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Document Scanning Services

We scan all types, sizes and categories of documents to digital formats.

  • Free nationwide onsite survey of your documents
  • Complete end-to-end scanning service
  • GDPR, BS10008 and ISO270001 compliant
  • Rated excellent on Google in customer service and project delivery
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Peace of mind document scanning services by a highly experienced and technically savvy team to help support your project

You don’t have to do much – we provide a hassel-free service so that you do not have to worry about a thing. Our support team can pack the documents into secure boxes and bring them back to us in our tracked vehicles. On arrival to our facility we will remove all staples before scanning the documents as well as index them so that you can easily find what you need.

If you need to import the scanned documents into your existing document management system, we have a dedicated team here who will be delighted to help you or you can choose one of our document management systems – it’s a bit of a treat!

Kent County Council
Trusted by Metropolitan Police
Trusted by Aviva.
Trusted by BSkyB.
Trusted by NHS.
Trusted by BBC.
Manchester City Council
Trusted by Crawley Borough Council.

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There is nothing more we like to do in our day at work than scanning, oh yes, we’ve been doing it for 20 years!
We think we have got it just right and our customers love it too – read about their experiences here.

Google Rating
Based on 66 reviews
Anne Street
Anne Street
09:50 18 May 21
From the very first contact with Pearl Scan, I found the process was professional and extremely helpful. Everyone who I had... contact with was accommodating and eager to assist in a very large project. I cannot find anything negative to say, so all in all, a very good and productive experience and I can highly recommend the company!read more
DJ Macleod
DJ Macleod
11:23 27 Sep 21
The ‘Gaelic Society of Inverness’ was founded in 1871 and since then has published 70 volumes of scholarly papers on Highland... history and Gaelic culture. We recently engaged Pearl Scan to digitise our 20 most recent volumes (each running to around 500 pages).The work was completed quickly and efficiently. We found the Pearl Scan team approachable and very helpful and we would be happy to use the company again for work of this kind.read more
Clare Parry
Clare Parry
16:40 24 Nov 21
I found Pearl Scan to be friendly and efficient. They were incredibly, adaptable to my requirements which were pretty... challenging. They kept me updated as to the projects progress snd got in touch to clarify the details of the work undertaken.They actually were the first company I got in touch with and i didn't bother to enquire with others because they seemed to have it all covered in a really confident but approachable manner at all stages in the process.Thank youread more
Tony Aitken
Tony Aitken
14:42 16 Dec 21
We are a School Association, and we required our collection of six decades worth of School Magazines to be digitised for our... membership to be able to download from our website. Pearl Scan were able to provide us with a non-destructive scanning service, and were informative and clear when answering our enquiries. The price quoted was fair, and the quality, at 300dpi, was right for our purposes. They were happy to provide sample scans, and we went forward with our order. The results are first class, cost was competitive, and we are very pleased with the results. We have no hesitation in recommending Pearl Scan, and would use happily them again.read more
Harley City Clinic
Harley City Clinic
09:30 26 Jan 22
Outstanding performance from every member of the team at Pearl Scan.
Peter Phillips
Peter Phillips
10:19 11 Jul 22
I have been sending my journals to Pearl Scan for years for copying, and I have found them responsive and professional at all... times.read more
Jackie Miller
Jackie Miller
10:17 11 Jul 22
This company performed above and beyond all our expectations. Holly,Monika and all the team made every effort to make our... transition to paperless dentistry seamless.They were helpful, friendly and quick to respond to every call and e mail.The quality of their scanning was excellent and they delivered on time.The price was competitive and they are storing our paper files in case they are needed some months down the line.We would highly recommend this company.Many thanks everyone, we couldn’t be happier.read more
Adam Carter
Adam Carter
12:28 07 Jul 22
Fantastic service. Extremely prompt and organised when picking up the microfilm reels I needed scanning and did a fantastic job... scanning them to a very high standard. Throughout the process they were great at getting back to me when I have any questions and the whole process was smooth and professional. I am using them again for another job as they can't be beaten on price and high quality of service.read more
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We've been helping business scan documents for over 19 years... Get in touch today and join our happy customers!

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Document Shredding

Upon completion of the scanning process and delivery of your data, we can shred your documents according to EN BSI 15713 document destruction standards. We will only do this with your approval and after an agreed period of time. If you don’t want your documents shredded after the scanning process, we’ll either return or store them securely for you.

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OCR Conversion

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a process used to automatically extract text from images. We’ll usually use the text to create Searchable PDFs, but can also produce many other file types. OCR makes it trivial to search through your documents or produce editable versions of them.

Document Storage

Documents that do not require scanning and the documents that have been scanned but you do not wish to have them shredded, can be placed in our interim or long term storage facility until needed. We will manage your the storage as well as your document rention schedule, ensuring cost savings and reducing compliance risk.

Document scanning for all industries

Purchase Invoices

Supplier invoices, statements, debit/credit notes, expenses and audit reports.

HR Files

Employee files and payroll records for both ‘live’ files and ‘leaver’ files.

medical icon

Medical Records

Patient notes, GPs’ Lloyd George, dental records, mental health and occupational health.

icon legal

Legal Documents

Client files, intellectual property rights and permissions files.

icon pearl box

Logistics and Operations

Collection, delivery and dispatch notes, site files and plans and health & safety files.

icon council

Local Councils

Planning and building control files, maps, plans and housing and tenancy files.

Schools and Universities

Pupil and student files, payroll, HR files, archives and student registration cards.

icon rocket


Client files, production records, technical drawings and maps and audit reports.

Digital Mailroom

All incoming post (Including invoices and general office documents) via paper and digital.

icon form

Oil & Gas

Project folders, invoices, drawings, microfiche and rolls of microfilm etc.


Large format plans, electrical & mechanical drawings, parts lists and operational folders.


Product documents, testing and sampling log records and audit documentation.

Make your data work for you

Easy to find your data
Imagine searching through a filing cabinet looking for a key piece of information. Even with a perfect filing system, this would be very time-consuming! Imagine instead being able to type a single search phrase into your computer to instantly find what you are looking for.

Easy integration into your applications
While your data is trapped on paper, you will find it difficult to integrate into your existing systems. What if adding a scanned document to an application meant that other processes were able to read and make use of that data?

Easy compliance
If you need to remove documents older than a certain date or containing a certain keyphrase, this again can be very time-consuming. Make the process easier by quickly being able to search your digital documents and take action.

An animation of a screen illustrating OCR

The document scanning process

  1. Secure collection - We can collect from anywhere in the UK within 24 hours and can also provide archive boxes and help with on-site packing.
  2. Preparation and scanning - We remove staples, paperclips and bindings to allow a seamless feed through our high-spec scanning equipment.
  3. Processing and data capture - We can clean up your images and process to your requirements, before outputting to a digital format of your choice.
  4. Delivery - We return your data via a secure download or storage medium, or host it on Pearl Cloud, our fully managed cloud-based solution.
How large format scanning works

Find out how we can help you make the most of your scanned documents

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Our industry knowledge and wide range of expertise, coupled with digital innovation, can support your organisation’s move to a paper-free environment.

  • Industry Expertise Sector-specific experienced account managers understand the challenges and have in-depth knowledge of each industry.
  • Innovation – We’re at the forefront of innovation to simplify your scanning needs  – saving you time, reducing cost, and transforming how your organisation manages its documents.
  • Flexibility – To ensure that we cater for all types of organisations and budgets, our services offer flexible solutions that work for you.
  • Understanding your needs – We offer a free-of-charge consultation and on-site scope-of-work survey, detailed cost breakdown and full project plan to get you started with your scanning project.

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Other scanning services...

Frequently asked questions

We offer two main scanning methods here at Pearl Scan – file level or document level. Dependant on your objectives we can scan the entirety of each file producing multipage PDFs or alternatively, we can separate each file into individual documents, scanning each document into their own PDF. Scanning methods can be discussed fully with our sales team!

Yes, we offer a nationwide collection service and can provide all the archive boxes you may need or alternatively we also provide a packing service where we take care of it all for you.

Once all documents are boxed up and ready to go, we can arrange a nationwide tracked collection as early as next day! If you then require the originals back after scanning, we can deliver them right back to you!

The cost for document scanning varies based on the quality and type of documents you want to scan. The average document scanning price in the UK ranges from £0.03 – £0.08 per page. We have created a cost table below with example paper quality and sizes;

Paper Type Price Range
Prestine documents
(All A4 sizes)
£0.03 – £0.05 per page
Mixed Quality and Sizes
(Mixed sizes and shapes but max page size up to an A4)
£0.04 – £0.06 per page
Mixed Quality and Sizes
(Mixed sizes and shapes but max page size up to an A3)
£0.05 – £0.08 per page


The above price range will enable you to have a budgetry estimate of your total project cost, but please note that each scanning project requires a full scope of work to provide you with an accurate quotation. The significant factors in the document scanning cost calcuation are the price of manaul labour which includes the pre-scan work (e.g. removal of staples and paper clips, etc.) as well as the total volume of pages to be scanned.

Absolutely! Just let us know what you need. We can group documents by certain fields, index using a lookup file or anything else you might need.

Giving us as much information as possible on how you will use the digitised data will enable our team to create something bespoke to you. Our processing team can provide a sample to show how the indexing of the data may look – allowing any changes to be made and any further information to be extracted if needed before the scanning process is completed.

That is up to you! We offer several options upon scanning completion; we can return them or put them into secure storage if you need to save space. Alternatively we can shred your documents according to BSI standards – we’ll only do this with your approval after a set time.

We would normally scan to 200-300 dpi for general documents, this is a good mixture of quality while keeping the file size small. But depending on your needs, we can scan at much higher levels – have a chat with our team and we can provide you with a solution tailored to your needs.

If there are staples, paperclips or bindings on your documents, our team will remove these as part of the document scanning process – we can also put these back once processed should you wish.

Being tasked with finding a document scanning company, you may have thought “We have a scanner at work that can scan documents, why would I need someone else to scan our documents”?

An office scanner, or even your smart phone in a pinch, can be used to scan your office documents, but there are a number of reasons that businesses usually consider to outsource;

  • The cost – It’s cheaper to use a scanning company as these usually have industrial scanners and experienced staff
  • Time and Resources – Ensuring suitably trained staff, enough equipment, software and space is available to complete the project in timely manner.
  • Quality – Office scanners are usually suitable for a general scanning use and do not support wide range of quality, sizes and conditions of documents
  • Compliance – There are a whole host of standards that the people and systems need to have to ensure that the work meets this criteria
Nationwide document scanning services

UK Nationwide

Our collection service covers the UK and Europe using our own unmarked fully tracked fleet of vehicles for added security.

pearl time icon

Fast Turnaround

With the capacity to digitise around 10 million images per month, we can accommodate urgent and demanding requirements.

Onsite scanning

On-premise scanning is available throughout the UK. All our staff are fully vetted, have signed non-disclosure agreements and won’t eat all of your biscuits.

What is document scanning?

Document scanning is a process that converts ordinary paper documents into easily accessible digital files such as PDF, TIFF or JPEGs. Businesses often scan documents as a method to cut costs, as paper documents can produce a barrier to productivity and accessibility due to the inefficient nature of storing physical paper documents.

Whilst the process of scanning documents may appear simple, each stage of the process is completed to the highest quality to ensure that every digital file and image produced are in compliance with the required standards. Our processes follow BIP PD0008 & BIP PD0010 British Archiving Standards and Guidelines to ensure digital data integrity and authenticity.

Once the paper document has been passed through scanning device producing a digital image, allowing for the data extraction of any specified fields, known as file indexing.

After the scans are produced, intricate processes can be applied to “read” the contents of a document, regardless of the language. This is done using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which can automatically recognise the text from scans and store it within the PDF to create Searchable PDFs, providing quick access to the required information within scanned files.

An animation of a scanner and a desk with a screen
Kent County Council
Trusted by Metropolitan Police
Trusted by Aviva.
Trusted by BSkyB.
Trusted by NHS.
Trusted by BBC.
Manchester City Council
Trusted by Crawley Borough Council.

The history of document scanning

The first scanner originated in the family of fax machines, where the original goal was to transmit information from newspapers in the form of pixels and lines.

For archiving, scans were photographed and stored on microfilm, which helped with the problem of phyical storage but did little to help documents become searchable.

It wasn’t until the 90’s that the world became familiar with the scanner that we use in our everyday lives – the flatbed scanner, which transformed businesses across the world by scanning any paper documents and images.

Now, in the modern world, scanning is a crucial part of all businesses. It allows us to collate and collect relevant information without the need for extensive onsite document storage facilities, allowing access to the data instantly, from anywhere & anytime. Outsourcing a business’s document scanning needs is where companies like Pearl Scan can help improve the efficiency of a business by enabling freedom away from daunting document archives, piling up everywhere!

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