Tips for choosing document management software

June 10th, 2019

1. Digitisation

Although many organisations are aware of the possible benefits that digitisation provides, the pace at which technology is changing sometimes frightens businesses away from fully committing to digitisation process. However, digitisation is no longer just a trend that may provide an edge in competitive markets, it’s increasingly becoming a requirement to manage internal document management processes, as well as cooperate with partners and suppliers. On top of that, digitisation provides unmatched opportunities for businesses to develop a seamless and consistent engagement with their customers.

2. Cloud Computing

When cloud computing emerged in the early 2000s, it was not fully understood and wasn’t trusted, therefore many organisations were hesitant to adopt cloud computing for their document management needs. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to imagine digital document management without the cloud and the huge benefits it brings. Essentially, cloud based fully managed document management system, such as Pearl Cloud, ensures the accessibility of documents from anywhere and at anytime, negating the need to be tied to using only a specific machine to access your files.

3. Mobile-friendly

Not so obvious at first glance, as document management is not always associated with mobile devices. On the other hand, smartphones are an essential part of everyone’s daily routines, therefore the option to access documents from a mobile device can act as a powerful addition to a digital document management system, as long as it’s user-friendly and doesn’t hinder the workflow.

4. Scalability

Every decision to implement a digital document management system should include an evaluation of its scalability potential. Scalability refers to the capacity of the document management software to grow proportionally with your organisation. Luckily, nowadays, document management solutions, such as Halogen, are designed with scalability in mind.

5. Security

It goes without saying, that the security of your documents should be one of the top priorities, whether the documents are physically stored or in a cloud. Document security can be looked at from several perspectives, for example ensuring that any confidential data is kept safe from potential cyber attacks or other security breaches, but also adheres to data handling regulations, such as GDPR.

6. Intuitive Use

Due to the sheer amount of things that document management software is expected to handle, some of them may seem too complicated to implement and adopt. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your employees have enough time to get acknowledged with the new software that’s being implemented, as well as that the software is designed around intuitive usage and ease of deployment, such as Halogen and Pearl Cloud.

7. Collaboration

Any project requires collaboration between various stakeholders to ensure success, through different channels, which sometimes can end up being confusing and difficult to keep track of progress. Having a single space where the project stakeholders can collaborate together – work, comment and adjust files in a single environment makes the document management much simpler and more effective.

8. Costs

Every organisation has budgetary restrictions when implementing anything new, same goes for digital document management software. Various providers have different pricing models, some of them are designed to have the same costs every time, while others are designed to satisfy individual budgetary requirements or even act as a complimentary service for existing customers, such as our Halogen document management software.

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