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Document Scanning Services in Hull

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable document scanning service in Hull? Look no further! We offer a wide range of document scanning services, including;

  • High-quality scanning
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Competitive pricing
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Our document scanning services in Hull and East Yorkshire

Welcome to our dedicated page for document scanning services in Hull! We are proud to serve the businesses, organisations, and individuals of Hull with high-quality document digitisation solutions. Leveraging advanced technology and our expertise, we transform your paper documents into easily accessible, secure, and space-saving digital files. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we’re here to simplify your transition to a more efficient, digital way of working.


Paper Document Scanning and Conversion Services in Hull

We are committed to delivering high-resolution, accurate digital reproductions of your paper documents, all at an unbeatable price. Our robust systems align with the stringent compliance requirements, providing peace of mind as we transition your business into the digital realm. Embrace the future with us, where excellence meets affordability.

Our document scanning services in Hull includes;

document scanning services

Document Scanning Services in Kingston upon Hull, York, Scarborough, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Gainsborough and surrounding Yorkshire areas

Case Studies and Examples


Accounts Payable and Receivable Files were scanned, indexed and OCR to provide fully text searchable solution with our free document storage, archive and retrieval.

HARIBO, the world’s biggest manufacturer of fruit gums and liquorice products entered the UK market in 1972, when it acquired a majority stake in the English firm Dunhills (Pontefract).

Dunhills’ great product portfolio of traditional lines was retained and the famous round liquorice Pontefract Cakes are still produced today. It is now Haribo Dunhills’ most traditional product, supported by a series of other famous and popular liquorice and fruit gum sweets.

HARIBO Dunhills (Pontefract) PLC

Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water, a key water supply company in Ecclesfield, faced a significant challenge in managing their property archive cards, which held crucial data for the water in the Yorkshire areas. The existing manual system was cumbersome, with the paper cards ageing and fading ink, resulting in inefficient data sharing and potential loss of data integrity. Yorkshire Water sought a solution to digitise these archives and create a secure, easily accessible digital library

Pearl Scan Group was entrusted with this task and delivered a bespoke solution to Yorkshire Water’s unique challenge. The project included scanning in colour imaging, converting to text-searchable PDFs using OCR, indexing , and handling the entire collection, digitisation, and delivery process. The result was a secure, efficient, and user-friendly digital document management system, enhancing operational efficiency, and providing Yorkshire Water with disaster recovery capabilities, thereby meeting their objectives to the fullest.

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Document Scanning Process
The document scanning process
What we do with your documents
  • Collection

    We provide a secure collection of your documents from anywhere in the UK within 24 hours or as convenient for you as well as we can supply storage boxes and assistance with removing and boxing up your files.

  • Conversion

    We scan and convert all types and sizes of documents to a digital format of your choice such as PDF, PDF Searchable, TIFF, JPEG, Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Delivery

    We deliver your digital data on a secure storage medium of your choice such as CD, DVD, USB, secure FTP or fully managed Pearl Cloud document management system.

The Process in Depth

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Start Your Digital Document Archiving Journey Today! Affordable document scanning services in Hull

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we’re eager to help you begin your digital journey. Our specialists offer a free onsite document scanning assessment to businesses in Hull and surrounding areas. We’ll evaluate your current document setup, understand your needs, and provide a tailored solution for your document scanning and digital transformation objectives. Don’t wait, contact us today to schedule your free assessment and take the first step towards a more efficient and streamlined business process.

Our complimentary onsite document scanning assessment consists of:

document scanning-service helping customers

We are more than just a document scanning company

We are more than just a document scanning company providing services in Hull. We are a partner that can help you improve your business. We offer a wide range of document scanning services, as well as document management solutions, to help you save time, save money, and improve your efficiency. We also offer a variety of consulting services to help you develop a document management plan that meets your specific needs. We understand that every business is different, and we tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

Here are some of the benefits of working with Pearl Scan:

more than just a document scanning company

Turn your paper documents into digital files.

Engage with our team of document scanning experts, always ready to offer their expertise and guide you towards the most efficient scanning solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Receive professional advice.
  • Learn about the latest technologies.
  • Get bespoke solutions tailored to your business size.
  • Discuss your specific scanning needs in Hull.
Affordable document scanning services in Hull

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HR Document Scanning

Our HR document scanning service streamlines your Human Resources department by converting employee records, contracts, and other related paper documents into secure digital files. This service simplifies the process of maintaining, retrieving, and managing essential HR documents, ensuring compliance and facilitating a more organised and effective HR function.

Pupil files scanning:

We offer a service to digitise pupil’s files and student records like attendance, test results, exam papers and behaviour reports, simplifying progress tracking and parent communication. Embrace the simplicity of instant, secure access to critical student data to enhance educational administration and student success.

Invoice Scanning

Our invoice scanning service streamlines your financial processes by converting physical invoices into digital formats. Access and retrieve invoice information instantly, reduce storage costs, and elevate your company’s efficiency by transitioning to our digital invoice solution.

O&M Manual Scanning

We provide digitisation services for OM manuals, including product guides and user instructions, thereby enhancing your customer support and problem-solving capacity.

Medical Records Scanning

Our medical record scanning service transforms your physical healthcare documents into secure, easily accessible digital files. This streamlines administrative tasks, enhances patient care, and helps maintain regulatory compliance.

Large Format Scanning

Our large format document scanning service caters to the digitisation of oversized documents such as architectural plans, engineering drawings, and maps. These digitised documents facilitate quick sharing, enhanced collaboration, and easy archiving, enabling seamless access.

Customer's Files Scanning

We offer scanning services for your customer records including contact details, transaction histories, and service data, aiding in enhancing customer relations and delivering superior service.

Legal Document Scanning

We can scan your legal documents, such as contracts, wills, deed packs, matter files, cases related documentation and trusts. This will help you protect your legal interests and comply with regulations.

Contract Files Scanning

We can scan your contract documents, such as completed orders, technical documents, engineering drawings, and product specifications. This will help you improve your products and services and provide better customer support

Occupational Health Files Scanning

We can scan your occupational health files, such as employee medical records, safety training records, and incident reports. This will help you keep your workplace safe and comply with regulations.

Aperture Card Scanning

We offer a convenient and efficient way to convert your crucial data stored on aperture cards into a digital format. Ideal for engineering, architectural, and manufacturing sectors, our services focus on the precise digitisation of your essential schematics, plans, and drawings.

Microfiche Scanning Services

Our Microfiche Scanning Services specialise in converting your microfiche archives into high-quality, accessible digital formats. We understand the importance of preserving and easily accessing the historical and valuable data often stored on microfiche.