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Digital Invoice Capture

Our digital invoice capture solution is designed to revolutionise your accounts payable process. Utilising cutting-edge technology, we expertly streamline how you receive, capture data, and process your supplier invoices.

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Comprehensive Invoice Management Suite Streamlining Your Accounts Payable from Receipt to Reporting

Receiving Invoices

You’ll be given a dedicated PO Box to receive paper invoices on a daily basis. You’ll also be assigned an email address to receive digital invoices.


Using our best-in-class scanners, the invoices are converted to PDF or any other format you like. Any emailed invoices are checked with OCR capture software.

Data Extraction

Based on your needs, the data is captured from each invoice and presented in a format such as Excel, CSV or XML.


Our accounts payable automation service can sync with your accounting & ERP systems so you won’t have to input any of the data.

GL Coding

If you’d like, we can automatically generate General Ledger Codes for your invoices. If it’s not possible to integrate this automatically, we’ll code it for you manually.

Exceptions Handling

When data is captured from each invoice with OCR, they are checked for duplicates and non-matching data. Other rules can be defined for each accounts payable department.

Supplier Portal

If your suppliers all need different exceptions, they can be automated through your suppliers. This means your AP department will spend less time defining supplier related queries.

Three Way Matching

Three-way matching, a process for checking a payment is accurate, can also be automated. We do this by cross-checking the invoice data to the PO & GRN system.


Our service provides web-based real-time reports, so your AP department has a clear view of each process in the workflow. This makes for a better audit and improves quality control.

Reduce Your Invoice Processing Costs


Save Processing Cost

Pearl AP eliminates the need for costly invoice automation software. It’s designed with simplicity in mind and, being a SaaS, has no capital cost.

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Eliminate Manual Input

Automating invoice processing reduces the need for someone to manually input data. The end result is a much faster, cheaper and more accurate workflow so you can put your money where it really matters.

Increase Accuracy

Research has shown that, on average, businesses process 38% less duplicates when they use automated invoice processing. As well as this, Accounts Payable Automation can reduce human error.

Seamless integration with Sage, Quickbooks and more.

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Explore the Future of Invoice Management

Experience a fully digitised and streamlined purchase invoice process with us. Simplify GL coding, effortlessly manage approval workflows, and utilise data analysis for smarter business decisions