Helping the education sector with digitising files, exams papers, student and teacher data with Pearl Scan's document scanning service.

Scanning Services for Educational Institutes

Secure, confidential education sector scanning service and accurate data capture from student & staff files, exam papers, surveys, and microfiche.

Digistising and document scanning for education sectors

We have been offering top quality document scanning and digital management solutions for almost 15 years for all types of organisations, and education is one of our specialist areas. We understand that in a progressive and more IT literate world, as educational facilities with budget restrictions it's hard to keep up to date in order to appreciate a modern and more productive environment for your documents. Pearl Scan offers education sector scanning that is both useful and cost effective for educational institutions across the UK.

Our education sector scanning services include exam scanning, staff file scanning, data capture from student files and more.

The education sector scanning process

Fast & secure collection service

Fast & secure collection service

Our secure vans and team of collection co-ordinators can collect files from anywhere in mainland UK the same or the next day in required. We can also supply our secure A3 size boxes, which can hold bundles, folders, hanging files and any other document-type such as large format drawings and plans.

Removal of staples and paperclips

Removal of staples and paper clips

We remove any tags, staples and paper clips on all documents prior to scanning the files to ensure that only the best quality scans are produced.

Education sector scanning

Education sector scanning process

We use the latest scanners equipped with ultra-sonic, double-feed and automated colour detection and image processing tools and can scan to your preferred file format such as PDF, PDF Searchable, TIFF, JPEG etc. No document is too big or small for our scanners.

OCR for education

OCR process

We can scan your documents with OCR processing technology, meaning you can easily locate specific keywords within a document using a simple text search.

File indexing and categorisation

File indexing and categorisation

Once scanned we can then index each document by relevant data. Categorise your documents by title, name, address, reference number, date etc.

ISO quality checks

ISO quality checks

All our services are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance standards and in addition to this, we have developed our internal quality-control procedures to ensure that the files meet required industry standards.

Storage mediums

Storage mediums

All scanned data is provided on CD, DVD or USB format. Confidential data is encrypted using high-level encryption.

Secure shredding

Secure shredding

After scanning and digitising your documents we can quickly return your files back to you. Alternatively, we can store your files for longer in our secure facility, or we can dispose of your documents with our secure shredding service.

Advantages of document scanning for the educational sectors

Pearl Scan’s solutions can help your organisation on a number of different levels:

  • Digitise and get your paper records organised
  • Store your educational files securely, both online and offline
  • Remove the need for costly offsite document storage
  • Manage records with ease and add new admissions in an efficient and simple way
  • Speed up processes and workflows for those with access to your digital database
  • Make your institute a greener place by using less paper and printer ink - helping the cause while improving the way you work

Free document management software for better organisation

Halogen is a free intelligent document management software, developed by Pearl Scan. It offers superior cost effective digital document management. The benefits of using Halogen include:

  • Easy search and retrieval
  • Intelligent indexing
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Small footprint - only 12mb
  • Works on XP up - no upgrading

Halogen was created to compliment education sector scanning solutions, and as such it is incredibly easy to use, access and work within. Halogen was conceived with simplistic power in mind which is what you require in a world that expects results quickly with as little hassle as possible.

If you want to learn more about Halogen and get a free licence for your school, college or university either simply visit our dedicated page on Halogen or Contact us.

Free trial

We offer a free trial of our UK document scanning services. We can convert a section of your project to showcase the qulity of our digital conversions.

We offer a free trial of our scanning services to our prospective clients.

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Why choose Pearl Scan

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In conjunction with the EN BS ISO 9001:2005, 27001, 14001 and in-house implemented quality, security and compliance procedures allow us to deliver peace of mind scanning services to our client. We are an approved document scanning and data capture scanning service provider to many reputable health, education, manufacturing, financial, logistics etc. organisations.

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