Four sectors that have embraced the digital revolution

February 10th, 2017

Document management, document scanning and digital document management may be important to a business when it comes to overhauling its processes, but there is more to embracing digital than just that.

When it comes to technology, it’s important, as a business, not to get left behind. In a world that relies more and more on tech to function, if you’re a business that isn’t embracing new technology, then you’re going to get left behind.

Despite some being reluctant to change, there are some sectors which have completely embraced technology and the digital revolution, which has resulted in them reaping the benefits where it matters – financially.

So which sectors have overhauled their processes and made the most of new inventions?


Although on the surface transport hasn’t changed much, when you delve deeper, you realise the industry is almost unrecognisable to what it was 20 years ago.

No longer do commuters have to head to bus stops, pick up a physical timetable or ask a neighbour when the next train or bus is due to arrive, Nor do they have to call taxi firms to arrange to be picked up and taken to their destination of choice; now all of this is available online – on the go.

Not only has this change made the industry run more smoothly and provided travellers with a kind of satisfaction the transport industry could only dream about once upon a time, but it has also opened it up to a new audience; millennials.


The advertising industry, by default, has always been at the forefront of changes and developments, but the way it has embraced the fast-paced turnaround has made it unrecognisable.

Advertising once was focussed on print. Then came television. And now, thanks to technology, there’s a whole host of platforms advertisers can target potential customers. And of course each platform is suitable for a different kind of customer, which makes it easier to target the right people.


If you had said to someone 50 years ago that they’d be able to carry around a device that would make it possible to call some else they would probably have thought you were crazy. But not only is that now possible, but sending messages, browsing the internet and even paying for items can now all be done via phones.

But there is more to the telecommunication story than this; e-bills, increased and more reliable signals and the myriad of options open to customers really are at the heart of telecommunication’s digital transformation.


With an increasingly saturated marketplace, energy companies are having to utilise any means possible to stay ahead end reach out to customers and potential customers. And that starts with digital.

Energy companies use any and all means possible to get their messages heard. Whether it be using interactive billboards to advertise their benefits or money-saving offers, utilising emails to gain a marketplace advantage or using digital processes to ensure they offer a reliable service where it matters, energy companies really have grabbed digital by the horns and ran with it.

Can you think of any that we’ve missed?

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