Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom

The process of manually handling and distributing incoming post is slow, labour intensive, costly and often inefficient. This also makes it difficult to provide an efficient service across multiple sites, duplicating workload and offering no reliable means of linking with back-office systems (A real legislation concern if your documents must be systematically recorded and stored to meet legislative or regulatory requirements).

Your Digital Mailroom Companydigital mailroom services

We are a digital mailroom services Company in London, Manchester and rest of the UK. Here at Pearl Scan, we help organisations to move from traditional manual post handling and distribution to offering fully automated digital mailroom services.

To remain competitive and grow in a challenging market, organisations of all sizes need to constantly improve their business processes, to be more cost effective and efficient which is why many businesses are looking towards the mailroom as an area to improve. The costs of virtual mailroom services have decreased considerably, making the benefits of digital mailrooms accessible to many companies.

Here’s how the digital mailroom services work…

Digital Mailroom Services - Proof of Concept

In the first instance, Pearl Scan will run a pilot project, with the aim to establishing a set of rules bespoke to each client and better understanding of the volumes and staff levels required to meet targets. We would usually assume this would take two to four weeks to establish.

Digitising Your Mail

The following steps are an example of a possible process for your virtual mailroom but, as we have mentioned earlier, all projects are bespoke to each client's individual specifications;

Digital mailroom servicesCollection or Receipt of Incoming Post

Each morning (Monday-Friday and excluding Bank Holidays) Pearl Scan will collect your post from either your local sorting office at the earliest time available, or from your office or the post can be redirected PO box number dedicated to receive your post.

Digital mailroomBooking-in Your Mail

All mail/post bags collected are recorded against the Royal Mail Bag Reference/Date or P.O Box number/date. 

virtual mailroomPreparation

The mail will then be prepared for scanning. This will involve the opening and unfolding of documents and removal of all staples, bindings etc.

Filtering of mailroomFiltering of Mail

Once the mail has been prepared, Our experienced staff will sort the documents into categories to be agreed with client; such as individually addressed mail with client reference, junk mail and nonspecific mail.

virtual mailroom scanningVirtual Mailroom Scanning

Once the mail has been opened the scanning will proceed; all A3-A4 paperwork will be scanned at 300 DPI in black and white or colour as required. Large Format Drawings (if found) i.e. A2-A0 will be prepared and scanned at 300 DPI in black and white or colour and cheques will be scanned with the relevant attached documents.

Mail IndexingIndexing Digital Mail

The scanned documents will be indexed by the client reference where present; or to any other indexing criteria agreed with client. Where this information is not present these will be indexed as "Unallocated".

Virtual Mailroom OCR Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

If required, once the documents have been scanned they will be subject to OCR processing through an OCR engine. This will enable client staff to search for specific words or references originating from typed documents with ease.

digital mailroom data return Data Return

The data will be converted into a format as required by client, this is usually PDF/Searchable PDF documents or TIFF. Pearl Scan will make the files available to clients via an encrypted FTP/Inbox/Drop Box etc or bespoke workflow document management system.

mailroom storage serviceReturn of the Originals

Upon completion of the scanning process, Pearl's virtual mailroom service can return any original required documents such passport, ID documents, deeds and contracts etc. or, alternatively, provide a deep storage service.

deposit of checks - mailroom service in the UKCheque Management

Pearl Scan offers clients a daily cheque depositing service; any cheques will be recorded to an excel spreadsheet containing the relevant details: client name and reference number, recipient etc. Once completed, the spreadsheet containing the details of your cheques will be emailed to you each day.

Why Choose Digital Mailroom Solutions?digital mailroom

With a virtual mailroom you can;

  • Improve operational effectiveness by prioritising incoming mail so that the most important documents are dealt and processed first
  • Improve overall mail management by centralising the storage and distribution of important business documents
  • Reduce the risk of lost information and lost time retrieving misplaced documents
  • Reduce the time between receipt of incoming mail and distribution within the business
  • Save money by rearranging & utilising of your mailroom assets and staff
  • Achieve effective integration between the mailroom and your print-room
  • Ensure compliance and comprehensive incoming mail tracking

Pearl Scan's Digital Mailroom Services can offer cost and time savings as well as greater accountability, tracking and compliance for your business. For more information about our digital mailroom services (including digital mailroom London, digital mailroom Manchester and digital mailroom services across the UK) and for a free quote, get in touch by completing our online form.

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