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Project Files Scanning & Conversion

Why spend resources on storage when you could have everything in the cloud? Pearl Scan’s Project Files Conversion Service has helped many businesses to go paperless.

Save time, money and headaches by converting to digital formats

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Things to consider

Although scanning a few documents for many businesses is not a new or unusual task, however when you are considering high volumes of files to be scanned, there are a number of things we have learnt that businesses should consider which can help to create a more practical approach to the digitisation of files. Our customer services and sales coordinators can work with your business to establish a scoping document which will help you to understand the cost, time-frame and compliance relating to your particular industry.

  • What types of documents are being considered for scanning (e.g. project folders)
  • What type of files/folders the documents stored in (e.g. cardboard folder, ring binders or lever arch files)
  • What are varying documents sizes present in the files/folder (e.g. A5, A4, A3 and any larger sizes)
  • Are the file stored in the filing cabinets or storage containers
  • On average how often the documents are accessed
  • How many people would need to access the scanned files
  • How are the files currently labelled, categorised and filed
  • Would you need to access the scanned files from outside the office/remote location
  • Can the originals be securely shredded upon successful conversion of the files to digital format

Returning your files

Once converted to digital format the files can be stored in the traditional Microsoft Windows Explorer/Shared Folder/Drive, Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365 or many clients have chosen our complimentary Halogen Document Storage & Retrieval system which is specifically designed for highly volume document storage and retrieval scenario. To meet the diverse demand of the various industries, we have also developed the Pearl Cloud document storage and retrieval system which sits on our fully managed cloud platform. Our clients can securely access their project documents from anywhere in the world and at any time.