Document Archiving – The Top 3 Methods

February 13th, 2018

The Ins And Outs of Document Archiving 

Document archiving can be a big task but oftentimes a much-needed one.  Are you tired of rifling through files of paperwork or want to get rid of those annoying boxes of papers cluttering floor space? Document archiving is the best way to go…

Most businesses will have to archive unused documents at some point, but do you know your options when it comes to the task?

An alternative to binning documents that may need to be used in the future, archiving them will help to save space and means that they can be found again (if needed). Some regularly used documents may be archived either long-term or just in the short-term too. There are plenty of reasons to rid yourself of extra paper. 

The 3 main types of document archiving are covered below – you can get the task ticked off that to-do list in no time! 

1. Document Scanning invoice scanning services

Document scanning ticks lots of boxes for many people. Always growing in popularity, the great thing about document scanning is that Pearl Scan do all the time consuming and tricky work for you. Documents are scanned into digital files almost instantly and you’ll have the flexibility to choose the format that you want your digital scans to be archived as. Scanning and archiving documents through an on-demand or ongoing service is one of the best ways of saving space while increasing storage.

From PDFs to Word documents, once scanned you’ll receive them on a disc, via a secure web download or delivered into a digital document management system. The best bit about this method? You’ll have easy access to all your documents wherever you need them. Be it from the comfort of your office, on a commute or at home. Digital scanning can literally be a game-changer! 

With no need to occupy physical space, digital documents can help to improve workflow too. Easily accessible and able to be shared and printed by staff members, digital archiving helps keep the task fuss-free. 

Many people choose document scanning as their top archiving tool of choice for the reasons above. But some people are still sceptical when it comes to security. Keep in mind that through the use of secure software, you can keep all your documents secured in locked folders so they can’t be deleted or removed.

If you want to cut costs, consider document scanning. Depending on the number of documents you have, you can pay just as little as one penny per sheet. 

2. Traditional Document Storage Document storage services

Document storage speaks for itself. It’s the simple action of storing your documents away usually in a storage facility. For businesses that want to make sure they have access to important documents in paper form, this is usually a top choice.

Not all office spaces have the room for boxes or filing cabinets (plus most of the time they don’t look great) and so, paying a fee for this service can solve the problem. 

Traditional document storage facilities are pricey. Renting out a property to store away documents comes with a large fee, understandably so. Such storage facilities/companies will generally charge a retrieval cost and you’ll need to follow a proper process to get your documents back to you. Time-consuming and expensive, this method archiving may not be what you’re searching for. So, what other options are available, do you ask?…

3. Scan On-Demand Scan on demand services

Scan on-demand is a relatively new service. With that said, its popularity is already booming. Offering a flexible way of document archiving, you’ll get the best of both worlds if you don’t want to go for digital just yet. 

Scanning companies in the UK will store your documents at low rates ( save significantly VS traditional storage facilities) and if you wish to have them digitised, simply put forward the request. Lots of companies favour this option as a perfect happy-medium. Document scanning and archiving on-demand can save space even if you don’t want to go through the process of digitising all your existing records.

You can easily access your documents and either keep the paper copies or have them destroyed. The freedom to do this makes this option a better one than standard storage for many individuals and businesses. Be sure to always check that you can retrieve a scan in a quick turnaround time if needed! Most companies should be able to offer this within 48 hours.

Which is Best For Your Needs?

As you can see, each document archive option brings with it pros and cons. Depending on your own needs you’ll be able to best decide which will work for you.  

From time-efficiency to accessibility and of course, budget, document archiving needs consideration.

Our team at Pearl Scan offer advice on the best options for you and quality service across a range of document archiving solutions. From start to finish, we ensure that you’re best prepared and your documents are archived exactly to your requirements. 

Why not give our dedicated team a call today or fill in a quote form? We’re the experts you need to get your job done with ease.