Microfiche Tender Award – East Hampshire District Council

April 30th, 2024

NEW Pearl Scan Tender Award

Latest Microfiche Scanning Tender Awarded to Pearl Scan!

In acknowledgment of our unmatched dedication to achieving excellence, Pearl Scan Solutions is excited to share a new significant achievement: securing a contract with East Hampshire District Council to digitise their vast archive of Microfiche. Consequently, this marks the beginning of a valuable partnership aimed at modernising document management practices within the public sector.

We are privileged to have been selected for the tender agreement with East Hampshire District Council, thus highlighting our commitment to innovative microfiche scanning. Additionally, this partnership underscores our joint objective of enhancing efficiency, accessibility, and compliance in archival document management.

Pearl Scan, leading providers of document scanning and digitisation services, is well-regarded for our expertise in converting microfiche into searchable digital formats, thereby facilitating easier retrieval, sharing, and preservation. Furthermore, our dedication to excellence positions us as the ideal partner for East Hampshire District Council as they embark on this digital transformation journey.

East Hampshire District Council’s decision to choose Pearl Scan for their Microfiche Digitisation Services project  speaks to our reputation for reliability, efficiency, and quality. Through this collaboration, the council aims to streamline the way in which they use and access their microfiche records which will help work processes and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

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Project Overview:

  • Under this agreement, Pearl Scan will deliver tailored microfiche scanning services to meet the specific needs of East Hampshire District Council. Our expert team will utilise advanced technologies and best practices to convert microfiche into high-quality digital images, thereby facilitating seamless access, storage, and retrieval of vital information.

Data security and compliance are paramount to Pearl Scan. We implement robust measures to safeguard sensitive information throughout the digitisation process, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of council records.

The partnership between East Hampshire District Council and Pearl Scan exemplifies a collaborative effort, thereby signifying a joint commitment to embrace technology and drive innovation in document management practices. By digitising microfiche records, the council aims to not only enhance operational efficiency but also improve service delivery and preserve valuable historical information for future generations.

As organisations increasingly recognise the value of digitising and managing records effectively, Pearl Scan remains committed to supporting their success. Additionally, our inclusion on East Hampshire District Council’s project for microfiche digitisation sets a precedent for efficient, secure, and compliant information management in the public sector and beyond.