OCR processing

OCR Processing

Innovative OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is used to convert scanned images to digital file formats. This includes searchable PDFs, Microsoft Word, Amazon Kindle (.mobi) and Apple (

All Book Types

We’re equipped to provide scanning services for all book types. We also scan & convert magazines, journals, bound volumes, newspapers, and manuscripts of both standard ISO page sizes up to A2 as well as foolscap.

We Handle Your Books With Care

Books are precious. We understand that. Our technicians take care when handling your books during the scanning process using chemical-free gloves. All of our book scans are carried out in a dedicated room.

Any Digital Format

Once we’ve completed the imaging process, we can convert the scanned images to any digital format you choose. This includes TIFF, JPG, PDFs, searchable PDFS, Microsoft Word, Amazon Kindle (.mobi) & Apple (.epub).

Non-Destructive Book Scanning Service

The best way to digitise a book for customers who want their books to remain intact and keep the original form after the digitisation process, our non-destructive book scanning option is the way to go. Not only your books will be handled with extreme care, we will also use professional overhead liner book scanners that achieve much higher image quality than camera based equipment would, when converting the books to digital format.

Our scanners are equipped with advanced image processing applications which provide advanced image enhancement and optimisation functionalities. Additionally, we have developed our own bespoke software to further process the scanned images that are not standard in sizes and difficult to scan.

Non-destructive book scanning.

Destructive Book Scanning Service

During the process of destructive book scanning we carefully free the books from any binding and then scan them utilising high speed industrial book scanners. This meticulous process allows us to scan the books up to A3 size and either in black & white or colour.

Additionally, in some cases we can scan the pages like-for-like – a method of book scanning that is more intricate, but provides considerably higher image quality. Like-for-like scanning service is notably suitable for those books that are being scanned for printing purpose or contain colour or black and white pictures and mixed contents.

Destructive book scanning.

Archival Preservation Services

We carefully plan the process which is based around the condition of the books. When dealing with old and historical material which over a period of time has deteriorated, we offer a pre-scan professional repair service to ensure that the digital images of scanned books do not miss any vital part of the source and do not contain any foreign objects or dust marks.

When scanning and digitising antique books or other material for long term archival and preservation purposes, there are number of things to be considered, for example, image resolution, file format, file compression, storage medium and access platform. Our book  digitisation team reviews each and individual project to setup suitable scanning specification to ensure it meets current and future projects requirements.

Illustration of old book next to a feather pen

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We Offer Book Scanning and Digitisation Services for Everyone It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual or Organisation. Our book scanning services can benefit you. Here’s how:


We bookscan so that you can access them and publish your work easily. PDFs, searchable PDFs, .mobi & .epub digital formats.


We scan and archive old, rare & antique books to create a safe, digital archive. TIFF & PDF/A formats are best for archiving.  


We scan and convert to e-book formats so that you can easily access and distribute when needed, our most popular e-book type is a text-searchable PDF.


We scan and convert new editions and backlists to republish your books online or in print. Our e-book formats include text-searchable PDFs, .mobi and .epub. 


We scan large collections of books, magazines, journals and more then convert into accessible formats that can be shared easily. 


We scan and convert books into digital formats for individuals in PDF, .epub, .mobi and Microsoft Word for personal use and editing.

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Why Choose Pearl Scan?

In conjunction with the EN BS ISO 9001:2005, 27001, 14001 and in-house implemented quality, security and compliance procedures allow us to deliver peace of mind scanning services to our client. We are an approved document scanning and data capture scanning service provider to many reputable health, education, manufacturing, financial, logistics etc. organisations.

    ISO 9001 Registered         ISO 14001 Registered         ISO 27001 Registered         Investors In People         PCI Compliant         Member of IRM     

Founded in 2003, with almost 15 years of valuable knowledge and expertise in delivering successful document scanning and data capture services through the UK to some of the most reputable and globally known organisations.

We operate from a custom built document scanning and data capture centre, which is built around security, safety and confidentiality. The site is monitored 24hours a day by security and CCTV systems.

The document scanning and data capture bureau is equipped with the state-of-the-art dedicated document, Microfilm media, Books and Large Format Plans scanning and capture technology; catering for a wide range of document types and sizes making us a one-stop service provider for scanning and digital conversion needs . We continually invest in our staff training and latest technology to ensure that we are delivering quality and innovations at all times.

Pearl Scan Group has the infrastructure to provide quick turnaround for urgent document scanning needs to taking on a large volume scanning and conversion of documents, microfilm media, books etc. projects. Our document scanning and data capture service centre always run at 80% of its productivity allowing 20% space and resources for on-demand, ad-hock projects.