We provide invoice scanning solutions through our invoice scanning services for organisations in Manchester, London, Birmingham and throughout the UK. We capture the key information from your paper invoices and convert that information to your required digital format. Converted invoices creates an efficient way of indexing, searching and managing your invoices.

Invoice scanning services

Invoice scanning services for Manchester, London, Birmingham and throughout the UK. Helping organisations streamline their accounts departments with efficiently processing their invoices.

We offer an invoice scanning and automated invoice processing services to streamline your accounts payable department. We can scan and digitise all payable documents including purchase invoices and ledgers.

Our invoice scanning services can store purchase ledger files and more in a way which is secure, cost effective and compliant to HMRC guidelines. Costly physical storage and retrieval services are a thing of the past with Pearl Scan.

Invoice scanning

There are many job roles, such as accounts, that require access to lots of important files. Traditional, ‘hard copy’ filing systems are bulky and ineffective, causing staff to waste time on locating files rather than working with them. It is important to have instant, shared and secure access to files without spending unnecessary time searching, filing and copying documents.

Our studies have shown that, on average, administration staff spend roughly 30% of their daily time on these duties. This is time wasted which could be used more productively. Our invoice scanning service can help to make this happen, giving instant access to any file at the click of a mouse.

Digital archiving is now very affordable for companies of all types and sizes. We provide low cost, high quality invoice scanning services and automated invoice processing to many businesses across the UK.

Invoice scanning solutions

Our invoice scanning solutions for Manchester, London, Birmingham and throughout the UK.

We offer the perfect invoice scanning solutions for the problems caused by traditional file storage methods with our invoice scanning and automated invoice processing service.

We scan financial documents and electronically archive them securely as part of our purchase ledger and purchase invoice scanning and retrieval services.

These documents are then stored onto CD, over a local network or securely online. By archiving your invoices electronically, you can quickly locate any invoice within the system using Accounts/ERP Reference Number, Supplier’s Invoice Number, Purchase Order Number or keywords inside the invoices can be located in a snap using OCR search. Our invoice scanning service is tried and trusted by many private and public-sector clients and our service is as scalable and flexible as your organisation.

Efficient invoice processing with document retrieval software

We offer our very own document management system for your converted digital invoices. The key information that we capture can be used for categorising your invoices into our management system Halogen. Helping you work efficiently when indexing and searching your invoices.

Once scanned, you can access your documents using Halogen. This is a simple software, developed by Pearl Scan to revolutionise the way the accounts payable departments handle their accounts documents. This one-of-a-kind software allows super-fast search and retrieval of all documents from a user-friendly interface. Halogen is our free of charge software provided with our invoice scanning service.

Read more about how Halogen image retrieval software can help your organisation.

Advantages of scanning your invoices with us

  • Quick access to documents - Use a simple 'text search'
  • Secure and shared access to documents - Files can be shared on a network between relevant staff with levels of security assigned.
  • Comply with HMRC - By law all invoices and accounts related documents must be available to HMRC (VAT office) for around 7 years. Scanning documents can preserve records forever and hard copy documents can be disposed of.
  • Up to date record management - Invoice scanning and management service provides a reliable record management solution.
  • Help the environmentt - Reduce your reliance on paper.
  • Powerful search capabilities - Locate any invoice or stock items within seconds using fully text searchable function in Halogen or Pearl Cloud.

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