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Legal Document Scanning

Our legal document scanning services are tailored to the conversion of paper files into secure digital formats pertaining to legal matters. This streamlined process offers significant benefits to attorneys, paralegals, and law firms. It not only saves valuable time and reduces storage expenses but also guarantees convenient access to essential documents, facilitating efficient legal operations.

Legal Document Scanning Services

Digitisation of Sensitive Records: We specialise in the digitisation of sensitive legal records, transforming physical paperwork into secure digital formats. This not only frees up precious office space but also mitigates the risks associated with paper document storage.

Accurate Indexing and Archiving: Our expert team ensures that each file is accurately indexed and archived. This meticulous approach guarantees swift and precise retrieval of information whenever needed, reducing employee time spent searching for critical documents.

Enhanced Efficiency: With our document scanning services, law firms can streamline their operations. The ability to access digital records at a moment’s notice promotes a more agile and responsive legal practice, ultimately benefiting both clients and practitioners.

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The Wide Range of Legal Documents We Digitise

We have the capability to process an extensive variety of legal documents. This comprehensive approach ensures that law firms, solicitors, and legal practitioners can effortlessly transition from paper-based documentation to efficient digital formats.

  • Conveyancing Files
  • Deeds and Wills
  • Matter Files
  • Contract Files
  • Property Leases
  • Client’s Archive Records
  • Litigation Files
  • Intellectual Property Documents
Eliminate your storage costs

Through our legal document scanning services, we empower our clients to streamline their document management processes and enhance overall efficiency, effectively eliminating unnecessary storage expenses.

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The Scanning and Digitisation Process Efficiency, Accuracy, and Security in Action


We offer convenient collection services for your legal documents, available across the UK and Europe. Utilising secure, locked containers, we ensure the safe transportation of your materials. If you need assistance with packaging your documents, our team is ready to provide the support you require.


Upon the removal of staples, bindings, or any unwanted items, we initiate the scanning process, transforming your files into your preferred digital format. Whether you opt for Text Searchable PDF, TIFF, or JPEG, the choice is entirely yours, and you retain full control throughout the process.

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Our indexing service is tailored to match your filing system, allowing you to categorise your legal documents based on criteria that best suit your needs. Whether it’s by case title, client name, or any other reference term frequently used in your day-to-day document storage and retrieval process.

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Following the scanning and indexing stages, your legal documents undergo encryption for enhanced security. Access to these digitised records is available through various methods, including a USB drive, a protected download link, or Pearl Cloud.

Connected Services

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Document Management

To elevate your document management practices and facilitate seamless access and retrieval, we offer tailored digital document management applications — Halogen and Pearl Cloud.

OCR processing

OCR Processing

OCR processing enhances the versatility of your scanned legal documents by rendering them searchable and fully editable digital files. This feature significantly improves document management efficiency.

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Secure Shredding

Upon the completion of the digitization process, we provide secure shredding services for your original legal files. Our accreditations to BS EN ISO 15713 and recycling association standards ensure confidentiality and environmental responsibility.

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Document Storage

Recognising that scanning all historical files may not always be necessary or cost-effective, we offer a comprehensive document management solution that combines scanning and secure storage. Our secure document storage facility accommodates documents for as long as required to meet your specific needs.

Legal Document Coding Service

Document coding refers to the process of indexing and categorising legal documents using specific codes, keywords, and metadata. Our legal document coding services offer an advanced level of document management that can help simplify your document e-discovery and e-disclosure process.

By coding your legal documents, you can easily sort and organise them based on various criteria such as case title, client name, date, and relevant keywords. This makes it easier to search for and retrieve specific documents when needed, thereby reducing the time and effort required for manual search and retrieval.

In addition, our document coding services can also help you to identify relevant documents for e-discovery and e-disclosure purposes. We can code your legal documents in a way that allows you to easily filter and analyse them based on specific criteria, helping you to quickly identify and retrieve relevant information required for legal proceedings.

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Data Security

Having worked with legal firms, solicitors, and law practices across the UK for nearly two decades, we recognise the significance of data security and compliance. Therefore, our team of scanning professionals is highly trained and scrutinised, committed to providing a service that adheres to GDPR and accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, PCI, ICO, and Cyber Essentials security standards. Our facility is equipped with CCTV and monitored round-the-clock, offering you peace of mind in the knowledge that your documents are secure.

Cost effective scanning services

Cost Benefits

It’s widely known that law firms possess a vast amount of paperwork that requires frequent referencing, updating, and secure storage for compliance purposes. Due to limited office space, holding onto physical legal documents can be expensive, and manually converting them into electronic formats can lead to human errors and excessive cost. Our legal document scanning services offer a solution to help legal practices improve accuracy, reduce costs, and conveniently access vital information, regardless of their location.

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