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Project Files Scanning Services

Welcome to our professional document scanning services tailored for your project files. At our UK-based company, we understand the significance of efficient document management for your projects.

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Why Choose To Scan Project Files

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the decision to scan your project files is a strategic move that can yield numerous benefits for your organisation. At Pearl Scan, we understand the importance of making this choice, and we’re here to guide you through the compelling reasons why opting for project file scanning is a wise and forward-thinking decision.

  • Expertise in Project Files Scanning: Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in project file scanning, ensuring the highest quality results.
  • Streamlined Document Conversion: We offer a seamless and efficient process for converting your paper-based project files into digital formats, saving you time and effort.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Access your project files anytime, anywhere with ease with our Pearl cloud system, making collaboration and retrieval hassle-free.
  • Secure Data Handling: Rest assured that your sensitive project data is handled with security and confidentiality throughout our scanning process. You are in safe hands, See our accreditations.
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Our Scanning and Digitisation Process for Project Files

Packing and Logistics

Caring for your project files from start to finish, our experts skillfully pack and protect your documents for secure transit. We guarantee their safe journey to our cutting-edge scanning facility, ensuring your files are in capable hands throughout the process.

Scanning Process

We meticulously remove all staples, paperclips, and other fasteners, safeguarding your documents from any potential damage during scanning. Furthermore, we employ cutting-edge, high-quality scanners equipped with advanced technology.

Indexing and Data Capture

We capture and index crucial details within your project files to facilitate easy file retrieval. This includes recording the project title, and additionally, we can index essential dates such as project inception, completion, and any significant milestones.

Secure Shredding

We offer comprehensive shredding services to ensure the physical copies of your project files are completely and securely destroyed beyond recovery. Rest assured, you will receive a certificate of destruction, confirming the thorough and secure disposal of the shredded materials.

Storage Services

Once digitised, your files can be securely stored in our digital archive, accessible solely to your authorised personnel, ensuring confidentiality. Our storage services are designed for long-term preservation, guaranteeing that your valuable project files remain protected and accessible for years to come.

OCR Processing

We utilise cutting-edge OCR technology to convert your scanned documents into text-searchable PDFs. This transformative feature allows you to perform keyword searches effortlessly. This enhanced accessibility empowers swift location of specific information within files.

Things to Consider When Planning
Your Project Folders Digitisation

While scanning a few documents may not be new or unusual for many businesses, when dealing with high volumes of files, several crucial considerations come into play. We have learned that businesses should take these factors into account to create a more practical approach to file digitisation. Our customer services and sales coordinators can collaborate with your business to establish a scoping document that clarifies the costs, time-frame, and compliance requirements specific to your industry.

Key Factors for Successful Project Folder Digitisation

  • What types of documents are you considering for scanning (e.g., project folders)?
  • In what type of containers are the documents stored (e.g., cardboard folders, ring binders, or lever arch files)?
  • What are the various document sizes found in these containers (e.g., A5, A4, A3, and larger sizes)?
  • Are the files stored in filing cabinets or storage boxes?
  • How frequently are the documents typically accessed on average?
  • How many individuals require access to the scanned files?
  • How are the current files labelled, categorised, and organised?
  • Will there be a need to access the scanned files remotely or outside the office?
  • Can the original documents be securely shredded after successful conversion to digital format?
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Types of Documents Typically Scanned in the Project Folders Drawings and Large Format Plans Digitisation

Architectural Building Plans: Detailed blueprints and layouts for construction and design.
Engineering Documentation: Comprehensive records of engineering processes, designs, and calculations.
Estate Planning and Maintenance: Documents related to property management, maintenance schedules, and estate planning.
Operations Manuals: Manuals guiding operational procedures and protocols.
Project Reports: Progress reports, status updates, and project documentation.
Quality Control Records: Records ensuring the quality of project deliverables.
Training Materials: Materials related to employee training and skill development.
Inventory and Asset Management: Documentation of project-related assets and inventory.
Research and Development Data: Data and findings from research and development efforts.

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