Large format scanning for large rolls of paper at Pearl Scan

Large format scanning service

Building companies and architects can benefit from large format scanning

Unleash the data stored on oversized rolls of paper with our large format scanning service at Pearl Scan. Rather than paper drawings getting damaged, destroyed or simply lost, large format scanning gives you instant access to drawings in a digital format, preserving them forever.

Here at Pearl Scan we know about these problems. We are a large format scanning bureau based in Manchester with sale offices in London and Birmingham. Our large format scanning process goes through a strict supervision and we use the latest in image processing and drawing scanning technology to guarantee the best results.

Professionals in a number of industries use our large format scanning service including architects, builders, construction firms, city councils and artists.

What types of large format drawings do we scan?

  • Engineering drawings
  • Local area maps
  • Technical product drawings
  • Electrical circuit drawings
  • Artwork
  • Housing plans
  • Building/construction drawings
  • Railway plans
  • Ordnance survey maps
  • Paintings

Why digitise large format documents?

Large format scanning, also known as wide format scanning, is the process of digitising paper based plans, blueprints and large format drawings. Scanning large format documents can cut costs, improve workflows and modernise your practices. It also provides a safe storage option, offering easy access, sharing capabilities while giving you more storage space in your office.

Our large format scanning approach

At Pearl Scan we cater for scanning requirements of all sizes. We can offer express scanning with a same day turnaround for small batches of large format drawings, still keeping our production timeline small for larger jobs. We can:

  • drawings to TIFF, PDF, JPEG format.
  • Give you access to Halogen, a software to store your drawings. This is recommended for a large volume of drawings.
  • Provide a copy or print of your large format drawings, plans, art work, and ordnance surveys in black and white or full colour format with a fast turnaround time.
  • Offer a CAD conversion service, scanning large format drawings and converting them to editable digital format (.DWG, .DXF format).
  • We have the facilities, drawing scanning equipment, experience and accreditations to meet your organisation's needs.

How our large format scanning process works

Fast & secure collection service

Our secure vans and team of collection coordinators can collect your large format documents from anywhere in the UK with 24 hours notice.

Pre-scan/digitisation process

Prior to scanning we will pre-prepare, sort and repair any damaged documents where required. This will ensure excellent image quality is achieved during the scanning process.

Scanning or digitisation process

Your large format drawings, plans, blue prints and art work can either be scanned using our wide format feed scanner or laid flat and digitised using our flatbed or overhead scanners. We offer a high image resolution scanning process for documents up to 44 inches wide.

Large format scanning sample

Prior to setting up the whole scanning process, a small sample of your drawings are scanned and indexed and images are then created for approval. Once the sample has been approved, the scanning process can begin and the full set of drawings are then scanned, converted and indexed exactly as you require.

Large format image enhancement

We can apply image enhancements and optimisation to old or poor quality drawings in order to make them more legible to view or print. Each drawing image is inspected and compared against the original drawing to ensure the highest quality output is achieved.


For large scanning projects, it is useful to create a database archive of your drawings and plans. We can supply our in-house document storage & retrieval software, Halogen or if you already have a system, we can supply the data in your required format indexed by:

  • Title
  • Refernce number
  • Description
  • Issue number or revision number

ISO level quality checks

All our large format scanning services are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standards and we have developed our internal quality-control procedures to ensure that the scanning process meets the required industry standards.

Delivery of scanned images

The large format scanned images are normally supplied on a CD, DVD, USB, or via secure FTP. When supplying confidential data we can encrypt the entire collection using 128-Bit 256 encryption level.


Upon completion of your plans scanning project, we can return, securely store or have your originals shredded with accredited certification.

Benefits of large format scanning

Access plans and blueprints anywhere with large format scanning.

Sharing and distribution

Share and distribute documents quickly and easily over a local network or online.

Access from anywhere

You'll be able to access scanned images with ease, no matter where you are working from.

Cost effective

Large format scanning has been proven to be highly efficient and cost effective.

Improves productivity and efficiency

As it is faster and easier to find and use plans and drawings, efficiency rises and productivity improves.

Boost staff morale

You can boost staff motivationfor for staff with expanding workloads by implementing a simpler system that allows them to get more done.

Gives back space

Enjoy the space that will now be unleashed in your working environment.

Future-proof your business

Keeping track of your documents digitally makes your office more modern and future-proof.

Security and Confidentiality

If your large format documents are to be kept in a secure environment, it is much easier to maintain the security and safety of the information in digital format than in hardcopy.

Why choose Pearl Scan?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Pearl Scan large wide format scanning and conversion services:

  • We have over a decade of experience working with the most recognised architects and building surveyors in the UK.
  • We are a dedicated and friendly team who are easy to approach.
  • We have a custom built scanning and conversion facility focussed on security, safety, confidentiality and scalability.
  • We offer a one-stop service for plans scanning, drawing scanning and large format scanning.
  • We have the infrastructure to support small-to-large projects.
  • We have fully supported services and managed drawings and plans scanning throughout the UK.
  • We are fully accredited with ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 27001 (Information Management System) and EMS 14001 (Environment Management System) and Data Protection 1998 standards.

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