Document Scanning and Going Digital – The Advantages

March 3rd, 2015

Document Scanning and Going Digital – The Advantages

Most people will probably visit this page because they are already using some form of standard document storage and are looking for an alternative. Congratulations, you’ve found it. We would now like to emphasise what we believe are some advantages of document scanning and scanning services.

Although document scanning has been around in the public eye for around 20 years, it’s only really been used advantageously for businesses in the last decade or so. It’s somehow still looked down on with a sense of snobbery because it still somehow seems too ‘futuristic’ to have a digital filing system, but the fact is that hundreds, if not thousands, of companies are jumping aboard every single day., an office equipment resource centre, goes into just a few of the benefits:plus

“Cost savings”

One of the biggest hidden costs that paper-intensive businesses face is the time it takes to work with paper files. Employees spend valuable time walking to and from central records rooms as well as finding and replacing documents. A document scanning solution makes employees more productive, since they can work with those documents without ever leaving their desks.
Document scanning solutions also eliminate the costs of lost documents, and can even provide savings in the form of reclaimed office space that had been used for paper storage.


If you’re not taking data security seriously, you should be. Threats from outside (competition, identity thieves) and inside (disgruntled employees, employee theft) threaten the integrity and value of your most important information. Document scanning solutions can provide several layers of security:

  • Multiple levels of password-protected access for groups and individuals
  • Encryption of document contents
  • Audit trails showing who has accessed or updated documents

Other benefits to document scanning solutions:

  • Disaster recovery. Document scanning solutions typically include off-site data backups and other steps to ensure that a fire, flood, or break-in won’t cripple your business.
  • Access. The right document scanning solutions allow more than one person to look at a file at the same time – and provide your employees with access to vital records regardless of location. In addition, multi-layered access allows employees to see and change only the documents they’re authorized to handle.
  • Process consistency. One benefit that matters more to larger companies is that a document scanning solution will enforce consistency. You’ll be able to take advantage of consistent filing, naming conventions, and workflow as you add new employees or cover for vacationing staff.” – …more at

All of these are excellent reasons as to why document scanning is a great solution to maintaining and accessing your documents, but they have missed some of the larger pieces of the pie.

Efficiency is a major advantage of document scanning, above other forms of file storage, and has been known to play a big part in any company’s decision to give up on paper for good. Although they do go into it to some extent in the process consistency section above with mentions to filing consistency and naming. Because all of your files are effectively in one place, they become easier to access and therefore quicker which makes team members work more and work faster.

If you would like to know more about how our file scanning solutions can help you and your business, get in touch today.