Arrowe Park Hospital

June 11th, 2020

The background:

Arrowe Park Hospital is a general hospital located on Clatterbridge Health Park in Bebington, Wirral, England and managed by Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Following the opening of Arrowe Park Hospital in 1982, many of the overlapping services closed at Clatterbridge in favour of the newer site, including accident and emergency and maternity. In 1992 the local health authorities were abolished and management of Clatterbridge Hospital passed to the newly founded Wirral Hospitals NHS Trust. Although the last of the old workhouse buildings were demolished in 1997, clinical services continue to be provided at the hospital.

The Challenge:

  • Physical storage of occupational health records.
  • Storage space and access was becoming an issue, as the archive volume grew over a period of a number of  years.
  • Documents stored in two different locations at Clatterbridge and Arrowe Park hospital.
  • The occupational health management staff needed access to both sites.
  • Day to day operations were being affected in respect of document retrieval and instant access availability.

The Solution:

  • Bulk scanning and digital archiving of occupational health files
  • Halogen document storage and retrieval was proposed to eliminate any storage space and retrieval issues.
  • One off backlog of thousands of occupational records were collected using secure Pearl Scan collection service.
  • Once the backlog was completed the department continuously scanned and updated the Halogen central file repository.
  • Pearl Scan has been working with the hospital for over 5 years, providing the most cost effective and easy to use document management solution for the occupational health records.
  • The system does not require any IT installation or support resources, which makes Halogen document management an ideal choice for departmental level document scanning and management.
  • Upon completion of each batch of records for scanning the original documents are checked against the digital archive in accordance with Pearl Scans rigorous quality control procedures and externally audited EN BS 9001:2001 quality management standards.
  • Confidential medical records are shredded in accordance with EN BS 15713.