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Document Scanning Manchester

Welcome to our document scanning services in Manchester. With more than 20 years of experience, we are a leading provider of document scanning and management solutions.

Manchester Central Library

Document Scanning Services in Manchester

We offer high volume paper document scanning services tailored for both businesses and individuals. Boasting over 20 years of expertise in document scanning and management, we stand as Manchester’s foremost provider of document management solutions.

Our comprehensive services encompass the scanning of a wide variety of document types, including paper documents, wide format drawings and plans, microfiche, and books. Additionally, we offer secure document shredding and storage solutions, all in compliance with ISO 9001, 27001, and GDPR/ICO standards.

Located in the heart of the Manchester city, our bureau is equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by a team of experienced professionals. They ensure precise and efficient scanning, granting you immediate access to your digital data whenever necessary. We are committed to offering a personalised and professional service to each customer, catering to both one-off scanning projects and ongoing scanning services needs.

Document Scanning Process
The document scanning process
What we do with your documents
  • Collection

    We provide a secure collection of your documents from anywhere in the UK within 24 hours or as convenient for you as well as we can supply storage boxes and assistance with removing and boxing up your files.

  • Conversion

    We scan and convert all types and sizes of documents to a digital format of your choice such as PDF, PDF Searchable, TIFF, JPEG, Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Delivery

    We deliver your digital data on a secure storage medium of your choice such as CD, DVD, USB, secure FTP or fully managed Pearl Cloud document management system.

The Process in Depth

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Comprehensive Scanning Services in Manchester

Secure document collection

We offer onsite document packaging, boxing, and secure collection services, customised to meet the specific needs of businesses. Our goal is to simplify the document collection process, ensuring it is both efficient and cost-effective. To accommodate your schedule, we provide flexible collection and delivery options, including both same-day and dedicated services.

document scanning collection

Digitisation and Conversion

Our document digitisation and conversion service is crafted to offer a seamless and comprehensive experience from beginning to end. Through our document preparation services, we manage all the essential steps to prepare your documents for scanning, ensuring they are ready for the process. Our team of specialists meticulously handles and prepares your documents for scanning, freeing you from the task and saving you valuable time.

Leveraging cutting-edge document imaging technology, we guarantee that your documents are scanned and digitised with precision and efficiency. Additionally, our OCR processing services enhance your document management’s effectiveness and accuracy. This technology transforms scanned documents into searchable and editable text, streamlining the way you access and utilize your information.


Confidential Shredding

Our advanced document shredding equipment ensures documents are destroyed beyond reconstruction. Following shredding, you’ll receive a BS EN 15713 Certificate of Destruction.

Secure Storage

Choose from our long-term or temporary, secure document storage solutions, with expert guidance available to match your specific document storage and retention needs.

Transform your paperwork into digital format
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Any Documents

Our scanning facility in Manchester can scan documents of any size – from a single page, to items that require a little heavy lifting. If you’ve got it, we can digitise it. Visit our document scanning and digitisation page to find out more.

Any Format

Looking to scan and convert your documents into PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or DICOM formats, or even something a little more niche? No problem! Our team specialises in exactly that. Just let us know you’re requirements and we’ll get to work creating exactly what you need.

Document scanning services with fast turnaround
Fast Turnaround

Working to a tight deadline? Our turnaround times are second-to-none; we can scan and convert millions of documents at a rapid pace. We stay flexible so you can concentrate on the important stuff, safe in the knowledge that your timescales will be met.

Cost effective scanning services
Cost Effectiveness

Scanning services and document storage in Manchester City Centre shouldn’t break the bank – which is why we keep our costing bespoke and tailored to your specific budget. All you need to do is let us know what you need and we can work together to find the right price point for you.

Complete Service

The Pearl Scan service isn’t limited to document scanning and online storage – we’re with you every step of the way, from collecting your documents, to delivering a digitised finished product in the format of your choice. We’ll even return any originals or shred them securely if you no longer need them.

Optical Character Recognition Icon.
Editable Formats

In addition to digitising your documents to PDF formats, we can also use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to convert images to text searchable or editable formats, for example, we can scan your book and convert it into Microsoft Word document format, so you do not need to manually retype the entire book.

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