Proof of Delivery Scanning

February 27th, 2015

The Necessity of POD Scanning Today

These days it has become necessary to have a digital copy of all paper-based documents including proof of delivery files. Documents become more flexible, easier to use, easier to pass on to others and, of course, easier to store.
What makes digitising and scanning Proof of Delivery (PODs) documents different to other documents is that capturing the data,delivery-man-pod specifically dates and times is even more vital than anything else.

Keeping PODs Organised

Keeping a large quantity of paper PODs isn’t just difficult, it can become overwhelming. It is especially hard to keep them in a very specific order and to order them by anything other than date, say by company or individual’s name. This is potentially very hard to achieve and, when you bring in even more sectors such as location, it can become a minefield.

The advantage of digitising those kinds of file is they can be indexed (named) by these criteria by picking up the data from the sheet itself. This is considerably easier to sort and find when in a PDF file produced by scanning companies. Documents can also be fully converted and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can be applied to make the entire contents of the documents searchable.

Digitising and POD Scanning

If anything, digitising and scanning PODs is one of the more essential document scanning processes because it digital-podsoffers so many benefits for its users. Every advantage that can be gained from scanning different kinds of documents can be combined to one large benefit of scanning PODs. From efficiency in searching and the ability to cross reference to quick sharing and much more besides.

The fact is, PODs can be a pain to deal with especially for companies that use them a lot, such as logistics companies, and the sheer amount of paper can mount up and add to costs as well as using up valuable space. Digitising them and setting up a simple, uncomplicated system in which to search and retrieve them could make a positive difference to the way your logistics team works in almost every way.

Here at Pearl Scan, we offer a bespoke scanning service and specialise in proof of delivery scanning. To make life even easier, we offer a free of charge software with all POD scanning orders known as Halogen. Halogen makes searching through your PDFs even easier by adding them all into a database which can be shared over a local or internet based network. You can control who views certain items giving your documents maximum security. Also, with its drop down menus and search functionality, Halogen makes rooting through folders of digital files look just as old fashioned as going through filing cabinets or lever arch files. This quick search function will improve your workflow. For example if you needed to find all proof of deliveries between a certain date going to a certain company, as it takes is a simple text search of the vital information. If you wanted to go beyond that and search for specific items that have been delivered, you can do an OCR search to find these. Results are delivered quickly and all selected results can be exported, emailed or printed.

As you can see, the advantages of POD scanning are endless. If you would like some more information about how Pearl Scan Proof of Delivery scanning can help save your company time, money and space, get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote.