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Aperture Card Scanning

Our expert team scans historical drawings stored on aperture cards and converts to high-quality digital images including TIFF, PDF and Jpeg.

Image Processing

Thanks to our well-equipped workshop with best-in-class scanners and image capture technology, we can convert anything held on aperture cards to high-res digital images. With our bleeding-edge software images can be processed further to optimise the final result.

Creating Indexes

Once they are digitised, the images can be indexed by reference number, issue number or title. If you’re scanning Hollerith punch cards, we can also capture the punch data.

Our Aperture Card Scanning Service convert aperture card drawings to TIFF, PDF or editable CAD format


Save yourself the hassle of delivery. Our collection service operates nation wide to make sure our customers’ data is delivered securely and on time.


Using specialist scanners we scan aperture cards and convert them to high-res digital images including PDF, TIFF and JPEG.

Indexation of documents icon.


We index data based on numbers, titles and issue numbers. Although we can index any sized volume, this indexing method can be scaled for large volumes making it easy to find your needle in the haystack.

data delivery


The final data can be delivered to our customers via our secure download portal, USB stick/hard drive or an optical disk (CD/DVD).  

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Save Space With Aperture Card Scanning

Everybody wants to save space where they can. But, before you start investing in the latest foldaway furniture, take a look at those boxes of aperture cards instead.

Space saving

Modernise Your Aperture Cards Today

Today, aperture cards are no longer the most convenient way to store large engineering drawings. If you’ve still got drawings stored, scanning them can be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Modernising aperture cards