Document Archiving

Document archiving has become much more common practice within businesses looking at saving money whilst at the same time improving efficiency.

Document Archiving Types

Archiving documents can be done in any number of ways. There is the traditional storage method where documents are stored within cabinets, drawers and store rooms. However; this method can be messy, hard to get around and easy to get out of order.

There are other companies, the likes of law firms and financial institutions for example, that prefer to use document storage facilities. This is a good way to get the documents out of your hair but still have them there when you need them but there are quite a few downsides to this form of document archiving;

  • The month on month cost is exceptionally high.
  • Retrieval costs, that many facilities will charge, are also high.
  • There will be a waiting time for the documents, that you may need to see as soon as possible, which can be days.

The final option is digital archiving. You’re probably thinking that it’s easy for us to say that digitally archiving your documents is the best method but there’s a very good reason we work in this particular field; because it’s the best option all around.

Digital Document Archivingdocument-archiving-blog

We have previously explored document scanning vs document storage in past articles. Digital document archiving is not just the best way of archiving your documents for the time being, it’s also very much future-proof. Having your documents accessible at any time through the digital archives on your computer system is vital to any modern business, as are the costs that you’ll save through not having to store documents or pay the ridiculous retrieval fees for your own files. In researching the costs of document retrieval, we found prices ranging from between £12-20 per file, so let’s say an average of £16 per file.

Digital document archiving is the most cost-effective solution to document archiving as documents can be scanned from as little as a penny per sheet. On top of this, office efficiency improves thanks to being able to access the files quicker with better flexibility and it is also space saving if you decide to dispose of the original paper-based files.

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