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Large Format Scanning

Our large format drawing scanning services provide high-quality document imaging. Whether it’s architectural plans, engineering drawings, maps, or any other oversized documents, our state-of-the-art scanners ensure crisp, high-resolution digitisation.

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A2, A1 and A0 Scanning

Using Feed Scanner
We provide high-quality scanning and digitisation of large format drawings and plans to digital file formats of your choice, such as TIFF, PDF and JPEG. Using the latest large format document scanning software and hardware, we produce professional quality digital scans of documents at high image resolution and at original scale. Our large format scanning is a great way to preserve important documents, as it allows them to be easily accessible and stored in a digital format. Our clients benefit from;

  • All shapes and sizes scanned up to A0+ sizes
  • Fully indexed and OCR processed
  • Digital file formats available from TIFF, JPEG and PDF
  • High-volume digitisation and fast-turnaround time
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Large Format Scanning Using Flatbed Scanners

Using Flatbed Scanner
Scanning delicate, large, or wide format items presents unique challenges and many of these invaluable documents cannot be subjected to the typical feed-through scanning process because of their fragile nature or the unsuitable materials they’re crafted on. To protect these invaluable items, we use specialised flatbed scanning technology, paired with expert handling. Our team ensures the preservation of each document, capturing every detail in high resolution. Here are a few examples;

  • Deed Packs: Safeguarding legal histories and property records.
  • Fragile Large Format Drawings: Capturing intricate details with utmost care.
  • Plans and Maps: Digitising geographical and architectural blueprints.
  • Old Posters: Reviving classic designs and vintage advertisements.
  • Large Photographs: Preserving moments in high-resolution clarity.
  • Historical Records: Ensuring the past remains accessible for future generations.
  • Antiquarian Material: Protecting rare and ancient manuscripts and prints.
  • Photo Canvases and Frames: Scanning without compromise on original quality.
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Nationwide document scanning services

We provide a comprehensive nationwide drawing collection service, ensuring your documents are safely and swiftly transported to our digitisation facility

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Fast Turnaround

Our robust processes guarantee quick digitisation, ensuring you receive your digital files without unnecessary delays.


No project is too big or small for us. Our setup can handle varying scales, ensuring we meet your specific scanning needs.

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Large format scanning: Connected services

CAD Conversion Services

CAD Conversion

Large format drawings which need to be updated regularly can be converted to CAD formats (.DWG/DXF).

Drawings and plans scanning and conversion

Copy and Print

We can copy and print large format drawings, plans, artwork and maps in colour or black & white formats.

Drawings Repair

To ensure high-quality digitisation process, any drawings/plans which are old/fragile/poor condition can be repaired, suitable for the scanning process.

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Secure Shredding

Our shredding and destruction services provide secure and confidential disposal of drawings and are accredited to BS EN15713 standards.


Large format drawing is a type of drawing that is created on a large size/scale, typically on paper or canvas that measures usually more than 24 inches in any direction. These drawings may be used for a variety of reasons such as manufacturing, electrical / mechanical schematics, building plans, presentation, display, or decoration.

Our experienced team handles these documents with additional care, wearing clean cotton gloves and avoiding harmful substances. We use support boards or stands when needed to minimise pressure, ensuring no folds or creases occur. If required, documents are gently brushed to remove dirt before scanning. For delicate items unsuitable for feed roller scanners, we utilise our overhead flat-bed scanners to ensure preservation.

Yes. Once completed, we can pack the originals for secure transport, ensuring they reach the desired destination safely.

Indeed, we offer secure shredding, destruction, disposal, and recycling of large format documents. Our shredding services adhere to the ISO BS EN 15713 standards, guaranteeing the security and safety during the process.

Yes, we offer nationwide large format scanning services across the UK with secure document collection services.

Large format document sizes These are the ISO standard document sizes, but we can also scan non-standard sizes
A2 Scanning
  • Inches: 16.5 x 23.4
  • Centimetres: 42 x 59.4
  • Millimetres: 420 x 594
A1 Scanning
  • Inches: 23.39 x 33.11
  • Centimetres: 59.4 x 84.1
  • Millimetres: 594 x 841
A0 Scanning
  • Inches: 33.1 x 46.8
  • Centimetres: 84.1 x 118.9
  • Millimetres: 841 x 1189

Related Scanning Services


We also scan a wide range of document types, such as technical folders, registers/books, sales/purchase orders, customer files, O&M manuals and more.

Microfiche Scanning


Our microfiche scanning service provides high-quality conversion of documents and drawings to digital formats such as TIFF/PDF/JPEG with added OCR functionality.

A reel of 16mm microfilm


Microfilms have historically been used as a means of storing and preserving drawings and other important documents. However, our microfilm digitisation team is capable of scanning and converting these into digital formats, to ensure easy access and long-term preservation.

Aperture card

Aperture card

In many technical and engineering departments, aperture cards have served as a storage medium for drawings. Our team can convert and index these cards into digital formats, thus creating a digital library of drawings.

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