Pearl Cloud

Simple | Secure | Low Cost

Pearl Cloud is a unique cloud storage platform that eliminates the need for in-house hardware, software, backups and maintenance. It has been designed in-house for our clients who outsource their document scanning services to us. Able to handle the entire life cycle of our clients’ documents, from collection through to scanning and finally hosting onto Pearl Cloud for instant access, it has proven to be invaluable to many organizations all over the UK.

Fully managed and hosted document management portal

In a modern, fast paced world, we recognise that having access to your documents on the move, from any location, hosted in a secure environment can make a big difference to your day. Pearl Cloud alleviates the need to invest in expensive web-based document management technology by placing full responsibility on us to provide a fully managed and hosted web based document portal, providing seamless access to your documents 24 hours a day.

We tailor the Pearl Cloud platform to meet our customers’ requirements, allowing them to retrieve documents quickly and easily. We can provide training online, but with such a user friendly interface, we’re certain you’ll be up and running in no time.

Unique cloud storage platform

In the same way as traditional document management software, you will be able to search for records against defined indexes or generally via Optical Character Recognition. Documents are always stored and viewed as Read-only to meet archive requirements, but can be saved as PDF files or printed if required.

The benefits of Pearl Cloud

Customised for your organisation

Based on your customised Pearl Cloud portal, we handle your individual needs. Each employee of your organisation is assigned a unique user ID for secure logon.

Access from anywhere and at anytime

Work from home, the office or on the move. Pearl Cloud allows access to any of your documents at any time from any location. Alternatively, you can opt to only allow access from approved locations to ensure heightened security.

No IT administration required

We take care of all the administration, back-ups and system upgrades.

The features

Secure web based hosted documents have unlimited possibilities and can vastly increase your productivity. You can retrieve, view, email and print digital documents instantly.

Other features include:

  • Document security
  • Document sharing
  • Password protection
  • Your company branding
  • User ID and permissions
  • Can also be locked to specific IP location

Pearl Scan is an approved ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited organisation that specialises in commercial document scanning and management services.

Pearl Cloud is designed for our clients who outsource their document scanning needs to us as their professional document scanning and management provider.
If you are interested in our document scanning services, such as access to Pearl Cloud, please get in touch by phone on 0161 832 7991 or by filling in the Online Form.