Aperture card scanning

Aperture card scanning

Scan and convert drawings and plans held on aperture cards to TIFF, PDF, JPG formats

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Our aperture card scanning service is one of our many micro-media scanning specialities. We scan and convert aperture cards for companies and individuals alike, and deal with a range of volumes. The specialist aperture card digitisation and copying bureau can handle all types of microfilm cards and convert these to digital formats of your choice, such as TIFF, PDF and CAD (DWG or DXF) files. All of our aperture card scanning services are fully accredited to quality, security and data confidentiality.

Our professional service offers next day collection and delivery services nationwide, ensuring a quick turnaround.

Aperture card scanning service

Depending on whether you have one aperture card or a large archive to be scanned, you can either have it collected using our secure door to door collection service, or you can choose to dispatch it to our secure scanning premises.

Once collected, we scan and prepare sample digital images of the drawings stored on the cards, while also indexing the digital created PDF or TIFF files based on individual indexing requirements.

Companies looking to scan and convert large archives of their aperture cards may also benefit from Halogen, which is our open source, free of charge document archive and retrieval software.

This is how our aperture card scanning service works

Fast and secure collection service

We can collect your aperture cards from anywhere in UK the same or the next day as required.

The scanning process

Engineering drawings preserved and sorted on aperture cards are digitised using specialist aperture card scanners. These produce high resolution images in order to capture intricate details from the aperture card film. After scanning, images of drawings are produced, checked and corrected to ensure high quality. Any drawings with quality compromised are processed through sophisticated image enhancement treatments in order to obtain the best image quality possible.

Once we have scanned and enhanced your aperture cards, the scanned images are then converted to the required electronic format. This can be either TIFF, PDF or JPEG, while drawings can also be converted to CAD formats such as Auto CAD, DWG and DXF.

Drawings indexing and categorisation

flexscan scanner

Once the above process is complete, the drawings are then indexed based on each client's storage and retrieval specification. Below is an example of typical drawing index specifications:

  • Drawing number
  • Drawing title
  • Drawing description
  • Sheet number
  • Issue number

Data delivery medium

The scanned drawings are normally supplied on a CD, DVD, USB, SFTP, Halogen or our Pearl Cloud hosted portal. To ensure the security and confidentiality of data delivery, we can encrypt the entire data using highest level of encryption.

Drawings storage and retrieval software (open source and free of charge)

As well as providing data in a standard PDF file format, if you don't have a drawing storage and search system, we can supply our Halogen software in order to help you find the required drawings simply and quickly. This complimentary service adds value to our aperture card conversion services and make the whole conversion process more efficient and cost effective.

Advantages of scanning aperture cards to digital images

 Eliminate the need of a reader or printer

Aperture card readers are extremely costly to maintain and repair. So by scanning the cards to digital format, these costly repairs are made a thing of the past.

 Instant and Easy Access

It is much faster and easier to search through scanned digital drawings as opposed to trying to locate the manual aperture card.

 Access from anywhere and anytime

As more organisations operate from multiple locations and in different time zones, a digital archive of drawings offer the best flexibility.

 Document Sharing and Distributio

Converted scanned documents offer much more flexibility, allowing them to be distributed between different users.

 Save Cost

Compared to the physical storage and retrieval of drawings from aperture cards, it has been proven to be much more cost effective to store and retrieve drawings electronically.

 Improves productivity and efficiency

Efficiency rises and productivity improves significantly as drawings are faster and easier to find when digitised.

 Boosts staff morale

You can improve staff motivation because staff with expanding workloads will feel better with a simpler system that allows them to get more done in less time.

 Gives back much needed space

The need for the aperture card cabinets and the reader-printer storage space is no longer required, meaning the freed up space can be used in more effective business ways.


As aperture cards and film media deteriorate with time, vital information can be lost. However digital archives can be relied upon for long-term backup and archiving.

 Environmentally conscious

The reduced use of aperture card printers and resources will help the environment and bolster your green credentials.

 Document and data security

Data is much more secure and easy to safe guard in digital format than hard copy archives.

Benefits of digitising aperture cards

aperture card scanning service

Here are a few reasons why you should consider our aperture card scanning and conversion services:

  • We have a decade of experience working with some of the most reputable companies in the UK.
  • We are a creative and friendly team of professionals who are easy to approach.
  • We boast a custom-built scanning bureau focussed on security, safety, confidentiality and scalability.
  • We are a one-stop service for all aperture cards scanning to disk.
  • We have the infrastructure to support small-to-large projects.
  • We offer free drawings management software.
  • Our services are backed up by external quality and security audits.
  • Aperture card scanning service Manchester, aperture card scanning service London, aperture card scanning UK service.
  • We offer fully supported services and management system throughout the UK.
  • Our scanning operations have been audited and approved by many NHS, local authorities and private blue chip companies to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 27001 (Information Management System) and EMS 14001 (Environment Management System) and Data Protection 1998.
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