East Lindsey Council Making Steps to Go Paperless

For every full council meeting at East Lindsey council, in Lincolnshire, the cost of paper and postage of documents relevant to the meeting is £300, on average. That average cost of getting agendas to members in the post can rack up to £5000 annually. The council East-Lindsey-Paperless-Councilnow want to eliminate, or at least reduce these costs, for a more efficient workplace through electronic correspondence and sharing of files.

By the end of the elections in May, they hope to have adopted a ‘paper-light’ approach. The council are said to already store some data electronically and try to communicate via email as much as possible but with the new system in place, they are hoping to save costs and increase efficiency significantly.

With more and more local authorities taking steps to going paperless in the office, costs will be reduced as well as increased efficiency and space in the office. Paperless offices also means old minutes and other documents from council meetings, usually stored in filing cabinets, boxes and folders, can also be scanned into digital format to free up space in offices and to provide easier access to the information through a digital document management system.

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