Digital mailroom vital for futureproofing businesses

December 1st, 2016

Technology has transformed the way people live their everyday lives while also overhauling the business world. Helping to minimise errors and automate processes, technology has certainly helped businesses thrive. And digital mailrooms, although a relatively new addition, have been at the front of that change for many firms in recent years.

Digital mailrooms essentially make light work of incoming mail. Employees no longer have to spend time opening mail manually, instead, it is sent directly to their email inbox for them to view, action or delete. And Pearl Scan, one of the country’s leading document scanning companies, has highlighted why they have become such a popular addition to workforces around the county.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, says, “Digital mailrooms bring numerous benefits to businesses – no matter what sector they are in or how big the business is. The obvious and most celebrated benefit is the time they free up for employees. This time is then able to be used elsewhere within a business, such as helping to develop new ideas that can help it to grow.”

In a progressively competitive marketplace, freeing up employee time is imperative for businesses in order to increase their competitive edge and cement their company. For example, if employees are not wasting time undertaking menial tasks, such as distributing and opening post, they are able to use their energy into thinking about new, creative and original ideas that can help to drive a business forward. And what business doesn’t want that?

Aside from giving employees the time and space to get their creative juices flowing, digital mailrooms also reduce operational costs as businesses will no longer have to hire multiple mailroom clerks to sort through the post. Reducing the reliance on manual processes, digital mailrooms are more efficient, yet use less labour.

“Implementing a digital mailroom can also bring countless benefits to a company’s customer base by automatically prioritising and sending crucial and time-sensitive information in an instant, which can then improve its service levels to existing customers, added Naveed. “A digital mailroom’s bottom line is to bring efficiency improvements by getting customer information to where it is needed within the business quicker than doing so manually.”

With a traditional mailroom, sometimes post can take days to physically reach the recipient. However, with a digital mailroom, this information and data is available in a matter of minutes meaning customer queries and requests can be dealt with as soon as possible. Not only does this improve the offering to customers by not leaving them waiting for long periods of time, but can also help to stop them veering off to a competitor.

As if the above wasn’t enough, digital mailroom solutions also work to ensure that businesses are conforming to legal requirements by allowing businesses to capture all documentation as soon as it enters the organisation. It provides secure audit trails for the entire document life cycle and improves the processes when it comes to managing documentation.

In such an environmentally conscious world, one of the most prominent benefits of digital mailrooms are their assistance when it comes to upping companies’ green credentials. Digital processes help to cement companies as leaders when it comes to auctioning climate change thanks to it being the single best place to start a business’ end goal of becoming paperless due to it often the main source of incoming paper.