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Document Scanning Process

Recognising the distinct needs of every client, we have crafted a flexible document scanning workflow system adaptable to individual client’s needs. Our dedicated production team collaborates with clients, ensuring their document scanning journey is not only efficient and hassle-free but also fully attuned to their unique specifications.

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Introduction to Our Document Scanning Process

In today’s digital age, efficient document management is paramount. At the heart of this lies the transition from paper to digital, a process we have meticulously refined over the years. Our document scanning process is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a bespoke service designed around the unique needs of each client. Beginning with an in-depth consultation to understand specific requirements, we employ cutting-edge technology and a team of specialists to ensure every document is captured with clarity and precision. Our commitment is to provide a seamless, efficient, and tailored experience from start to finish.

1. Document Collection

Navigating the landscape of document logistics, our team ensures a swift, secure, and economical collection service, irrespective of whether you are dealing with a modest batch or a vast archive spanning hundreds of boxes. We collaborate closely with you, pinpointing the ideal collection window that aligns with your schedule. Beyond mere collection, our experts are ready to assist with any on-site preparation, from extracting documents from filing systems to meticulously cataloguing them.

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2. Document Preparation

Prior to the scanning endeavour, each document undergoes a meticulous examination. Our dedicated team takes the initiative to detach any extraneous elements like staples, paper clips, treasury tags, and adhesive notes. With a keen eye for detail, we ensure every piece, be it a primary document or a supplementary attachment like a receipt, retains its original sequence. This methodical approach upholds the integrity of the document’s context and assures a high-fidelity digital representation.

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3. Document Scanning

Harnessing state-of-the-art scanning technology, our process is a blend of precision and adaptability. Our scanners, equipped with ultrasonic double-page-feed sensors, automated colour detection, and image optimisation capabilities, guarantee impeccable image fidelity. Whether it’s a diminutive train ticket or a more substantial A3 sheet, we ensure accurate colour replication or crisp black and white conversions, mirroring the original’s essence.

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4. Image Cleanup

Post-scanning, the refinement process commences. Our sophisticated image processing tools delve into the minutiae, perfecting every digital rendition. From eliminating extraneous elements like intrusive black borders to rectifying any askew alignments, every image undergoes a transformative polish. Subtle adjustments are made to the background and foreground dynamics, while optimising contrast and sharpness. The culmination is a pristine digital image, not only in clarity but also optimally sized for efficient storage and swift access.

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5. Document Indexing

To foster a seamless digital experience, our process emphasises structured indexing, streamlining both document identification and retrieval. Taking cues from the original filing systems, our indexing approach mirrors the manner in which documents were traditionally stored and accessed. Typically, our indexing parameters encompass:

  • Title
  • Reference number
  • Date

Furthermore, the prowess of OCR is harnessed, not just to facilitate content searches, but also to transmute scanned imagery into searchable text within the PDF framework.

document indexing

6. Quality Checks

Stringent quality control measures are implemented at every stage of our document scanning and capture processes. We have a dedicated department for performing quality checks, in compliance with our in-house manual and third-party audited EN BS ISO 9001 and EN BS ISO 27001 standards.

7. Finalisation

Our commitment to excellence manifests in rigorous quality control, infused throughout every facet of our document scanning journey. Entrusted to a specialist department, these quality assessments adhere to both our internal guidelines and the stringent benchmarks set by third-party audited EN BS ISO 9001 and EN BS ISO 27001 standards.


8. Data Delivery

Concluding our document scanning journey, we undertake an exhaustive quality review, ensuring every piece of data is flawlessly translated into the client’s specified format and securely archived. To cater to the diverse requirements of our clientele, we extend services like database imports, seamless integration with cloud systems, and robust encryption protocols.


9. Archiving

Once your documents have been scanned and digitised, the original paper versions are stored in our state-of-the-art document archiving warehouses. Each document’s location is systematically catalogued, ensuring that if physical access is needed, retrieval is swift and straightforward. Our storage solutions cater to both short-term and long-term needs, ensuring that every document, regardless of its tenure, is securely stored.

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10. Shredding

Post the scanning and digitisation phase, if the physical copies are deemed redundant, our shredding process ensures they are disposed of with the utmost integrity. Leveraging industrial-grade shredding equipment, each document is rendered into unrecognisable fragments, guaranteeing confidentiality. Adhering to environmental standards, the remnants are then directed towards recycling processes, underscoring our commitment to sustainability. Clients receive a certificate of destruction as a testament to our thorough and compliant document disposal process.


Ready to Digitise Your Documents?

Our dedication to excellence in document management is unwavering. From the initial collection to the final archival or disposal, every step is infused with precision, care, and a commitment to serving our clients’ unique needs.

Let us help you convert, protect, and manage your important documents seamlessly.

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Absolutely! Our team will help you safely remove and organise files from cabinets, then package them securely for scanning.

Yes, we do! We supply secure storage boxes and all necessary packaging materials to ensure your documents are safely prepared for scanning.

Yes, we meticulously prepare each document, removing staples and other bindings to ensure a smooth and high-quality scanning process.

We utilise advanced scanners with automated colour detection. This means each page, whether colour or black and white, is scanned in its true form, ensuring accurate digital representation without manual sorting.

Yes, we can. We offer PDF bookmarking to help you navigate and access specific sections or documents within the file effortlessly.

Yes, we can! We can deliver data in versatile formats, ensuring seamless integration with most document management systems. Just let us know your system’s requirements, and we’ll handle the rest.