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Microfiche Scanning and Microfilm Scanning Services

We offer high quality microfiche scanning and microfilm scanning services. Whether you need to convert microfiche to PDF or other formats, our services can help you.

Microfilm and microfiche were once the best option for storing and archiving information, but now digital solutions offer economical working, security and instant access to data. However, your microfilm files do not need to become unused and when using our microfilm scanning services, we can convert microfiche to PDF or any other formats to unleash the information they hold.

We have the infrastructure to handle all different sizes, types and volumes of microfiche scanning and microfilm scanning. We cater for small to large microfilm and microfiche archives to be digitally converted from scanning, printing and copying.

We provide our document management software, Halogen to businesses who are looking to scan and convert large archive from microfilm or microfiche, free of charge. This is our document storage, archive and retrieval software, developed in-house by us

Microfiche and Microfilm formats we convert to digital files

We know that there are many types, size and variety of microfiche and microfilm. Below is a list of the microfilm and microfiche formats we can scan as part of our specialised microfiche scanning and microfilm scanning service.

Pearl Scan digitises 16mm microfiche and microfilm

16mm Microfiche [Jacketed, or Diazo Copy]

  1. - Used to archive A3/A4 documents.
  2. - Size is 6 x 4 inches.
  3. - When full contains typically 98 frames of data.
Pearl Scan can scan 35mm microfiche and microfilm

35mm Microfiche

  1. - Often used to archive large engineering plans, building/construction plans and newspapers.
  2. - Size is 6 x 4 inches.
  3. - Can hold 12-15 pages per microfiche.
Pearl Scan offers scanning for COMBI microfiche and microfilm

Combi Microfiche

  1. - Contains both 16mm and 35mm images.
  2. - Mainly used in the building industry and local authorities.
  3. - Size is 6 x 4 inches, contains mixture of A3/A4 documents and plans.
Pearl Scan can scan COM microfiche and microfilm

COM Microfiche (Computer output to Microfiche)

  1. - Used to store and archive mainframe or computer-generated reports and data.
  2. - Vehicle manufacturing industry use it to archive parts lists, catalogues, reports, payroll data, etc.
  3. - Size is 6 x 4 inches, contains up 270 pages per microfiche.
Pearl Scan offers microfiche and microfilm scanning for 16mm reels

16mm Microfilm Reel / Roll / Spool

  1. - Used to archive A3/A4 documents.
  2. - Standard microfilm typically contains average 2,400 images.
Pearl Scan provides scanning services for 35mm microfiche and microfilm reels

35mm Microfilm Reel / Roll / Spool

  1. - Used to archive large format drawings, architectural plans and newspapers.
  2. - Standard microfilm typically contains between 500 - 700 images.
Pearl Scan can scan microfilm and microfiche cartridges and cassettes

Microfilm Cartridge / Cassettes

  1. - Same as 16mm and 35mm Microfilm specification, but housed in a cassette / cartridge format.

The benefits of Microfiche scanning and Microfilm scanning

 Eliminate the need of a reader or printer

Microfilm and microfiche readers can be removed and the cost of consumables and maintenance is eliminated.

 Instant and easy access

Search through masses of scanned documents quicker and easier than ever before in its digital format, rather than trying to locate the physical microfilm or microfiche files.

 Access from anywhere, any time

A digital archive of microfilm or microfiche offers the best location and time flexibility, perfect for enabling a mobile or flexible workforce. Scanned and converted digital images are also much easier to share and distribute between different users.

 Document sharing and distribution

It is much more flexible with the scanned and converted digital images to share and distribute between users.

 Save cost

Storing microfiche and microfilm files digitally is much more cost effective than physical methods.

 Increase efficiency in the workplace

Efficiency rises and productivity improves significantly as documents are faster and easier to find in digital format.

 Boosts staff morale

A simple, digital system will help your staff get more work done, boosting their morale in the workplace.


Space for microfilm or microfiche storage cabinets, readers and printers is no longer required. It can now be reclaimed for ot. her business use.

 Preserve data

Microfilm and microfiche deteriorates with time. Keep vital information safe with a digital archive. Data is also much more secure and easy to safeguard in electronic format, compared to any hard copy archive of microfilm or microfiche.

 Environmentally conscious

Reduced use of microfilm and resources boosts your green credentials.

 Document and data security

Reduced use of microfilm and resources boosts your green credentials.

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