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Document Scanning Services Leicester

Welcome to our Document Scanning Services in Leicester! We are a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, offers cutting-edge scanning services to transform your paper documents into easily accessible digital files.

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Leicester Document Scanning

We understand the challenges that businesses face in managing and storing physical paper documents. That’s why we offer a reliable and efficient document scanning solution that can help you transition to a paperless office.

Our experienced scanning team uses advanced document scanners to ensure the highest level of image quality and speed in digitising your documents. Whether you need to streamline your document storage and archiving process, comply with GDPR, or simply save valuable office space, our document conversion services can help.

We offer a hassle-free way to transform your paper documents into easily accessible digital files. With our document scanning services in Leicester, you can experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a paperless office.

Leicester Town Hall Building

Our Document Scanning Centre

Our state-of-the-art document scanning centre is equipped with a range of document scanners to cater to various types, categories, and formats of paper and microfilm-based media. Additionally, we offer secure document storage for short and long-term archiving needs, along with confidential document shredding services.

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Our popular scanning services in Leicester and surrounding areas. Wigston, Loughborough, Coalville, Hinckley, Melton Mowbray, Nuneaton, Castle Donington, Oakham, Bedworth, Rugby, Long Eaton, West Bridgeford, Swadlincote, Carlton and Corby.


Document Scanning

Discover the ease and efficiency of our document scanning services, providing a seamless solution to transform your paper documents into digital files. Utilising state-of-the-art technology and precision expertise, we guarantee high-quality digitisation, easy accessibility, and increased productivity.

large format scanning services

Drawing Scanning

Our large format drawing and plan scanning services, tailored for businesses and architects in Leicester. Embracing state-of-the-art wide format scanning technology, we transform oversized drawings and plans into high-quality digital images, ensuring clarity and precision in every intricate detail.

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Questionnaire Data Entry

Our exceptional automated data capture and manual data entry services for questionnaires and surveys, providing a reliable and efficient solution to organisations handling substantial volumes of survey responses and questionnaires. Extracting data from diverse types, sizes, and categories of forms.

Book scanning process

Book Scanning

Our services provide a comprehensive solution for preserving and digitising your valuable literary collections. From historical manuscripts and rare editions to modern publications, glossy magazines, and archive newspapers, we scan and convert them into high-quality digital formats such TIFF, PDF or JPEG.

microfiche scanning

Microfiche Scanning

With the power of advanced micro-imaging technology, we meticulously capture and convert each image with exceptional precision, resulting in high-quality digital files that preserve the integrity of your valuable data. Experience the convenience of having your archives readily available in digital form.

slide and negative scanning

Negatives and Photographs

Preserve and digitise your cherished visual memories effortlessly with our cutting-edge solutions. Whether it’s old family photos, historical images, or professional photographs, our skilled team handles each precious item with utmost care and precision during the scanning process.

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For the past five years, we have proudly partnered with BRUSH Group, complementing their power management expertise with our professional document scanning and archive storage services. As a trusted collaborator, we have assisted various departments within BRUSH, ensuring seamless and efficient management of their critical documents.

Together, we continue to pave the way for progress, combining their rich history in power distribution with our cutting-edge solutions in digital document management. Experience the strength of our alliance and witness the synergy of innovation and tradition at work. Join us on this remarkable journey of empowerment and efficiency with BRUSH Group.

data security
Data Security

Physical and virtual security of documents and data, accredited to ISO 27001, ISO 9001, Cyber Essentials and PCI to ensure compliance with robust data security frameworks.

environment saving

Fully utilise and accredited to ISO 14001 EMS framework, cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient processes to minimise the impact of our document conversion services.

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Data Protection

Strict data protection protocols, polices, compliance to GDPR and registered with ICO (Information Commission Office) as well as provide NDAs for individual client’s needs.

Step-by-Step Process for Document Scanning

Following are some of the key steps that we take to turn your paper documents into digital;

  • Secure collection of your documents
  • Free of charge sampling of your files for your approval
  • Document imaging and conversion to digital formats
  • Document indexing and categorisation for easy filing
  • Delivery of data via secure download link or USB
  • Return, storage or shredding of documents upon your approval
Our Award Winning Services

We will help and assist you in every step of the way for your journey to digital archiving and management of documents.

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We are not just a document scanning company

We are proud of our achievements and commitment to excellence. Our dedication to delivering exceptional services has been recognised through various awards and accreditations. These accolades reflect our industry expertise, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

In addition to our accolades, we are also passionate about environmental sustainability. We understand the impact of paper-based processes on the environment, and that’s why we strive to provide eco-friendly services. By digitising your documents, we help reduce paper waste, minimise carbon footprint, and contribute to a greener future. Our scanning processes adhere to stringent environmental standards, ensuring responsible handling and disposal of materials.

We take pride in offering eco-friendly document scanning services in Leicester and committed to net zero without compromising on quality and security.

more than just a document scanning company
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Document Shredding

The ultimate solution for secure and confidential disposal of sensitive paper documents in accordance with BS ISO 15713. With advanced shredding technology and strict adherence to data protection, we ensure complete destruction of your documents.

Secure Shredding

Document Storage

A secure and reliable solution for all your document storage and archiving needs. Enjoy easy retrieval and peace of mind, knowing your valuable archive is protected and readily accessible whenever you need it.

Document Storage