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Business Card Scanning

We offer low-cost solutions for business card scanning and data entry services, seamlessly integrating the captured data into platforms like Outlook, Salesforce, and Excel.

Business Card Scanning and Data Entry Services

Do you have a stack of business cards that you need to digitise? Or maybe you need to update your contact database. Whatever your needs, Pearl Scan can help. We offer a variety of business card scanning and data entry services to fit your needs.

Our Services:

Business Card Scanning: We use high-quality scanners to capture the information from your business cards accurately. We can scan both paper and plastic cards.
Data Entry: We have a team of experienced data entry professionals who can enter your business card information into Microsoft Excel, CSV, contact database, or other software systems.
Contact Database Management: We can also help you manage your contact database. We can clean up your database, add new contacts, and remove outdated contacts.

Our 4-step Business Card Scanning Process.


We provide a convenient and secure business card collection service throughout the UK and Europe. With full online tracking, our document collection services ensure the safe transit of your valuable documents.


We use high-resolution scanners to capture images of both sides of the cards in colour format. We then create PDF files of both sides of the business cards to facilitate the data capture & entry process.


We utilise advanced data capture technology and a double-pass processing method to ensure maximal accuracy in our data capture process. This is followed by manual checks and reformatting for further precision.

data delivery


We can provide the scanned images to you in PDF/JPEG formats. You can choose to receive your captured data in Excel, CSV, or an Outlook address book,etc. which we can provide to you via our secure download link.

Turn your business cards into a digital address book Data from your Business Cards can be extracted and ready for import into Excel, Outlook, SalesForece, etc.
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Document scanning services with fast turnaround
Fast Turnaround

We offer speedy turnaround times without compromising on quality. Our experienced team uses advanced scanners and software to accurately capture and digitise your business card data. With our services, you can quickly and easily access your contacts in a digital library, saving you time and hassle when searching for specific business cards. Don’t let your business cards pile up and become a burden – let Pearl Scan take care of it for you.

Cost effective scanning services
Low Cost

We understand the importance of keeping your costs low while still receiving high-quality service. Our business card scanning service is priced competitively, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes. We offer bulk scanning discounts and flexible pricing options to suit your budget. Don’t let cost stand in the way of digitising your business cards – contact us today to learn more about our low-cost business card scanning and data capture service.

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Guaranteed Accuracy

We offer a double-pass data quality check for our business card scanning services, this ensures that the data captured from your business cards is accurate and of the highest quality. During the first pass, our advanced scanners capture the data from your business cards. Then, our experienced team carefully reviews and corrects any discrepancies in the data during the second pass. This thorough process guarantees that the data is accurate and of the highest quality.

Six Key Reasons to Digitise
Your Business Cards and Convert
Them into a Digital Address Book The Rise of Digitalisation: Why Convert Business Cards?

1. Overcome Clutter with Business Card Scanning
Our team of professionals is equipped with the latest scanning technology to ensure accurate and quick data entry. We meticulously scan your business cards, entering all pertinent data into a database or CRM system of your choice. This frees up your valuable time, enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

2. Embrace Efficiency with Our Advanced Scanning Technology
The business card scanning process at Pearl Scan is simple and straightforward. We first collect your business cards, then scan and digitise them using high-resolution scanners. Each card is carefully processed to ensure all data is accurately captured. Our commitment to quality ensures that your data is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.

3. The Pearl Scan Process: Simplicity and Precision
Pearl Scan’s data entry services are designed to deliver accurate results. We understand the importance of accurate data entry in running a business. That’s why our team of data entry experts is trained to pay attention to every detail and provide you with results that exceed your expectations.

4. Data Entry Services: Accuracy and Excellence
We offer bespoke solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements. Whether you have a handful of business cards or a room full of them, we can accommodate your needs. Our scalable solutions are designed to grow with your business, making us a reliable partner for your ever-evolving needs.

5. Competitive Pricing for Quality Services
At Pearl Scan, we believe in providing comprehensive services. Not only do we scan and digitise your business cards, but we also offer data entry services, seamlessly integrating the information into your existing CRM or database. Our goal is to simplify your processes and enhance your productivity.

6. Leverage Data for Business Success
In a world where data is the new oil, having quick and easy access to your business contact information is vital. Pearl Scan’s business card scanning and data entry services empower you with the data you need, when you need it.

FAQs - Business Cards Scanning and Data Entry Services

Business cards data entry refers to the process of extracting and inputting information from physical business cards into a digital format.

This often involves manually typing details such as names, job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, and company names into a database, spreadsheet, CRM system, or digital address book. It can also be automated using optical character recognition (OCR) technology or business card scanning software.

We understand the importance of maintaining the organisation and categorisation of your data. Our data entry services can certainly accommodate your request. We will ensure that all sections and categories corresponding to individual salespeople and events are accurately reflected in the Excel file or database during the data entry process. We strive to provide a service that meets your specific needs and ensures the smooth transition of your business card information into a digital format.

We have a diverse team proficient in a variety of languages, enabling us to handle business cards in many non-English languages. Our data entry services are designed to be inclusive and accommodating to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele. However, we recommend confirming with us beforehand regarding the specific languages you require, to ensure we can provide the best service possible.

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive data solutions. Our services include not only data extraction and digitisation, but also facilitating the import of data to various formats and platforms. Once we’ve digitised your business cards into a CSV or Excel file, we can guide you through the process of importing this data into MS Outlook.

We offer a nationwide collection service across the UK, and we also extend this service to various locations in Europe. Please reach out to us to discuss the specifics and we will ensure a smooth and hassle-free service.

The timeline for scanning and data entry for business cards can vary based on the volume of cards and the specific requirements of the project. We encourage you to get in touch with us directly so we can provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific needs.

Additional Services

shredding icon

Secure Shredding

Once the scanning and data capture process is complete, we can securely dispose of the original business cards through our shredding services, but only upon your request. Our shredding services comply with BSI 15713, ISO 14001 and recycling association standards, ensuring that your confidential information is destroyed in an environmentally friendly and secure manner.

Bulk Scanning

Our business card scanning services can handle any volume of cards, ensuring that the job gets done efficiently and cost-effectively. With our bulk scanning options, we can provide significant cost savings, making it an ideal solution for businesses with a large number of cards to digitise. We also provide general office document scanning services to convert paper documents into digital archive.

See what our clients say about us

Excellent & efficient service, good communication throughout. Great value for money and highly professional. What more can one ask for? Highly recommended and will definitely use them again.


An efficient, speedy and very friendly service. If you’re looking for someone to scan your business cards I can highly recommend Pearl Scan Solutions.


Their pick up and return service makes them so easy to work with and the quality of the data sent back is as error-free as any database I’ve seen of this type.

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