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Work Cabinets full of all types of industry related files that Pearl Scan can digitise with our UK scanning services.

Document Scanning Services

Organisations and departments in Ireland and across the UK who deal with paper based documents on a regular basis whether having to refer back to an old archive system or simply just having to search and browse numerous cabinets will know first-hand that working with hard copy documents can a tedious task as well time consuming and not to mention how much office space is lost from towering filing systems (as the above image).

Many organisations have now realised the cost associated with ongoing paper file and document management, storage and compliances that come with it. Other options are now beginning to be explored more and more with the mostly like outcome would be to have your documents scanned and placed on to a digital platform. We have been a professional scanning company for almost 15 years and as technology keeps evolving we can increase our UK scanning services that's dedicated to helping you.

Our document scanning and data capture bureau has the capacity to scan and process 10 million images per month. Which means our UK scanning services are capable of scanning small scanning projects to scanning a large volume of documents also offereing a bulk scanning service. The document sizes can vary of our scanning capabilities, we can scan as small as a till reciept or bus ticket to a extra wide document like the drawing plans you often see on construction site. Our data capture and scanning services have been used from customers and clients from various industries and departments such as:

Document Scanning To Digital File Format

Scan to PDF is the most prefered digital file format from previous clients after we have scanned there documents. We do provide other digital options with our UK scanning services such as TIFF, PDF/A and Jpeg etc. In addition to having an image/scan of the document, the scanned images can be processed using an OCR software which performs an optical characters recognition for better search results when you need them. Read more...

The OCR text can then be saved into a searchable PDF format, text file, csv or xml which can be used for content searching. The scanned and converted files (TIFF, PDF or Text Searchable PDF) are then indexed by the required file storage and search criteria. Depending on the need of the client and how often the files are to be accessed, the indexation can be carried out at file, folder or document level. Upon completion of the document scanning process and one of the final stages of our scanning services, the data can be supplied to you on a Disc, USB Stick/Hard-drive or via SFTP.

Retrieval Options With Digital Storage

Some of our clients prefer to have the scanned files/folders and documents organised in typical Microsoft Windows folder/sub-folders structure, and other prefer to use more advance document storage and retrieval approach using our in-house open source Halogen software.

Document Scanning Services Delivered To Third Party Applications

After your documetns and files have been scanned to your prefered digital formats with an option of having metadata sumerising your basic informationin on either a CSV/XML format. The client's who are using any third party electronic document management systems such as MS, SharePoint, SAP, DocuWare, Alchemy, Planning Portal, Version 1, Sage, ERP Systems etc, Read more...

and would like us to import the digital documents into your existing systems. Pearl Scan Group can accomadate that for you.

Document Scanning Company Dedicated To Help You

Whether you need small or a large volume of document scanned to digital format, we can tailor our document scanning services to suit you. Read more...

Here are a few good reasons that we think as well as are testified by our existing clients that why you should consider Pearl Scan Group to digitise and convert your documents. In case you need further assurance, please let our Sales Team know and they will be happy to provide you with any written references, case studies or arrange a site visit.

  • Successfully serving the UK in the document scanning and data capture industry since 2003
  • Accredited to EN BS 9001, 27001, 14001, committed to IIP, PCI, Skills Pledge and ICO
  • A custom-built document scanning bureau around security, scalability and flexibility
  • Robust infrastructure to support small to large document scanning volumes as well as both short to long-term projects
  • Trusted by many well established and globally known organisations such as the BBC, NHS, University of Oxford & Cambridge, Guinness World of Records and many more
  • To support our clients in need for a digital document management solution, we have developed our very own document management software and released it for free of charge as an open-source software – adding value and driving efficiency
  • We are always thinking of ways to reduce document scanning and data capture services cost for our clients and constantly evolving from a typical box-standard document scanning service centre to a more of personal and creative service provider.
  • In-house document management development facility to offer bespoke scanning services
  • We offer a fully supported document scanning service and management system in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and throughout the UK.
  • Pearl Cloud system to provide state of the art cloud based document management.

As a document scanning company Pearl Scan Group's scanning service bureau is at the fore-front of investing in the latest document scanning, digitisation, data capture and conversion technology. This enables our scanning service bureau to provide scalable, flexible and cost effective document scanning and management solutions.

If you would like to discuss your document scanning requirements, please contact us by filling out our online contact form or you can call our document scanning sales specialists on: 0161 832 7991 or 0845 225 5923 and they will provide you all the details, a quotation or answers to any questions that you may have of our UK scanning services.

Fast, secure and nationwide - whether you have a box to collect or would like us to organise a collection of hundreds of boxes, our logistics team will work with you to arrange the collection of your documents at the most convenient time for you and in the most cost effective way possible.

If you need additional assistance to have your files, boxes etc. removed from filing cabinets and catalogued or from third-party storage supplier's facility, this can also be arranged for you as well as if you require any boxes, packaging material or special fragile items such heritage material, books, large maps or documents to be collected in security marked lockable containers.

Prior to scanning documents, we go through the files and remove any document fasteners, such as staples, paper clips, treasury tags and post-it notes. All documents, including the attachments and receipts, are kept in their original order to ensure a smooth and accurate scanning process takes place and to guarantee the quality of all documents scanned.

We use the latest document scanners equipped with ultra-sonic double-page-feed detection, automated colour detection and image optimisation technology to ensure optimum scanned image quality.

The document can be scanned either black and white or like-for-like as per originals, our document scanning equipment can handle document sizes as small as a trains ticket to A3, any large documents such as maps, plans and technical drawings are scanned on our wide-format scanners.

Once the documents have been scanned, we can then index each file, folder or a document by the required index criteria (metadata) for example, title, name, address, reference number, date etc. to enable better storage and search capabilities.

We can apply OCR processing in order to convert your scanned documents to fully text-searchable scans (images). This can be very beneficial for searching particular documents by their contents (keywords etc.); while the OCR search used together can also help to locate any misfiled documents.

Rigorous quality control checks are applied throughout the document scanning and capture processes, as well as a separate dedicated department is allocated to perform quality checks in accordance with our In-house manual, and third-party audited EN BS ISO 9001 and EN BS ISO 27001 standards.

To ensure extra layer of security, the data can be encrypted at the highest available level of encryption.

The final scanned data can be supplied either on a Disc, USB Drive or downloadable from our SFTP.

After an agreed period of time and approval of the scanned data, the originals can be securely shredded. A shredding certificate is provided upon completion of the shredding process.

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In conjunction with the EN BS ISO 9001:2005, 27001, 14001 and in-house implemented quality, security and compliance procedures allow us to deliver peace of mind scanning services to our client. We are an approved document scanning and data capture scanning service provider to many reputable health, education, manufacturing, financial, logistics etc. organisations.

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