OCR Factsheet

1. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversion produces fully text searchable documents.
2. There are three types of OCR clean up

  • Clean up
  • Proof reading
  • OCR Formatting

3. At Pearl Scan, we can use Optimum Character Recognition on the following things;

Books, newspapers, magazines.
Books and Documents converted to Microsoft Word.
Catalogues converted to Microsoft Excel.
Document conversion to XML, HTML and SPSS.

4. We can guarantee up to 99.99% accuracy on documents that have had OCR applied to them- That’s better accuracy than some kitchen bleach germ killers!

5. We can apply OCR to documents written in many different languages including English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, Russian and more, subject to testing.

At Pearl Scan we cater for small to large scan to OCR projects with Document Scanning London, Document Scanning Manchester and document scanning Birmingham catering for clients across the UK. If you are interested in getting some more information about our OCR scanning and conversion services or if you would like a quote, get in touch today.