Top 10 Document Management Innovations

September 4th, 2017

The 10 Most Innovative Moments in Document Management

American document management provider Cintas Corporation created a list of the top ten moments in the history of document management. Yes, you heard that right, they took the entire history of document management and picked ten moments of brilliant innovation.

The interesting article was written in 2012 to celebrate their tenth birthday as a company. While you might expect the list to consist of the best innovations in document management software, they have taken it way back as far as 5000 BC.

The top 10 ranges from the ‘original tablets’ made from stone in 5000 BC right up until the birth of the internet in 1982. These are all great and monumental moments in the history of document management and, given the opportunity to develop the list, others might have included things like the ability to copy effectively between folders from within a single piece of software or the ability to have admin users which can decide which staff accesses what files and other features that came with the development of the internet and the digital age.

One entry which did make it to the list was OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Although seen as a modern innovation OCR was actuallyocr-search first developed in 1914, nearly 100 years ago. It makes for a truly fascinating read as we are told the origins of OCR and its development into the software we use today at Pearl Scan.

Other less technical entries are also included like the eraser, which you may be surprised to learn was created in 1770! Technology has definitely moved on since then with companies given the option to store documents digitally and have hard copy documents scanned and digitised to reap a number of benefits.

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