Our store to scan services provide a synchronous and cost effective solution to store and archive your documents.

Store to scan Revolutionary way to store and access your documents

Our Store to Scan model has revolutionised the way an organisation stores and archives their documents. It does not only save the huge cost of storage and retrieval but adds greater value to an organisations processes.

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We collect your boxes from your offices or from your storage provider and store the boxes in our warehouse free of charge. Based on your file storage period, we start scanning the most recent files and shred without scanning the expired files

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So, for example if your file storage period is 6 years and you have files in the archive dating back to 2008. We will start scanning the most recent year’s files from 2014, then 2013, 2012 and shred the year 2008 files without scanning in 2015 and year 2009 files in year 2016, and 2010 files in 2017. So in three years the latest three years files will be scanned but the oldest three years shredded.

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Enjoying the benefits

In those three years, you will eliminate the total cost of storage as well as will have received three years free storage service and spread the cost of scanning over three years. The above offer is available on first come first basis and subject to our free storage availability.

Our complimentary software provides effective document management, storage and retrieval.
Pearl Cloud Unique Cloud Storage for your documents

Pearl Cloud is a storage platform that eliminates the need for in-house hardware, software, backups and maintenance. We will look after your storage and retrieval needs, providing employees with unique passwords and taking care of all admin.

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Halogen Free document management software

This popular option among Pearl Scan customers comes in both standalone and network versions, providing flexible and scalable options to SMEs and large corporations.

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