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Document Scanning Process

Depending on each customer’s need, the scanning process can be slightly different – with that in mind we have developed dynamic workflow to support various individual needs.

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Document Scanning Process

We are one of the leading document scanning and data capture service provider in the UK and have built our scanning facility around scalebility and flexibility – catering for all types of documents, sizes and material. Every project works slightly differently, depending on clients requirements and the type of documents that are being scanned.

The following workflow diagram provides a standard operating procedure (SOP) which outlines the very processes that we go through to provide you with the required document scanning and data capture service. Being an outsourced document scanning and data capture service provider, we can also tailor base each part of our workflow to ensure that the required service meets your exact requirements.

1. Collection

Nationwide collection – Fast, secure and nationwide – whether you have a box to collect or would like us to organise a collection of hundreds of boxes, our logistics team will work with you to arrange the collection of your documents at the most convenient time for you and in the most cost-effective way possible.

Onsite packaging – If you need additional onsite assistance in removing documents from your filing cabinets, boxing up and cataloguing them for collection or require us to collect from a third-party storage supplier’s facility – our experienced operations team can work with you to arrange the required resources to ensure a smooth collection process.

Packaging supplies – We can supply all types and sizes of secure storage boxes and recyclable containers as well as packaging material for any fragile and old items such as books, negatives and heritage material.

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2. Preparation

Prior to scanning documents, we go through the files and remove any document fasteners, such as staples, paper clips, treasury tags and post-it notes, etc. All documents including attachments and receipts are kept in their original order to ensure a smooth and accurate scanning process takes place and to guarantee the quality of all documents scanned.

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3. Scanning

General documents – we use latest document scanners equipped with ultra-sonic double-page-feed sensors, automated colour detection and image optimisation technology to ensure optimum scanned image quality. The documents can be scanned either in black and white or like-for-like as per originals, our document scanning equipment can handle document sizes as small as a train ticket to an A3.

Large format – any large documents such as maps, plans and technical drawings up to A0 are scanned on our wide-format scanners

Bound books – books, journals, registers and any bound material is scanned using our specialist overhead linear-scanners using manual cradle system to ensure high image quality and mitigating risk of books being damaged.

An icon of a document being scanned

4. Image Cleanup

Once scanned, our integrated image processing applications further enhance the image quality by removing any unwanted scanned area, removing black boarders, de-skewing images, adjusting image background/foreground, optimising image contrast, sharpness and file size.

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5. Data Capture

Indexation is applied to enable structured filing, identification and retrieval of documents. Depending on how the original files & documents are stored & retrieved, we can use the same criteria to index documents into the required filing structure. Following is a typical index criteria that is used for general indexation of documents;

  • Title
  • Reference number
  • Date

OCR – can be applied to enable content search and to convert scanned images to text searchable PDF format.

An icon with three files and the letters 'A-C' written on them

6. Quality Control

Rigorous quality control checks are applied throughout the document scanning and capture processes, as well as a separate dedicated department is allocated to perform quality checks in accordance with our in-house manual, and third-party audited EN BS ISO 9001 and EN BS ISO 27001 standards.

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7. Finalisation

This includes the final checks in conversion of the data into the client’s required format, storage medium, database imports, cloud system integration (where required) and encryption.

An icon of a mouse over a document with parts highlighted

8. Delivery

The final scanned data can be supplied either on a CD, USB stick/drive or downloadable from our SFTP server.

The originals can be;

  • Returned
  • Stored
  • Shredded

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