Digital Mailrooms Explained

September 3rd, 2015

A relatively new concept, digital mailrooms are becoming the best way for companies to distribute mail and streamline the mailroom processes. Enabling mountains of mail, including emails, a digital mailroom scans all incoming mail as it arrives – distributing it virtually across the company as needed. Read more and discover how digital mail operations work.

The Mail Room

Powered by enterprise-level capture converts, a digital mailroom turns all documents into electronic formats, suitable for use across all sectors of the market, enabling documents to be viewed electronically.

The traditional mailroom format can lead to items going missing, orders not being processed and when people are away operations can grind to a halt entirely. A digital mailroom distributes all mail immediately, reducing any bottle neck effect. Everything is archived and accessible to anyone else on the team, and can be viewed across multiple sites.

A digital mailroom can help double efficiency, make sure no post is lost and ensures that letters are not stuck on the desk of management. Orders can be processed faster and less time and money is spent on photocopying – allowing attention to be given to other areas.


Digital mailrooms can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of a business. This ensures that only authorised individuals can view documents, and distribute them onto others. An efficient and fail-safe way to handle mail, this can help improve customer service and drastically reduce waiting times. Working digitally can make staff more efficient, allowing them to sanction expenditure, approve invoices and assign tasks with a few simple clicks.

Areas with High Business Impact

  • HR: Confidential employee documents can be sent on route immediately and securely.
  • Finance: Invoices can be sent straight away for prompt payment.
  • Customer Service: Account applications can be forwarded without delay.
  • Legal: Critical contracts can be delivered directly.
  • Sales: New orders can be directly fast-tracked.

Features and Benefits

A digital mailroom can accommodate multiple channels of information including existing user applications and input volumes. All document formats whether structured, semi-structured or unstructured can be handled in high volume. Results continually improve with some mailrooms having a self-learning document classification system.

The amount of money spent on manually sorting and distributing mail is significantly reduced with a digital mailroom. They even accommodate decentralised scanning with classifying and indexing. A digital mailroom format is easily adaptable allowing them to keep up with the times, and any new document types that may come along in the future.

Are you considering a digital mailroom? How could your company benefit?