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Document Scanning Hull

Our Document Scanning Service in Hull offers a complete digital conversion solution, transforming physical documents into digital formats. Designed to cater to the specific requirements of local businesses.

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Scanning Services in Hull

Welcome to the forefront of document digitisation services in Hull, where we are dedicated to assisting businesses, organisations, and individuals in transitioning seamlessly into a more digital and efficient future. Utilising state-of-the-art technology paired with our deep industry knowledge, we specialise in converting your paper-based documents into digital formats that are not only easy to access but also secure and efficient in terms of space.

  • Dedicated Document Pickup
  • OCR for Easily Searchable PDFs
  • Efficiently Sorted and Filed Documents
  • Secure Digital File Transfer
  • Compliant with ISO 27001 Standards
  • Compliant to GDPR Regulations

How Our Scanning Service Works

  • Collection and Preparation: We begin by securely collecting your paper documents from your location. Each document is then prepared for scanning, involving the removal of staples and straightening of folds to ensure a smooth digitisation process.
  • High-Quality Scanning: Utilising the latest in scanning technology, we convert your documents into digital formats. Our scanners capture high-resolution images of your documents, ensuring that every detail is preserved.
  • Indexing and Organisation: Post-scanning, each digital file is carefully indexed and organised according to your specifications. This step ensures that retrieving your documents is as simple and efficient as possible.
  • Secure Storage and Access: The digitised documents are stored in secure, encrypted formats and provided via FTP download, USB drive or our Pearl Cloud document management system. We provide flexible digital document storage options, allowing you to retrieve and share documents effortlessly, while maintaining the highest levels of security.
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Connected Services

box for document scanning and storage.

Document Storage

Our Document Storage service provides a secure, efficient solution for both digital and physical document preservation, ensuring easy access and peace of mind with state-of-the-art security and flexible storage options.

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Document Shredding

Our Document Shredding service ensures the secure and responsible disposal of your sensitive documents, offering complete peace of mind with certified destruction processes.

OCR processing

Document OCR

Our Document OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology transforms your scanned documents into editable and searchable text, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in document management.

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Our Specialist Scanning Services

Explore our specialist document digitisation services in Hull, specifically designed for your business requirements. Progress towards better document management with us, as each scan enhances efficiency and security.

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Our Comprehensive Scanning Services in Hull

HR Document Scanning

Our HR document scanning service streamlines your Human Resources department by converting employee records, contracts, and other related paper documents into secure digital files. This service simplifies the process of maintaining, retrieving, and managing essential HR documents, ensuring compliance and facilitating a more organised and effective HR function.

Pupil files scanning:

We offer a service to digitise pupil’s files and student records like attendance, test results, exam papers and behaviour reports, simplifying progress tracking and parent communication. Embrace the simplicity of instant, secure access to critical student data to enhance educational administration and student success.

Invoice Scanning

Our invoice scanning service streamlines your financial processes by converting physical invoices into digital formats. Access and retrieve invoice information instantly, reduce storage costs, and elevate your company’s efficiency by transitioning to our digital invoice solution.

O&M Manual Scanning

We provide digitisation services for OM manuals, including product guides and user instructions, thereby enhancing your customer support and problem-solving capacity.

Medical Records Scanning

Our medical record scanning service transforms your physical healthcare documents into secure, easily accessible digital files. This streamlines administrative tasks, enhances patient care, and helps maintain regulatory compliance.

Large Format Scanning

Our large format document scanning service caters to the digitisation of oversized documents such as architectural plans, engineering drawings, and maps. These digitised documents facilitate quick sharing, enhanced collaboration, and easy archiving, enabling seamless access.

Customer's Files Scanning

We offer scanning services for your customer records including contact details, transaction histories, and service data, aiding in enhancing customer relations and delivering superior service.

Legal Document Scanning

We can scan your legal documents, such as contracts, wills, deed packs, matter files, cases related documentation and trusts. This will help you protect your legal interests and comply with regulations.

Contract Files Scanning

We can scan your contract documents, such as completed orders, technical documents, engineering drawings, and product specifications. This will help you improve your products and services and provide better customer support

Occupational Health Files Scanning

We can scan your occupational health files, such as employee medical records, safety training records, and incident reports. This will help you keep your workplace safe and comply with regulations.

Aperture Card Scanning

We offer a convenient and efficient way to convert your crucial data stored on aperture cards into a digital format. Ideal for engineering, architectural, and manufacturing sectors, our services focus on the precise digitisation of your essential schematics, plans, and drawings.

Microfiche Scanning Services

Our Microfiche Scanning Services specialise in converting your microfiche archives into high-quality, accessible digital formats. We understand the importance of preserving and easily accessing the historical and valuable data often stored on microfiche.

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Case Study: Haribo Empowering Haribo's Document Management Transformation

Streamlining HARIBO’s Financial Documentation through our Digital Innovation: HARIBO, renowned for its fruit gums and liquorice since entering the UK market in 1972, embarked on a digital transformation journey with us to modernise its financial operations. Our mission was to digitise and manage HARIBO’s Accounts Payable and Receivable documentation efficiently.

Digitisation and Management Solution: Utilising advanced scanning, indexing, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, we converted HARIBO’s extensive financial documents into a fully searchable digital format. This initiative not only facilitated immediate access to critical data but also significantly minimised the need for physical storage, aligning with HARIBO’s commitment to operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Benefits and Outcomes: The implementation of a comprehensive document management system transformed HARIBO’s approach to financial documentation. This digital solution enhanced operational efficiency, enabling quick access to financial records and supporting more informed decision-making. As a result, HARIBO continues to thrive, blending its rich tradition of confectionery excellence with the efficiencies of modern technology, ensuring the company’s legacy and operational prowess move forward hand in hand.

HARIBO Dunhills (Pontefract) PLC

Case Study: Yorkshire Water Digitizing Yorkshire Water's Archive Records

Yorkshire Water, operating in Ecclesfield, South Yorkshire faced challenges with their manual system of archive records, crucial for managing water supply data in Yorkshire. The physical archive were becoming inefficient due to ageing and fading ink, risking data integrity and complicating data sharing.

Bespoke Digitisation Solution: Pearl Scan Group was chosen to provide a tailored digital solution. The project involved scanning the archive cards in colour, converting them into text-searchable PDFs using OCR technology, and indexing the entire collection. This comprehensive approach ensured a smooth digitisation and delivery process.

Outcomes and Benefits: The transformation led to a secure, efficient, and accessible digital document management system for Yorkshire Water. This not only enhanced operational efficiency but also equipped Yorkshire Water with disaster recovery capabilities, aligning perfectly with their objectives and modernizing their data management approach.


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Document Scanning Services Across Hull

Our Document Scanning Services proudly extend across all major towns within Hull, ensuring comprehensive coverage for local businesses, organisations, and individuals seeking professional digitisation solutions. From the historic heart of Hull city centre to the vibrant communities of Cottingham, Hessle, Anlaby, and Beverley, our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each locale. In the bustling areas of Willerby, Kirk Ella, and the picturesque settings of Hedon and Bilton, we offer the same unparalleled access to our advanced document imaging and scanning technology, expertly converting paper documents into secure, easily accessible digital formats. Our commitment to quality and efficiency is unwavering, regardless of location, ensuring every local client in Hull’s diverse towns can enjoy the benefits of our streamlined document management, enhanced data security, and improved operational efficiency. Trust Pearl Scan to bring your document management into the digital age, with our comprehensive service coverage across Hull’s major towns.

Hull: A City Rich in Heritage and Vibrancy Transforming Hull's Heritage and Future Through Document Digitisation

Nestled in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull, officially known as Kingston upon Hull, is a city of rich heritage and vibrant future, with a population nearing 260,000 residents. Spanning an area of 71.45 square kilometers, Hull is celebrated for its pivotal maritime history and contemporary cultural dynamism. The city is home to esteemed educational institutions, including the University of Hull, known for its contributions to research and academia. Healthcare needs are met by several key facilities, with Hull Royal Infirmary leading the way in medical excellence.

Hull’s sporting spirit is embodied by its football clubs, Hull City A.F.C., and the fervour of local and visiting fans alike. The city’s history is marked by significant events, such as its crucial role in the English Civil War and its resilience during the Second World War’s Blitz. This historical depth is mirrored in its famous sons and daughters, including poet Philip Larkin and anti-slavery pioneer William Wilberforce.

Architectural and historical landmarks abound, from the majestic Hull Minster to the iconic Humber Bridge, once the world’s longest single-span suspension bridge. Hull’s Old Town, a treasure trove of cobbled streets and medieval buildings, offers a glimpse into the city’s past, while the Deep, one of the UK’s most spectacular aquariums, symbolises its forward-thinking ethos.

In this city where history and modernity converge, our Document Scanning and Digitisation Services play a crucial role. We are dedicated to preserving Hull’s rich documentary heritage, converting historical and contemporary documents into digital formats for easy access and ensuring that Hull’s legacy is safeguarded for future generations. Our services support Hull’s institutions, from universities and hospitals to football clubs and cultural landmarks, in managing their valuable records and contributing to the city’s ongoing story of resilience and innovation.

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