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Pearl Scan Group's photo scanning service throughout the UK. Also covering Slide and negative scanning UK services.

Negatives, Slides And Photo Scanning Services

Pearl Scan group provides a professional photo scanning service throughout the UK. We can scan your old photos, 35mm slides and negatives into a digital format of your choice.

As the UK population today follows the trend with the rest of the world with taking photos on a daily basis with the option to almost instantly send and share with family, friends and the whole world. But what about the photos you took on holiday a few years ago with that old camera or the vintage photos, slides and negatives that has been handed down the generations. We professionally and delicately convert negatives, slides and vintage/heritage photos into digital images.

The types of Photographic formats we can scan and digitise;

  • 35mm slide to digital conversion
  • Quarter plate negatives
  • Half plate negatives
  • Transparencies
  • Glass plate negatives
  • Printed photos (both loose and in albums)

Scanning Old Photos, Negatives and Slides Into Digital Images

Scanning of old photos and digitising negatives and slides with Pearl Scan Group.

Slides, negatives, transparencies and photos are easily damaged as a result of age, wear and tear and even accidental damage can occur when you least expect it. Therefore we know it's always worth looking into alternative ways of preserving your photographic images they can become unusable or damaged beyond repair. Scanning slides to digital format with Pearl Scan Group gives you the advantage of building your own digital image archive.

Trying to scan and convert your own photos, slides and negatives yourself has it's disadvantages with regards to the quality of the scanned image and the time taken to do it. With using a professional scanning and digital conversion company who has photo and negative scanners capable of producing a service to a large number of scans into quality images.

At Pearl Scan Group, our photo scanning service can take care of the overall scanning process and supply your digital images back to you on a disc or USB stick. We can really tailor our negative, slide and photo scanning services to suit you and how you want them. Read more...

Our photo scanners are of the highest quality and can produce high resolution images that can be archived into digital storage. We pride ourselves on offering a collection service anywhere in the UK within 24-hours and we can return your original slides, negatives and photos back to you with secure UK courier service. All of our digital conversion and scanning services are accredited to ISO standards, in order to provide you with a peace of mind.

Our approach is simple and cost effective. We scan slides and photos digital format, place them on a disc or for those with a small volume of scans, our customers/clients can request the images to be delivered by email, FTP or Dropbox.

Advantages Of Photo Scanning And Slide Digital Conversion

There are many advantages of having negatives, slides and printed photos scanned to a digital image format.

Secure Backups

Enabling easy digital backups from scanning slides, negatives and old paper photos. The possibilities of a backed up digital archive of your priceless and valuable collection with Pearl Scan Group's scanning services.


Your digital images can be shared and instantly accessible between colleagues for that important presentation or conference. Share your images with family members quickly online or from uploading the images to your phone. They can also be uploaded to social media, blogs and websites to reach a wider audience than previously experienced.

How Can Pearl Scan Group Help You

To find out any more information regarding our photo scanning services and how we can help you. We have an online contact form where you can submit your enquiry or you can contact our team on the phone at: 0161 832 7991 or 0845 225 5923. Whether you have valuable family photo albums or many slides and negatives you have collected over the years. Our team will be interested to here from you especially if you have a history behind your photos, slides or negatives.

Heritage Photo Scanning And Digitisation

We have a page focused on heritage photos. If you are looking for heritage and vintage photography, scanning Find out how we can digitise old photo archives.

Why Choose Pearl Scan Group

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In conjunction with the EN BS ISO 9001:2005, 27001, 14001 and in-house implemented quality, security and compliance procedures allow us to deliver peace of mind scanning services to our client. We are an approved document scanning and data capture scanning service provider to many reputable health, education, manufacturing, financial, logistics etc. organisations.

Logo's in which Pearl Scan Group has a number accreditations with including ISO