Pearl Scan's x-ray scanning services, converting the your x-rays to digital format.

X-Ray Scanning Services

Our X-ray scanning service is flexible, scalable and tailor-made to provide easy conversions of medical, veterinary and pipeline x-rays to a digital format. Whether you have a small collection of x-rays or a large archive collection in your department or clinic, we can digitise them to your required format such as DICOM, TIFF, PDF and JPG with a fast turn-around time.

Whether you work in the NHS or a private medical clinic, we can scan to your specific specifications. At Pearl Scan we can handle any size of x-ray ranging from 14" x 17" down to 44mm. We offer x-ray scanning and digitisation of X-ray films to digital image file formats which enables professionals to retain a secure digital archive copy as well as enjoying instant and easy access which cannot be achieved using a light box.

Advantages of X-Ray Scanning

Nurses working and benefitting from sharing scanned images of there x-rays.

There are many advantages to x-rays digitisation. Here's an outline of some of the most beneficial:


X-ray scanning can vastly improve the productivity of your radiology department as well as that of doctors and nurses. Digital x-rays can be viewed virtually anywhere and at any time, giving you instant access for viewing and studying the x-rays anywhere, which can improve access without risking lives.

Superior Off-Site Diagnosis

Sometimes the opinion of a specialist is required for specific cases and they might not be onsite at that particular time. With x-ray scanning, they can be emailed or viewed remotely in order to get the all-important diagnosis.

Space Saving

Space is at a premium, especially in places like hospitals. X-rays can take a huge amount of space to store but once you have scanned those x-rays to digital format, the originals can be disposed of or put in deep storage facility, leaving the space to be utilised more efficiently.

To Learn More About Pearl Scan's X-Ray Scanning Service

Having your x-rays scanned to a digital format will improve increase efficiency and productivity also saving space and lives. Read our related articles which will outline the benefits of x-ray scanning with Pearl Scan Group.

Fast, secure and nationwide - whether you have a box to collect or would like us to organise a collection of hundreds of boxes, our logistics team will work with you to arrange the collection of your documents at the most convenient time for you and in the most cost effective way possible.

If you need additional assistance to have your files, boxes etc. removed from filing cabinets and catalogued or from third-party storage supplier's facility, this can also be arranged for you as well as if you require any boxes, packaging material or special fragile items such heritage material, books, large maps or documents to be collected in security marked lockable containers.

Prior to scanning x-rays, we go through the x-rays and remove any document fasteners or anything else that may need to be removed. All x-rays and documents, including the attachments and receipts, are kept in their original order to ensure a smooth and accurate scanning process takes place and to guarantee the quality of all documents scanned.

Our x-ray scanning bureau uses the latest x-ray scanners that produce high resolution, sharp and detailed digital reproductions of the original x-ray files. We can digitise x-rays into organised computer files and store them onto CDs or an encrypted USB drive. We typically scan x-rays to formats such as PDF, TIFF, Jpeg, Bitmap and DICOM

The document can be scanned either black and white or like-for-like as per originals, our document scanning equipment can handle document sizes as small as a trains ticket to A3, any large documents such as maps, plans and technical drawings are scanned on our wide-format scanners.

Once the x-rays have been scanned, we can then index each file, folder or a document by the required index criteria (metadata) for example, title, name, address, reference number, date etc. to enable better storage and search capabilities.

Rigorous quality control checks are applied throughout the document scanning and capture processes, as well as a separate dedicated department is allocated to perform quality checks in accordance with our In-house manual, and third-party audited EN BS ISO 9001 and EN BS ISO 27001 standards.

The final scanned x-rays can be supplied either on a Disc, USB Drive or downloadable from our SFTP.

Why Choose Pearl Scan Group

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In conjunction with the EN BS ISO 9001:2005, 27001, 14001 and in-house implemented quality, security and compliance procedures allow us to deliver peace of mind scanning services to our client. We are an approved document scanning and data capture scanning service provider to many reputable health, education, manufacturing, financial, logistics etc. organisations.

Logo's in which Pearl Scan Group has a number accreditations with including ISO