift delivery
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Invoice Capture Process

  1. Automated Invoice Collection: Our system starts by gathering invoices from various sources, including email attachments, cloud storage, and physical documents via scanning. This ensures that all your invoice data is consolidated into one manageable platform.
  2. Advanced Data Extraction: Leveraging state-of-the-art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), our service accurately extracts data from each invoice, regardless of format or layout. Our AI models are trained to understand the nuances of different invoice designs, ensuring high precision in data capture.
  3. Data Validation and Integration: After extraction, the data undergoes a rigorous validation process to ensure accuracy. It is then seamlessly integrated into your existing Accounting or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This integration facilitates real-time data flow, enhancing financial operations and decision-making.
  4. Continuous Learning: Our AI models continuously learn from each invoice processed, improving their accuracy over time. This means the more you use our service, the smarter and more efficient it becomes at data capture.
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Invoice Scanning and Data capture

1. Receiving Invoices

To streamline the invoice data capture process, we offer the convenience of two options for submitting invoices. You can send your paper invoices to us by post, and for electronic invoices, we have a dedicated email account. Upon receipt, we will promptly scan and download the invoices, ensuring they are ready for the data capture process.

2. Extracting Data

We will upload all electronic invoices into our bespoke intelligent data capture system to extract the required data from each invoice/transaction, e.g. invoice header and footer details as well as line items

3. Quality Checking

Our quality control process is an integral part of our service, ensuring that all extracted data is accurate and reliable. Our process involves a series of steps, including error checking, exception handling, and manual corrections.

4. Data Delivery

After the completion of our quality control process, the extracted data and accompanying electronic invoices can be delivered to the client via various formats, including CSV, XML, SQL or integrated solutions.

No need for Expensive Software ... Hassle-Free Service

Unlock hassle-free invoice processing without hefty financial commitments. Our invoice data entry service eliminates the need for costly software, along with associated training and ongoing upkeep expenses. We offer an all-inclusive, cost-efficient solution, handling the nuances of data capture and extraction, letting you concentrate on your primary business activities. Enjoy streamlined efficiency without the capital expenditure.

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Significant Cost Saving ... Up to 50%

Unlock significant cost savings now! Eliminate the internal data entry process, manage high-volume invoice processing without increasing personnel costs, and avoid capital investment in software. With our simple ‘pay-as-you-go’ fee structure, choose the most cost-effective solution. Act now to revolutionise your invoice processing!

PDF Invoice Data Capture and Extraction Using our Sophisticated OCR Processing Systems

PDF Invoice Data Capture is our cutting-edge capture solution designed to automate the extraction of information from invoices that are in PDF format. This process involves the use of our inhouse built sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to accurately identify, extract, and process data contained within PDF invoices, transforming it into a structured and usable format.

How Our Service Works:

  1. Upload or Sync: Our customers start by uploading their PDF invoices directly to our platform or syncing their existing accounting or ERP systems for automatic invoice retrieval.
  2. Data Extraction: Our advanced OCR and AI systems scans the PDF invoices, identifying and extracting key data points such as vendor details, dates, invoice numbers, line items, totals, and more.
  3. Verification and Validation: Extracted data undergoes a rigorous verification and validation process, where it’s checked for accuracy and completeness. Our system uses intelligent algorithms to validate the data against pre-set rules and historical information, ensuring high precision.
  4. Integration: Once validated, the data is seamlessly integrated into the client’s accounting software or ERP system, ready for processing and analysis. Our platform supports various financial system formats and can connect with multiple systems, providing a versatile invoice processing solution for any business.
  5. Review and Approval: Our intuitive interface allows clients to easily review and approve extracted data. Any discrepancies can be quickly addressed through a simple correction process, ensuring data integrity.
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How Our Customers Benefit From
Our AI Invoice Capture Services

Seamless Transition

Invoices can be sent to us directly by the suppliers or via a dedicated PO Box

Data Flexibility

We can capture and extract only the data that you need for example invoice header & foot or as well as line items data

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GL Coding

GL coding can also be added and correctly recorded against each line item

Zero Capital

Our cost model eliminates any capital investment in software systems, ongoing maintenance and in-house data input / AP clerks

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High Accuracy

Our methodology of double-pass invoice data capture and processing workflow delivers 100% invoice data accuracy

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Fast On-boarding

Our experienced team can typically on board new clients within 2 – 3 weeks of their sign off


We use advanced automated technologies such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition). These technologies allow us to scan the invoice and extract data from the various fields such as invoice number, date, items, and amounts.

Yes, we can. Our advanced data capture system is designed to handle invoices in diverse layouts and formats, ensuring accurate and efficient extraction regardless of the design.

We use ICR technology for handwritten content and enhanced imaging for low-quality invoices. If needed, we also employ manual data entry to ensure utmost accuracy.

For paper invoices, we employ advanced scanning technology to digitise and extract data. Electronic invoices are directly processed through our capture system.

The delivery time for captured data usually hinges on the volume and complexity of the invoices. On average, though, we strive to process and deliver the data within 24 hours

Yes, we can. Our data capture system is equipped to extract detailed line item data from invoices, ensuring comprehensive data capture service.

Yes, we can. We’re equipped to deliver data in formats compatible with Sage Line 50 and various other accounting software. Just let us know your specific requirements, and we’ll ensure seamless integration.

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What is invoice data capture

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Invoice Data Capture

Comments from our clients

Thanks for completing the job on time and with so much care and attention. These are our archive documents that told the Anglian Water story from over 40 years ago; it was really important that they were scanned well and returned to us in the same condition. Pearl kept me up to date with progress of the project and return dates.

Anglian Water Services

The process from start (requesting a quote) to finish (receiving the deliverables) with Pearl Scan Solutions was a quick and efficient process. Grateful that we were kept updated with the progress. In addition, as we were unsure of our initial requirements they were able to talk through the options and assist in ensuring we weren't going to end up paying more than we needed to! Great service, that we'll certainly use again.

Digital Barriers services Ltd

After we were let down by our previous supplier Pearl took over our project quickly and efficiently. They were a great team to work with, and deadlines were always met and even exceeded! Pearl are always professional and all of the data provided was to a high quality. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

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