Document Archiving – The Top 3 Methods

February 13th, 2018

Document archiving can be a daunting task for businesses that have accumulated a large number of documents over time. However, it is often a necessary task to help save space and make it easier to locate important documents when needed. In this article, we will explore the different options for document archiving, including document scanning, traditional document storage, and scan-on-demand services.

1. Document Scanning

Document scanning is a popular option for businesses looking to digitise their documents. The process involves scanning paper documents and saving them as digital files in a preferred format. This method of archiving documents can be done through an on-demand or ongoing service and can be a great way of saving physical space while increasing storage.

At Pearl Scan, we offer document scanning services that can convert documents into a variety of formats including PDFs and Word documents. Once scanned, these documents can be saved onto a disc, delivered via a secure web download or into a digital document management system. One of the main advantages of digital scanning is the ability to access documents from anywhere, at any time. This makes it easy for employees to access important documents, whether they are working from the office or remotely.

Digital scanning can also improve workflow as documents can be easily shared and printed by staff members. This makes document management a fuss-free process, especially when compared to physical documents which may be misplaced or damaged. Additionally, using secure software can keep documents secured in locked folders, providing an extra level of security.

Another advantage of document scanning is its affordability. Depending on the number of documents you have, you can pay as little as one penny per sheet. This makes it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

2. Traditional Document Storage

Traditional document storage is another option for businesses looking to archive their documents. This involves storing paper documents in a storage facility, ensuring that important documents are kept in paper form. This is particularly important for businesses that need to retain physical copies of important documents.

However, not all offices have the space for boxes or filing cabinets, making document storage a costly option. Renting out a property to store documents can be an expensive proposition, and many storage facilities charge a retrieval cost. Additionally, retrieving documents can be a time-consuming process, and businesses may need to follow a proper process to get their documents back.

3. Scan On-Demand

Scan-on-demand is a relatively new service that is gaining popularity. This option offers a flexible way of document archiving and provides the best of both worlds. Scanning companies in the UK store documents at low rates and offer digitisation services on request. This makes it a perfect solution for businesses that want to keep their documents in physical form but also have the option to digitise them in the future.

Document scanning and archiving on-demand can save physical space even if businesses don’t want to go through the process of digitising all their existing records. This option provides the freedom to easily access documents and either keep the paper copies or have them destroyed. Scan-on-demand services are a better option than traditional storage for many individuals and businesses.

It is important to note that businesses should ensure that they can retrieve a scan within a quick turnaround time if needed. Most companies should be able to offer this within 48 hours.

Which is Best For Your Needs?

Each document archive option has its pros and cons, and businesses should evaluate their needs to determine which option is best for them. Factors such as time efficiency, accessibility, and budget should be considered before making a decision.

At Pearl Scan, we offer advice on the best options for businesses and provide quality service across a range of document archiving solutions. We ensure that businesses are well prepared and their documents are archived exactly to their requirements. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have become well-known experts in document scanning and archiving services.