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Legal Document Scanning

We specialise in legal document scanning services, providing secure digitisation of files for attorneys, paralegals, and law firms throughout the UK. Our efficient process streamlines document management, saving time and reducing storage expenses

Document Scanning Services Catered for the Legal Sector

Securely storing legal paperwork is crucial for law firms and solicitors, but it can consume valuable office space and precious employee time. By digitising sensitive records such as client files, disclosure agreements, and witness statements, and accurately indexing and archiving the data contained within, we can help legal practices across the UK work more efficiently.

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What type of legal documents can we scan?

Our scanning services are equipped to handle a diverse range of legal documents, ensuring that law firms, solicitors, and legal practitioners can efficiently digitise their paperwork. The types of legal documents we can scan include, but are not limited to: The types of legal documents we can scan include, but are not limited to:

  1. Contracts
  2. DeedsWills
  3. Employee agreements
  4. Business plans
  5. Meeting minutes
  6. Non-disclosure agreements
  7. Privacy policies
  8. Litigation files
  9. Intellectual property documents
Eliminate your physical document storage costs

By offering the ability to scan various legal documents, we help our clients streamline their document management processes and improve overall efficiency.

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How it works Our legal document scanning and archiving service puts you in control of your data.


We can collect your legal documents from anywhere in the UK/Europe using secure, locked containers. If you require assistance with packaging your documents, simply let us know, and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Once staples, bindings, or any unwanted items are removed, we initiate the scanning process and convert your files into your preferred digital format. Be it Text Searchable PDF, TIFF, or JPEG, the choice is yours, and you maintain control throughout the process.

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We can index your legal documents in a way that suits your workflow, indexing them by case title, client name or any other reference term that you frequently use in your day-to-day storage and retrieval of your documents.

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After scanning and indexing, your legal documents will be encrypted for security purposes. They can be accessed through various methods such as USB drive, a protected download link, or our document management system.

Get digitised and save on your storage costs
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Data Security and Confidentiality

Having worked with legal firms, solicitors, and law practices across the UK for nearly two decades, we recognise the significance of data security and compliance. Therefore, our team of scanning professionals is highly trained and scrutinised, committed to providing a service that adheres to GDPR and accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, PCI, ICO, and Cyber Essentials security standards. Our facility is equipped with CCTV and monitored round-the-clock, offering you peace of mind in the knowledge that your documents are secure.

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Why should you scan your legal documents?

It’s widely known that law firms possess a vast amount of paperwork that requires frequent referencing, updating, and secure storage for compliance purposes. Due to limited office space, holding onto physical legal documents can be expensive, and manually converting them into electronic formats can lead to human errors and excessive cost. Our legal document scanning services offer a solution to help legal practices improve accuracy, reduce costs, and conveniently access vital information, regardless of their location.

Additional Services

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Document Management

To further improve document management practices and in turn enhance document access and retrieval, we offer bespoke digital document management applications – Halogen and Pearl Cloud.

OCR processing

OCR Processing

OCR processing can be applied to scanned legal documents to turn those into searchable and fully editable digital files, providing great flexibility and improved document management efficiencies.

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Secure Shredding

Upon completion of the digitisation process we can confidentially shred your original legal files. We are accredited to BS EN ISO 15713 and recycling association standards

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Document Storage

Scanning all of your historical files may not always be necessary or cost-effective. To provide a comprehensive document management solution that includes both scanning and secure storage, we offer a secure document storage facility. Documents can be stored for as long as necessary to meet your requirements.

Document Coding

Our legal document coding services offer an advanced level of document management that can help simplify your e-discovery and e-disclosure process. Document coding refers to the process of indexing and categorising legal documents using specific codes, keywords, and metadata.

By coding your legal documents, you can easily sort and organise them based on various criteria such as case title, client name, date, and relevant keywords. This makes it easier to search for and retrieve specific documents when needed, thereby reducing the time and effort required for manual search and retrieval.

In addition, our document coding services can also help you to identify relevant documents for e-discovery and e-disclosure purposes. We can code your legal documents in a way that allows you to easily filter and analyse them based on specific criteria, helping you to quickly identify and retrieve relevant information required for legal proceedings.

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Pearl provided an efficient and reliable service, from quotation to service delivery. The work was returned in an accurate format and in a timely manner. Very satisfied and would use again.

Fortius Clinic

You have done a fantastic job and I can't believe all of those 8 lever arch files have been condensed into that tiny USB. Thanks very much for all your help and I will definitely be in touch if we need any more scanning done in the future.

AI Film

The process from start (requesting a quote) to finish (receiving the deliverables) with Pearl Scan Solutions was a quick and efficient process. Grateful that we were kept updated with the progress. In addition, as we were unsure of our initial requirements they were able to talk through the options and assist in ensuring we weren't going to end up paying more than we needed to! Great service, that we'll certainly use again.

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