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Scan to SharePoint

We provide bulk document scanning services to customers who are looking to have large amount of documents scanned and imported into their Microsoft SharePoint / Office 365 document management system.

Scan to Microsoft SharePoint

From earlier versions of SharePoint (WSS 2) to the today’s SharePoint Online (Office 365), we have delivered the most simplistic to complex projects which were based around the Microsoft SharePoint technology.

Our services include, removing documents from your offices by using our secure logistics, carry out the complete document scanning process including building up the required metadata for SharePoint/Office 365 and where required, to seamlessly import the scanned data into Microsoft SharePoint site/document library.

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Scan various categories of documents

Microsoft SharePoint can be customisable around each department’s need for document storage and management. If you’re looking to have documents such as invoices, employee files, technical records, incoming mail, or general office documentation – we can certainly help.

We have a dedicated team who can work with you to review your current methodology and draw up a plan for your Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365 document scanning requirements and implementation.

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Our Services - fully tailored to meet your needs

Our document scanning and capture services to Microsoft SharePoint are fully tailored to meet your needs.

The Pearl Scan team works with your department to develop project plans from start to finish inclusive of document scanning, data capture, automated or manual data indexing, OCR processing and importing to SharePoint libraries.

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SharePoint Bulk Document Uploader

Our Microsoft SharePoint bulk data importer tool has been designed to help our clients with their individual data import needs.

This enables fast, accurate and fully automated import of large volumes of scanned images (PDFs/Text Searchable PDFs, TIFFs, JPEGs) and metadata into the required Microsoft SharePoint Site/document library.

Finding documents within Microsoft SharePoint made easy

We wanted to go the extra mile to help our customers to enable easy document search to deliver less broad but more accurate and powerful document searches.

Our custom Search WebPart provides a simple yet powerful content search functionality within Microsoft SharePoint for those looking to achieve additional benefits and streamline their document retrieval process. The integrated search tool eliminates un-necessary navigation and clicks to search documents within the Microsoft SharePoint document libraries by enabling easy to use dedicated indexed search boxes and free text search functionality for OCR’d data.

The Search WebPart can be fully customised to suit each department’s document filing & retrieval needs

An award winning document scanning services provider We’ve worked with variety of documents which have been digitised for Ms. SharePoint system

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