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Document Scanning Services

Our document scanning services turn physical documents into digital files. Using advanced document imaging technology and our expertise, we scan and digitise paper documents, making them easy to store and access.

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Document Scanning and Digitisation

Leverage over two decades of unmatched expertise in transforming paper documents into secure, digital formats. Our document scanning services are trusted by a diverse range of private and public sector organisations, offering you the assurance of high-quality. Choosing us means entrusting your documents to experienced team dedicated to precision and security, ensuring your transition to digital is seamless and cost-effective. Benefit from our commitment to excellence and gain complete peace of mind with every document converted.

  • Nationwide Document Collection
  • Text Searchable PDFs with OCR
  • Files Indexed and Organised
  • Data Confidentiality and Security
  • Secure Document Shredding

End-to-End Document Scanning Service

document collection


Our drivers will collect your documents from any location within the UK and Europe. They’ll also assist with packaging, providing necessary supplies like document boxes, to guarantee the secure and safe transportation of your files.

document scan


We prepare documents for scanning by removing staples and bindings, then employ cutting-edge document imaging technology to create high-resolution digital PDF files, accurately capturing the detail of the original documents.

document indexing


Each digital file undergoes a thorough indexing process, using parameters such as document title, description, reference number, and date. Additionally, OCR recognition can also be applied to enhance document indexing and improve text searchability.

data delivery


Upon completion of the digitisation process, the data can be delivered to you via your chosen method, be it cloud storage using Pearl Cloud, USB, FTP download or third-party software system.

Connected Services

OCR processing and conversion

OCR Processing

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology enables the automatic extraction of text from scanned images, creating text-searchable PDF files. This feature significantly enhances searchability within large volumes of scanned documents, facilitating time efficiency and ease of document management.

Cost-effective document storage

Document Storage

Our secure storage facility is available to safely house your documents during the finalisation and review stages of our data delivery process. Initially offered as a complimentary service, we can subsequently arrange for extended storage over the required period of time.

Document shredding services.

Document Destruction

Documents that are no longer required and have received your approval for disposal will be securely shredded. Upon completion of the shredding process, we will issue a Certificate of Destruction in accordance with ISO BS 15713 requirements, ensuring a secure and compliant handling of your confidential materials.

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Cloud Document Management

Instead of sending your data on disks or as downloads, which would require you to store, back up, and manage it, we can directly import your digital files into Pearl Cloud, our fully managed online document management system. This service ensures that you have seamless, secure, and instant access to your documents.

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Scanned Data Integration

We offers tailored integration services that seamlessly incorporate scanned documents into your existing enterprise systems, such as ERP and CRM platforms. Our expertise in custom integration enhances workflows and boosts efficiency, ensuring a smooth operation between your document management system and other critical business applications.

Digital Mailroom

Our digital mailroom services, designed to transform your incoming mail into digital format for swift electronic distribution. By digitising mail, we help accelerate the flow of information within your organisation while significantly reducing the need for physical storage. Our service ensures that critical information is accessible and distributable at the speed your business operates.

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Why Choose Our Document Scanning Service

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Fast Turnaround Time

With our fast document collection service, cutting-edge document scanning technology and dedicated team, we guarantee a rapid turnaround time, ensuring your digital files are ready when you need them most.

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Price Promise

We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our price promise ensures that you always receive the best value for your money, making digital transformation both efficient and cost-effective.

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Free Document Sampling

Experience our quality before committing fully. As a part of our document scanning process, we provide free document sampling, enabling you to firsthand assess the clarity, quality, and excellence of our services.

BSI 10008 icon

BS10008 Compliance

Quality assurance is at the heart of our services. Our processes are compliant with BS 10008 standards, which means you can trust us for the legal admissibility and evidential weight of your electronic documents.

GDPR icon

GDPR Compliant

Data protection is paramount. We operate in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ISO 27001, ensuring that your data is handled with the utmost care, confidentiality, and security at all stages of the scanning process.

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Free Onsite Review

Not sure how many documents to scan or need help with planning your project? We offer a complimentary onsite review, our experts will visit your offices, assess your requirements, and provide tailored recommendations to streamline your scanning project.

Placing Your Order:
Simple steps to digitise your documents
  • Get in touch: Provide a description of your scanning requirements by contacting our sales team.
  • Receive a quotation: Our team will assess your needs and generate a tailored quotation for you.
  • Approve the quotation: Review the quotation, then give your approval or request an amendment.
  • Confirm your order: We will finalise the arrangements for the scanning process and confirm your order.
  • Document pickup: Our logistics team will liaise with you to arrange a time to collect your documents.
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Comprehensive Document Scanning Services Transforming Hardcopy to Digital

Our document scanning services are all about turning hardcopy records into digital files. We scan all kinds of documents, no matter their size or type, making sure they are easy to handle and use. We are here to help your business move from paper files, books, large format drawings, microfiche, and paper surveys, etc. — to efficient, secure, and easy-to-use digital systems. Here is a list of our scanning services catered for individual departments and businesses;

scanning files

Our Specialist Document Scanning Services

Explore our range of specialist scanning services designed to meet the unique needs of your business. From preserving valuable historical documents to managing large-scale digitisation projects, our expert services ensure your transition to digital is seamless, secure, and integrated with your existing systems. Choose from our tailored solutions below:

A1 large format scanning
Document Scanning and Cloud Storage Intuitively designed to work with our scanning services

Our document scanning and cloud storage solutions, featuring Pearl Cloud, offer a comprehensive approach to digital document management. After the scanning and conversion process, your documents are securely stored on Pearl Cloud. This integrated service provides a seamless, one-stop solution for digital document storage and retrieval. With Pearl Cloud, you gain secure and instant access to your documents, enhancing both accessibility and security. Embrace the convenience and reliability of our scanning services, allowing you to efficiently manage and retrieve your documents from anywhere at any time.


Advantages of Choosing Document Scanning Services

Scanning and digitisation of documents offers several key advantages for businesses and commercial organisations. Here are 10 key advantages of scanning documents that can help your business operate more efficiently.

  1. Space-saving: Scanning your paper documents and storing them electronically can free up valuable office space, eliminating the need for physical storage solutions like filing cabinets and shelves.
  2. Improved efficiency: Digital documents are easily searchable, making it faster and easier to locate and retrieve specific information. This can save you time and improve overall productivity.
  3. Cost savings: By reducing the need for physical storage space, paper supplies, and manual document management processes, the digitisation of documents can save your business money in the long run.
  4. Better organisation: Electronic documents can be indexed and tagged for easy organisation, making it easier to keep track of important information.
  5. Increased security: Digital documents can be stored securely with password protection and encryption, helping to prevent unauthorised access.
  6. Disaster recovery: Storing electronic documents offsite can help protect against data loss due to natural disasters or other emergencies.
  7. Easier collaboration: Electronic documents can be easily shared and collaborated on, no matter where your team members are located, nationally or globally.
  8. Reduced environmental impact: Scanning documents reduces paper waste and can help your business become more environmentally friendly.
  9. Better customer service: With digital documents, you can quickly access customer information and respond to enquiries more efficiently, improving the overall customer experience.
  10. Compliance: Storing electronic documents can help your business meet regulatory compliance requirements, such as those related to data privacy and retention.

Frequently Asked Questions

A document scanning service is a professional service that converts physical documents into digital formats. This process involves using high-resolution scanners to capture the content of paper documents, which is then converted into digital files such as PDFs, JPEGs, or TIFFs. These services often include additional features like optical character recognition (OCR) to make the documents searchable and editable.

To start using our document scanning services, simply contact us for a consultation, and we’ll guide you through a seamless process that includes assessment, secure document collection, scanning, and final delivery of digital files, with support every step of the way.

The timeline for scanning your documents depends on the volume and complexity of the material. We strive for efficiency and can provide an estimated completion time once we review the specifics of your project.

Yes, we offer a document collection service from your offices, ensuring secure transportation to our scanning facility for processing.

Our document scanning service charges depend on the volume of documents, specific requirements, and any additional services you may need. For an accurate quote, please contact us with the details of your project.

Certainly, we can arrange a complimentary visit to your offices to assess your document scanning requirements and evaluate the volume of documents. Please reach out to schedule a convenient time for the assessment.

Yes, we offer comprehensive on-site scanning services to cater to your document digitisation needs.

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