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Digitise Pension Microfiche

Transform your pension microfiche archives with our scanning services, ensuring complete security, effortless access, and unparalleled peace of mind.

Microfiche Scanning

Pension and Policy Document Storage and Retrieval in Microfiche Format

Traditionally, organisations, including pension management firms, relied heavily on microfiche and microfilm formats for storing records. This method, once considered cutting-edge, allowed for the compact archiving of vast amounts of information on film, offering a space-saving solution compared to paper files. However, this traditional approach to document storage has become outdated and carries significant drawbacks. Not only is it expensive due to the specialised equipment required for both viewing and maintaining the records, but it also falls short of modern standards for data protection, such as those mandated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and record-keeping. The physical nature of microfiche and microfilm makes them susceptible to a range of risks, including loss, misfiling, and damage from environmental factors like fire. Moreover, these formats do not offer the robust backup options available with digital storage solutions, making it challenging to safeguard against data loss and ensuring data security is more complicated.


Digitise Microfiche Archives for Enhanced Security and Efficiency

In the era of digital transformation, pension management organisations are recognising the imperative need to move away from traditional microfiche and microfilm storage methods. Historically, these formats were the cornerstone of document storage, offering a compact way to preserve vast amounts of data. However, in today’s digital age, such methods are not only outdated but also pose significant challenges in terms of cost, compliance with GDPR, data security, and the inherent risks of physical damage, including loss, misfiling, and fire hazards. By scanning and converting pension records from microfiche to digital formats, organisations can revolutionise their document management systems. This transition not only enhances data protection and retrieval processes but also safeguards critical business documents against the vulnerabilities of physical storage.

microfiche scanning

Key Features of Our Digitisation Process Digitisation with Advanced Search Capabilities

Our digitisation of member pension and policy documents represents a transformative leap in how organisations manage, store, and retrieve critical information. Our comprehensive process not only converts physical microfiche archives into digital formats but also incorporates sophisticated indexing and search capabilities that revolutionise pension document management. By transitioning to a digital storage and management system, we ensure that every document is accessible and secure, streamlining the retrieval process and enhancing compliance and data protection.

document scan

Scanning and Conversion

We utilise state-of-the-art microfiche imaging technology to convert all types of pension microfiche into digital formats, preserving the integrity of the original documents while making them more accessible.

document indexing

Advanced Indexing

Scanned files are meticulously indexed by key member information, such as Name, National Insurance number, and Date of Birth, enabling organised structured storage and swift document retrieval.

Text-Searchable PDFs

Our conversion process includes the creation of text-searchable PDFs, allowing for quick searches using specific keywords. This feature also drastically reduces the time needed to find old or missing documents, making the search process as efficient as possible.

Global Database Search

Our digitisation solution integrates documents into a global database with advanced search capabilities. This means that retrieving documents is now as simple as entering a keyword or phrase, enabling unprecedented access and management efficiency.

Experience Streamlined Document Management with Pearl Cloud

Discover the future of document management with our Pearl Cloud system. Designed to meet your needs, it offers secure, fully managed, and user-friendly access to scanned microfiche files. Here’s what Pearl Cloud can do for you:

Security: Your data is protected with robust security measures including two-factor authentication, user-management and data protection features.
Fully Managed: Enjoy hassle-free management with our comprehensive support.
User-Friendly Access: Easily access and retrieve scanned microfiche files with an intuitive interface.
Remote Access: Access your documents from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience.
User-Friendliness: Our platform is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a smooth user experience.

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Microfiche archives often contain critical documents that hold immense historical or operational significance for your organisation. That’s why our specialist microfiche storage solutions have been meticulously designed to meet these essential needs.


When it’s time to dispose of sensitive microfiche documents, trust our confidential shredding service. We ensure the complete destruction of your microfiche records, maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and data security.

Scan on Demand:

Our Storage & Scan on Demand service allows you to retrieve and digitise individual fiche whenever you need them. With our on-demand digitisation, you can access crucial information with ease and save bulk microfiche conversion cost.

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