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Transcription Services

At Pearl Scan, we provide transcription services for a variety of needs, including interviews, market studies, medical research, legal cases and more

How Does a Transcription Works?

Transcription services refer to the process of converting audio or video recordings into written text format. Our service is often used by businesses, Universities, legal firms, and other organisations to document meetings, interviews, lectures, court proceedings, and other events. The transcribed text can be used for a variety of purposes such as research, legal documentation, and creating subtitles for videos. Transcription services can be performed manually by human transcribers or automatically by using speech recognition software. Human transcription typically offers higher accuracy and better quality compared to automatic transcription, but can be more expensive and time-consuming.

Our Fast and Low Cost Transcription services

At Pearl Scan, we offer transcription services to help businesses understand important information from audio data. Our services include transcription for interviews, market studies, medical research, legal cases, and more. We provide accurate audio transcription in Microsoft Word, PDF, and other compatible formats. Our multilingual service enables us to transcribe audio data in a range of languages.

For over 20 years, we have been converting analogue and digital audio files into typed formats. We have become well-known experts in this field, providing high-quality audio transcription services to a range of businesses. Many businesses choose us for our cost-effective services, providing accurate and timely data delivery every time. We offer a quick turnaround time, starting at just 24 hours.

Transcription services

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Benefits of our transcription services

Accuracy crosshair

Inclusive Revisions

If there happen to be any errors on the first go, we provide revisions to guarantee that we deliver the most accurate data possible.

Confidential Service

We operate with the utmost data confidentiality and fully understand the importance of data security. We are registered with ICO as well as can sign our customer’s required NDA for additional peace of mind.

All Audio Formats

We can transcribe from all audio formats including CD to MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI and DSS.

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Comments from our clients

An efficient, speedy and very friendly service. They arranged the pick-up and return of the business cards and once all scanned the file was sent to me without any delay. If you’re looking for someone to scan your business cards I can highly recommend Pearl Scan Solutions.


We were very pleased with the service provided and the quality of the scans. The whole process, from explaining the technical details, collecting and returning the volumes in good condition, and labelling the PDF and then downloading the files was trouble-free. We are happy to recommend Pearl Scan for their services.

The Burlington Magazine

Pearl Scan were a godsend, we needed a few thousand surveys digitised and they didn’t let us down. Their service was easy to use and the quality of the work was excellent. We will definitely be using them for all our future surveying needs and will be recommending them to our partners.

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

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