Pearl Scan's photo, slide and negative scanning service.

High resolution scanning    |     Fast turnaround time    |    Handle low to high volumes

Slide scanning, photo scanning and negative scanning

What types of formats we can scan:

  • 35mm slides - 110mm negatives
  • Quarter plate negatives
  • Half plate negatives
  • Transparencies
  • Glass plate negatives
  • Printed photos (both loose and in albums)

Slides, negatives, transparencies and photos are easily damaged as a result of age, wear and tear and even accident. Therefore it's worth looking at alternative ways of preserving them before they become unusable or damaged beyond repair. Scanning slides, negatives, and photos to high resolution images and storing them as files helps to protect the history which has been preserved and guarantees they will withstand the test of time.

Our digitisation and conversion bureau can take care of the overall process and supply you the digital images on a disk or a USB.

Outsource negative, slide and photo scanning

negative scanning

It is often both time and cost effective to outsource the digitisation process to a professional scanning and conversion company, rather than investing in expensive scanners or software and spending hours scanning and saving these to your desired location. You may also find that you don't achieve the best results.

Our photo, negative and slide scanners are of the highest quality and can produce high resolution images to archive or for print-back services. We can help to save you significant time, money and hassle when it comes to converting your valuable collection to digital format.

We pride ourselves on offering an unrivalled collection service that means we can collect your materials from anywhere in the UK within 24 hours, as well return the originals back to you via our secure nationwide courier service.

Our 'scan slides and photos to disk' services are fully accredited to ISO Quality Management Systems, in order to provide you with peace of mind, quality and professional imaging services.

Photo scanning service

Our approach is simple and cost effective. We scan slides and photos to disk, or for those with small volume requests, our clients can request the images to be delivered by email, FTP or Dropbox.

UK collection for scanning negatives and photos

Fast secure collection

We provide a secure nationwide collection service within a 24 hour notice period. Alternatively, you can dispatch your slides, transparencies or photos to our scanning bureau or you can drop them off at a time pre-arranged.

Photo scanning service

Scanning and conversion

Our top of the range, super fast scanners, scans slides, photos and negatives in top quality with a quick turnaround. We can then convert the scanned images to a range of formats including TIFF (compressed and uncompressed), PDF and JPEG.

UK slide scanning company London and Manchester

Indexing and cataloguing

Once your items have been scanned, we can then index each image by its relevant or required data, for example, name, reference number, location etc.

All photos to digital format

Quality assurance and control

Our negatives, slides and photo scanning services are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standards, and, in addition to this, we have developed our internal quality-control procedures to ensure that the scanning and digitisation process meets the required quality standards.

safe scanning service of photos, negatives and slides in the UK

Data delivery medium

The scanned images are normally delivered on a CD, DVD, USB or via secure FTP. For the security and confidentiality of the data delivery, we can encrypt the entire data using highest level of encryption.

The advantages of photo, slide and negative scanning

There are many advantages of having negatives, slides and printed photos scanned to a digital image format. Some of these may have led you to this page, while others you may not even have thought of. Here are two of the most common benefits to scanning photos, negatives and slides:

photography scanning

Secure Backups

Scanning of slides, negatives and photos to digital format offers secure digital back up and can safeguard your priceless and valuable collection.


Once scanned, the digital images can be shared and distributed between colleagues and family members – quickly and without the need to take hard copies physically to them. They can also be uploaded to social media, blogs and websites to reach a wider audience than previously experienced.

Why should you chose Pearl Scan for scanning photos, negatives and slides to digital format?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Pearl Scan’s preservation scanning services:

  • We boast a decade of experience working with the most reputable companies in the UK.
  • We are made up of a creative and friendly team of professionals who are easy to approach.
  • Our services are accredited to security, safety, confidentiality and scalability standards.
  • We are accredited to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 27001 (Information Management System) and EMS 14001 (Environment Management System) and Data Protection 1998.

Heritage image scanning and digitisation

If you are looking for heritage and vintage photography, scanning visit our dedicated page.